World of Spycraft: NSA, GCHQ hacked WoW and Xbox Live, other games

Sean Gallagher: Be careful how hard you troll in multiplayer games because the NSA, CIA, and FBI may be listening. According to a briefing paper from the National Security Agency published by The Guardian today, the NSA and its counterpart agency in the United Kingdom made efforts to monitor in-game communications in World of Warcraft, Xbox Live, Second Life, and other games and virtual environments. The FBI, CIA, and other intelligence agencies also have eyes and ears wandering virtual worlds.

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Duke192439d ago

Sounds like some government employees were caught playing WOW at work and needed a cover.

thehitman2439d ago

Dont see why anyone should care.

NatureOfLogic2439d ago

Smh, So XBL was hacked. premium service indeed./s

annus2438d ago

If it can be made, it can be broken.

CNCOMICS2438d ago

"That man is playing Galaga!"