Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes EU release date confirmed

Put this date in your diary for the EU version.

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georgenancy1992d ago

game so far looks unappealing to be honest and this is coming from a mgs fan.then Kojima royally craps on playstation gamers by revealing the xbox one exclusive mission which in my opinion looks way better than the 'de ja vu' mission

Lalanana1992d ago

Lol. everyone at ign is saying raiden looks way more fun to play as..some ps fans even said it... maybe you are right.

GarrusVakarian1992d ago

PS4 gets an exclusive De Ja Vu mission too, not quite sure why everyone is forgetting that.

Console exclusive content sucks.

xPhearR3dx1992d ago


Probably because that De Ja Vu mission is a joke.

Hatsune-Miku1992d ago

Ill get this game on the most powerful console because then i know ill have the best version that was made with less compromises. Ps4 is in fact the most powerful console ever made so ill get mgs v on it with 0 dlc

Irishguy951992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

No one is forgetting that LUkas, but that mission is quite bland compared to Raidens mission. The Ps exclusive one is just the same as the rest of the game. The Raiden one has super speed/Jumping. Which changes it and makes it different and more than just an 'extra mission'

Either way i'll be getting the Ps4 version. But come on, the Raiden mission looks miles better than the Pixel snake one.

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xHeavYx1992d ago

As a Metal Gear fan, this game looks less and less appealing every time I hear news about it. Story inconsistencies, no rations in exchange for gradual health recovery, less cutscenes. It's like Kojima wants to "Westernsize" the game

KonsoruMasuta1992d ago

MGS has always been westernized.

Roccetarius1992d ago

Kojima is really trying to widen the audience with this. That, or someone else is pulling his strings.

More and more news coming out of this just seems questionable. The only way to send a message, is to keep your wallet closed.

Luke_fon_Fabre1992d ago

I consider myself a pretty big, albeit recent, Metal Gear fan, and I'm fine with everything I've heard about it other than TPP will take a while to make.

sonicsidewinder1992d ago

So will it be available @ retail for the modern consoles or just downloadable?

Pascalini1992d ago

Not retail

It's downloadable only on next gen consoles

Belking1992d ago

Can't wait to play this on xb1.

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