Metal Gear Solid 5's Kiefer Sutherland Raising the Bar for Snake's Voice Acting

"The new voice of the legendary Snake is pushing the character to new extremes."

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Sephiroushin1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

The face and lip sync might be better but Kiefer is not putting enough effort in the voice acting department, the character lack emotions, !

CrossingEden1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

The character lacking emotion is due to the story, Kojima explained months ago that the events of ground zeros will change big boss's personality and make him have a different outlook on life like being cold and jaded. Hence the new nickname, "Punished Snake." Pay attention next time.

-Foxtrot1993d ago

I'm pretty sure in MGS3 the story changed his personality and even then the voice acting was top notch.

Don't give them an excuse, Kiefers voice acting is horrible in this and no effort has put into it. He's turned Snake into another generic soldier grunt character

CrossingEden1993d ago

@foxtrot, so you've played the full game and heard every line huh? Also, you know how much effort he put into this? Didn't know you were there during the recording sessions. Must have been nice. -_- Try playing the full game or at least ground zeros next time, we've heard literally less than five minutes of the new voice.

chaos-lockheart1993d ago

besides hes not snake so they shouldn't sound the same

-Foxtrot1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

I dont need to play the full game, I can hear him now.

Considering they've posted recording session video's with could say I was there during recordings.

With all the videos going round theres enough footage to judge him on...more then "five minutes"

Lord_Sloth1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

I'm gonna agree with Sephiroushin because he was a very mediocre Raistlin too...

wtopez1993d ago

It's Keifer for Big Boss and Hayter for Solid Snake. The timeline in the games has reached the point where both characters can meet. Imagine if that happened and both were voiced by the same guy. Big Boss is already 49 years old and Hayter's voice wouldn't have been a good match. I'm pretty sure that Hayter will be back voicing young Snake in a future Metal Gear (that hopefully won't take 6-7 years to make).

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curtis921993d ago

You mean Kiefer's using a normal voice where as hayter had to severely strain his voice? I'll take the normal voice. And this is coming from a MGS 1 PSX fan.

Joe9131993d ago

IMO they did a great job getting someone else I was getting tired of Hayters voice in MGS3 and in portable ops the voice seemed forced and seemed like a robot at times the convo Snake had with Eva or whenever he spoke to a female and they was kinda flirting he made snake sound so awkward and no emotion.

ritsuka6661994d ago

Not bad. Kiefer will probably do a really good job in this game.

Evil_Abed1994d ago

Keifer > other guy...I kid Hayter fans, Keifer > Hayter

Pillsbury11993d ago

I'm guessing you meant kiefer < hayter. Remember less than= left.

Evil_Abed1993d ago

No...I meant that Keifer is better than David. The only thing I was kidding about was calling him other guy.

GTgamer1993d ago

You need to look up Kiefer's history he was in a butt load of crappy movies and his acting was also bad his breakout role was 24 so dont act like this guy is some high class actor :/ because he's far from it.

Cloudberry1993d ago

I reserve my judgement until I hear him as Snake / Big Boss first in the full game though.

-Foxtrot1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )


His voice isnt going to change, we can hear it right now....there's been plenty of footage to form an opinion now

Cloudberry1993d ago

Not to me.

Anyone / everyone could form their own opinions, but I'll wait for the full version.

It's like...

Reviewing it now, based only from current short videos, rather than watching & playing the final game.

Then I could say whether he's better / not than Hayter.

Whitefox7891993d ago

That statement should apply more for the gameplay then the voice acting.

We've come to a point where you have to make a good first impression when it comes to voice acting (Even if it is dialog that doesn't make it in the final cut). So far the consensus has been people do not like how Kiefer sounds as Big Boss, and people also do not like the English version of Skullface.

Granted enough this issue would not of come to light if they got Richard Doyle to do the voice of Big Boss (since that would somewhat make sense). However they get Kiefer Sutherland where the first image that comes into peoples minds is Jack Bauer; so people are going to attach that mentality within his performance.

Cloudberry1992d ago

I actually never minded about the Jack Bauer tone in his Big Boss version.

It's him himself (Keifer as Jack) in the first place.

What I mind is, how Keifer's voice acting performance compared to Hayter in previous MGS games.

Hayter provided a recognize-able tone in Snake all these years, ever since the first game for PS1, with either serious, joking conversation, or to even forced gruff voice of an Old Snake (MGS4).

And yes, I admit, Hayter has ups and downs as Snake / Big Boss.

But in my opinion, Keifer doesn't need to imitate Hayter's voice style of Snake.

It's just, would his performance could be better than Hayter in a Kojima storytelling style kind of game.

I'm myself have memories of playing previous MGS games with Hayter in it, and I can't just throw it away after hearing his voice and personality poured in Snake's character, when Keifer suddenly replace him.

And that's why I'm telling to wait until the full version.

If it's better, then it's better.

If it's average, then it's average.

If it's bad / awkward (which I have little doubt)...

Then it's such a waste.

DarKnightDave1993d ago

I absolutely love the MGS franchise, and it won't be the same without Hayter. But to be honest, I always found his voice to be a lil idk....annoying/over dramatized. I think Keifer will do a fine job, he was awesome as Jack Bauer on 24. But like Cloudberry said above, I'll reserve my judgement till I hear him as Snake/ Big Boss

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