PR guy gives PR spiel

WASDuk reports on Reggie Fils-Aime's recent comments at the VGX live show.

Hicken3575d ago

Wow, pretty harsh article. I mean, yeah, Reggie's job has a lot to do with PR, and his interview and all were definitely PR-laden, but why wouldn't it be? And I don't think the "translations" given are accurate or fair.

Arkworthy3575d ago

I think it's probably more harsh to people that take everything PR people say as what they actually believe.

He's got a job to do, and that job involves saying sweet things to cameras. None of this is his personal opinion.

EcoSos33575d ago

If its a parody article just point out that its.

Shadowsteal3574d ago

It's harsh because it needs to be, Reggie pretends like Nintendo has no problems right now.

Highest rated games only found on Nintendo are out now, Wii U is cheaper. So then why did PS4 sell more in 1-2 days than Wii U did this past year?

His comments were incredibly blunt, PS4 and X1 needs more games, yeah no shit sherlock. I bet Wii U had all the games it needed 2-3 weeks after launch too? and not 8 months-year?

CursedHero3575d ago

Its is a parody of it is or it's. Like that? I'm joking! I love EcoSos3, and nobody better say otherwise!

EcoSos33575d ago

Yeah Im a shame to be that guy, he wrote that completely wrong lol

CursedHero3575d ago

You are awesome, regardless! No worries, my friend ;-)

modesign3574d ago

PR with their head in the sand.

Arkworthy3574d ago

They spend a LOT of time down there..

KakashiHotake3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

People have completely misinterpreted what Reggie was saying. All he was saying is the new consoles look nice and are having a great launch, but Nintendo has a lot of the highest rated games that can only be played on Nintendo consoles. How are people reading that as him firing shots? He's only doing his job which is to draw more interest to Nintendo consoles. I'm a PlayStation fan and even I can understand that.

Arkworthy3574d ago

It's the curse of the PR guy. People aren't hearing him at all. They're hearing what they want him to say. As far as anyone should be concerned, he basically said "they had a nice launch, good for them" and added "but also Nintendo!" because he works for them, after all.


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anast42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Reggie is actually a creative marketing manager. He is the real deal. I think the guy might even be above average in the sales department. He got people to accept cheaply made products for extremely high prices and not only accept the situation but to defend him in a way to make sure their favorite sales manager gets rich, and on top of all of this, he kept the pop-culture train rolling. The dude is a true hustler.

Michiel198942d ago

because the majority of people who buy nintendo products know Reggie....you're one of the most pathetic fanboys I've seen in a good while. Always ready to shit on everything non-Sony and when sony controller ports fuck up at EVO no one is allowed to report on it...just sad.

Ataraxias42d ago

Bruh, all that was a compliment to Reggie.

anast42d ago

I'm all good. It looks like you got somethings to work on.

anast42d ago


It's a compliment. I highlighted all the stuff he excelled at, which is more than most execs in gaming.

Michiel198941d ago

You know that I wasn't talking about your compliments about Reggie. I don't get how you don't get tired of constantly shitting on other platforms, shills like you is honestly why I don't visit this site anymore.

anast41d ago

"You know that I wasn't talking about your compliments about Reggie. I don't get how you don't get tired of constantly shitting on other platforms, shills like you is honestly why I don't visit this site anymore."

I'll just leave that here. My advice still stands.

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jznrpg203d ago

My wife who generally hates games has taken over my PS5 for last couple days to play PSVR2 when she is home . Now I have to go get another PS5 at least .

S2Killinit203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

LOL 😂 you are a good husband.

SurgicalMenace203d ago

Suffice it to say, you've convinced her.

Einhander1971203d ago

Yes totally agree, niche is better sometimes.


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The Earthbound series received renewed attention in February after Nintendo announced that both Earthbound and its predecessor Earthbound Beginnings (aka Mother) would be added to Switch Online’s SNES and NES apps."

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BrainSyphoned504d ago

He would happily suggest buying a NFT of Ness though. Thank God he is a semi-retired mouthpiece.