Two New Screenshots For The Elder Scrolls Online Released

Bethesda just uploaded these two new screenshots for the upcoming The Elder Scrolls Online. The game looks really beautiful with lots of details in environments and character models. We are excited about this game, what about you?

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mewhy321987d ago

Can't wait to play the beta on my PS4.

joab7771987d ago

How do u get beta? Normally I wait cuz there's so much else I wanna play but this is different. Though to plat Killzone I might b playing til the ps5 releases.

kraideral1986d ago

You should register on their official website and choose your platform. But it maybe a while before they start inviting people. First we as game journalists will get access to write impressions, then they will start the closed beta and after that maybe they will go open beta to stress test the servers.

skeeter22751986d ago

they already started beta testing with regular people. I think its only been for like 2 tests though

pr13st11986d ago

I stopped caring when they announced p2p. I remember they also introduced subscription? That's whack..

kraideral1986d ago

Yes, you have to also buy it for 60$ and pay a subscription. But still if the game is worth it and has a shit ton of content and if that helps them deliver newer content faster, it might be worth paying the subscription fee