Need For Speed Rivals Made A Fan Out Of Me

Rich Drummond of Pixel Gate says: "The fast speeds, the crazy crashes and special gadgets that you’d see in a future-based cop movie. Need For Speed Rivals is a wonderful installment in the Need For Speed series and it made me a faithful fan that will eagerly await the next installment into the series..."

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Jdoki1988d ago

I have the opposite problem.

Each new iteration of Need For Speed seems like a minor change from the previous one. I don't even remember which order the games were launched. I'm rapidly losing interest.

I love racing games, especially arcade ones, and am a big fan of Criterion. I'll be interested to see what they, and the spin-off studio who made Rivals, do in the future - but at the moment I'm not paying inflated next-gen prices for a game that seems to be a minor evolution of the previous release.

steve30x1988d ago

This game only has road cam and behind bumper cam. Its got the most horrible camera angles in any racing game I've ever played. the bumper cam might as well be on the road and the camera behind the car is so low you can barely see ahead of the car.

Totao9231988d ago

I bought this game with killzone and nba2k14 and I find myself having more fun with NFS than the other games!!