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Zelda games have had their ups and downs lately. Twilight princess had mixed reactions from the fans, and skyward sword its fair share of problems. The last original handheld Zelda game was Spirit Tracks, a game that no one really seems to hold in high regard. But thankfully The Legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds has burst onto the scene. And much like Ocarina of Time, this is one of the best Zelda games of all time.

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XisThatKid2686d ago

I just don' believe most of these reviews it seems the memory that's associated with the franchise gets out more than real reviews these days and no this isn't limited to Nintendo 1st parties either.

silkrevolver2686d ago

Have you played the game?

CrossingEden2686d ago

As someone who's actually played and completed this game. Every positive review of this game is legitimate.

TheDivine2685d ago

Yea dude this game is that good. Its the best game of the past ten years IMO. Its the best Zelda since OOT and reminded me of why I love the series and Nintendo. After Loving OOT and adoring Wind Waker I lost interest in the series. All the games were good but I felt like TP and SS were reskinned WW games. It didnt help that the console hardware was similar for a decade. The games followed the same pattern and the only innovation was the change in artstyle and controls. Motion ruined SS which was great otherwise but this returned Zelda to its roots. A feeling of adventure, totally open, no handholding, brisk and breezy, and it actually feels like an RPG again. The wall mechanic is the most genius thing ever added to the series. The possibilities it opens up are crazy awesome.

I have a love hate relationship with Nintendo. They were stuck in the GameCube era for two gens, ruined great games with horrible control schemes, still don't have features implemented that have been industry standards for a decade, and don't listen to fan. Games take too long to release and they're too comfortable releasing the same few franchises and not innovating the games at all. One new twist per game like a new item or reusing the same light/dark, future/past, and dark Samus/Link/Pit exc isn't innovation.

Then a game like this drops and it reminds me why I started gaming in the first place. Nintendo is the only developer that makes games that can instantly make you a fan for life. Timeless series and once in a lifetime games. This game is the type of game that will make someone a gamer for life. Not just to kill time, play a match with friends, stare at particle effects but truly fall in love with it. This goes back to the SNES and N64 levels of greatness and had he same impact for me as OOT.

optimus2686d ago

I'm not doubting the game is that good, I only hope that the same team is working on a wiiU version or an entirely new Zelda all together.

Ninjamonkey822686d ago

I prefer Nintendo releasing games in there own time i own the other consoles. PS4 Ps3 PC etc etc. Nintendo still gives me finished games and games that last me a shit ton off time.

They may take there time getting round to stuff but at least they push finished products. Its more than can be said for the rest off the industry now days. All the moaning we see and demands from Kiddy's is ruining gaming now days ask me anything.

What ever happened to a games coming out when its complete. Now we get games that may swell be betas coming out as full releases. I don't get this with Nintendo i get this with my PS4 and PC. BF4 anyone?.

As I've mentioned before we are expected to pay 60 quid a game now days and that's a shit ton off money for a game hats not complete. Id prefer to wait a while longer for quality tbh.

The games Nintendo release are nothing but quality and that's been the same all along and that's something that cannot be denied.