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Following the barrage of Halo 3 info that has exploded onto the net over the last week, the latest issue of EGM offers even more details on the seminal third shooter, including the first single-player details since this year's E3 in May.

Apparently a 20-second single-player preview was shown to the mag, with Master Chief "tearing" around a huge industrial compound with gunfire coming from all kinds of covenant craft, including a hulking Wraith and "what looks to be a new Brute Ghost".

Predictably that's all EGM managed to get out of Bungie on solo affairs, but there's also plenty of new multiplayer info in the mag, including "military" ranks separate from matchmaking, new voting options and further elaboration on the saveable movies, which can apparently be re-viewed in either first or third-person or in a "fly-it-yourself bird's eye view".

Game settings such as speed can now be assigned for individual players, with gravity and weapons players can pick up available for tweaking. This time around you can even give different handicaps to the winning or losing teams, such as making them more visible by setting them on fire...

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Capt CHAOS4459d ago

Sound like they are really polishing the online play.. BUT.. I want to be able to mark a server 'Favourite', if it's a privately hosted game and have it at the top of available games instead of being just thrown into a game.. Hmm.. Doubt that'll happen..

And for godness sake, sort out the slow start times in Halo2, when we're waiting for the game to start in a lobby, please get the map loaded in advance.. as soon as one has been selected..

Capt CHAOS4459d ago

Can we please have longer games.. I wanted 5 mins to start a game the other night and it was a 10 min game.. sheesh, I want 30 min or 1 hour games, that people can join and drop out of at will.

BIadestarX4459d ago

Why is bungie and microsoft talking so much about this game when it will not be out for a while. Something tells me this game may be released sooner than later.

Marriot VP4459d ago

actually I think they're releasing this info for two things

1. get people to buy the 360 at 400 bucks this christmas
2. To take some of the wind out of Sony's PS3 sails.

macncheese4459d ago

Your comments are the ONLY reasons that m$ is talking up Halo 3. Expect delays as usual...

frostbite064459d ago (Edited 4459d ago )

10 min is a long game. If you want a 30 min to an hour game, go play custom and play as long as you want. Matchmaking games should never be that long....unless they make an endurance playlist

Capt CHAOS4459d ago

I don't often run custom games, I think because I'm on ADSL and don't have the upstream performance that cable might have.. Hmm.. In the good ol' days, I used to have favourite servers marked and go seem them out when I played online and then play for a couple of hours or until I got bored..

(Countersrike - remember that?)

x440Magnumx4459d ago

Sweet! Adjustable gravity.

zonetrooper54459d ago

Halo 3 just keeps on getting better and better, i can not wait.

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