NSA Survival Guide: 10 Signs You're Being Spied On in World of Warcraft

With the report out today that the NSA may be monitoring gamers in online video games, Elite Monster has come up with a fail proof guide for detecting NSA spies in WoW. Protect your civil liberties by reading this article!

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ovnipc1991d ago

Lol. I have nothing to hide i dont care if they spy on me. All phones do. Apple admited that the phone its 24h recording both video and voice. A cartel boss was captured 2 or 3 month ago cause the colombian gov with us help tap on his phone even with the phone off. Now phones come with a small battery that keeps the phone on but looks like its off cause does not has the power to turn the screen like cmos on a pc.

HurstDarkStar1991d ago

Please don't Be this guy^ this is the guy that always screws his fellow man over by saying he doesn't care about his privacy by saying he has nothing to hide. IDOT!

leonlion1991d ago

Non user removable batteries!