Armored Core 4 trailer

From Software released this brand new trailer of Armored Core 4, to be released for PS3 on December 14 in Japan, and a few months later on both PS3 and 360 in the rest of the world.

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Arkham4454d ago

Don't miss the post-trailer goodies:

Armored Core: Machine Side Box, 10th Anniversary edition? Wicked. I wonder if it's a complete collection. <drool>

And, Armored Core: Mobile 3? another episodic quick-release? Interesting.

specialguest4454d ago

for some reason, the official AC site from Japan is not listing it as a 360 game. Software developes the game and Sega is suppose to publish it for both 360 and PS3 though.

Arkham4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

A few months ago From said that the 360 version was cancelled. Either it hasn't sunk in among 360 fans and sites, or it was untrue. I believe I read it on a few reputable sites at the time.

It was just after Chrome Hounds game out, and from what I remember of the tone of the story, they were going to concentrate on that IP for the 360, and continue with a PS exclusivity for the AC series.

.....Yeah, I just Googled it again. The original word on the cancellation was from a translation of news on the From website. Looks like it's probably true, just not well known.

eques judicii4454d ago

well... sega (not from software) is in charge of the localisation to america and they have said that it is coming to both platforms...

Arkham4453d ago

Well it appears that Sega is wrong, since the last official word was that the 360 version was cancelled.

Do you have any recent news on the 360 version? Anything since September's "cancellation"? It'd be nice to have a final word on this.

Dlacy13g4454d ago

that would be my guess as to why this only shows a PS3 platform currently.