Eurogamer: "A future that has a history": Introducing No Man's Sky

Eurogamer writes:

If you're on Mars next October you should probably be careful. There's a comet swinging past - comet Siding Spring - and while it's unlikely to connect with Big Red itself, it will bring glittering meteors spinning in its wake. Lots of meteors, actually - some of which - and I shivered when I read this line on the front page of the New Scientist website - "could pose a danger to orbiting spacecraft."

That's a wonderful phrase, but I'm afraid I've turned it over a few times and the thrill of it quickly gives way to disappointment. You won't be on Mars next October, not with the best will in the world, even if you called in absolutely every favour you had coming to you. And those orbiting spacecraft? They won't be carrying any humans either. When it comes to outer space, we're not onto our training wheels yet. We don't even know what training wheels look like - and when we do find out, the things they entail will probably briskly kill us with radiation.

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iRocket1776d ago

I find this very section very interesting:

"He folds his arms. "So is four people enough?" he asks. "Maybe not, but I know a few things that I've been thinking about recently, I know that when I was working at EA, if I'd pitched this game, we'd have said it was too ambitious, we'd have said it requires more than 100 people. In fact, you couldn't schedule it out.

"I think it's actually only a small team that would make a game like this. I couldn't picture the kind of mindset that would be involved to undertake it at EA or whatever. It wouldn't be a very easy sell. I don't think it would get off the ground. It's only a small group that would be stupid enough to try to do it.""

Really, we have to praise indies for these kinds of ideas. The coming years will be a golden ages for indies, I have to say that.

Convas1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

This is EXACTLY why we need indies. This industry will stagnate if we don't have these kinds of people taking these kinds of creative risks.

Now, not ever indie game will be a gem, for every 10, you'll maybe get 3 or 4 good games, but the flow of creativity, unabated by bloated publisher bureaucracy will keep gaming interesting and relevant in the long run and it will FORCE publishers to reevaluate the projects they think are viable and the ones they don't think are viable in the future.

There are good times ahead me thinks. With the barrier of entry lower than ever on PC and PS4, and Xbox One coming along hopefully (Get rid of the stupid Launch Parity MS!), we're in for interesting growth from the A and AA game development sectors.

joab7771776d ago

4 ppl is unreal! But I always wondered what would happen if a team just gave the gaming community the tools to create and live in a world or universe controlled and run by players. Add content when u can but otherwise just give us the framework. Eve is a good example and it thrives!

WeAreLegion1776d ago

And some people still make fun of indie games...

Enemy1776d ago

Same people that buy Call of Duty.

It's the AAA games of these days that need to be made fun of, rehashing the same old sh** every year.

MasterCornholio1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Funny thing is that when news of Sony talking with these developers popped up the so called indie haters now want this game and are calling Sony tyrants for trying to get it as an exclusive.

WeAreLegion1775d ago

Lol. Honestly, it sounded like Shahid had been talking to them before the announcement. I wouldn't be surprised to see it come to just PC and PS4.

no_more_heroes1776d ago

Somehow, this game has hooked me. I absolutely must know more about it. Its the most intriguing game I've seen since (the legend of, since its basically vaporware at this point) The Last Guardian.

CaulkSlap1776d ago

Game has a freaking awesome concept. Only problem I see is actually filling the world with meaningful content. That's what you need more developers for. Either a giant team or good creation tools and a dedicated userbase. Just can't procedurally generate an in depth universe with characters and story.