Steam Greenlight Adds Tons Of Games, Developer Doesn't Even Notice Approval

GG3 gets the latest news from Steam Greenlight. Its approval rating is still firing at all cylinders with 100 more games passing the bar this week. It's gotten to such extent that it passes over developers' heads when it happens.

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kB03394d ago

Dont u think it might be getting out of hand? With all the good Steam brought it also let in some bad.

Excuses for incomplete games and unkept promises is also getting out of hand.

I also do not like that indie games are now at least 15$...before release...during development...What happened to them being 10-15$ max?

Let's hope there is some control:)

XiSasukeUchiha3394d ago

Agree i want some control but bring chances to new innovative indies and ip

Jovanian 3394d ago

yes I agree there should be some degree of control but at the end of the day its up to the consumer to sort the crap from the gold. I mean you don't have any shortage of resources, what with youtube and google

_QQ_3394d ago

Nope its perfect, no better indie support exists. don't like it don't buy it. need anymore control than that?

kB03394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Yes but youtube has only so much to show. Also for youtube to actually show whats going on, it needs some1 to purchase the game in the first place.

Dev logs aren't detailed enough, nor will devs promote short comings, I mean we have ot be realistic.

Ppl need to stop saying "don't like it don't buy it"

It's a very imature gesture, nor is it that simple. A lot of indie devs do not offer demos, especially in pre release code. Also Me liking Battlefield and you liking skyrim won't really justify if a game is your liking or not. So no it's not perfect, the definition of perfect is very lost on you Lopez_josue, also there are some great indie support including Sony and Kick starters...

I didn't like Rogue Warrior but loved Dark Souls, yet other ppl said that if you like dark souls you'll like Rogue Warrior.

So yeah Google and Youtube are limited Especially if you want to be a early adopter:)

If Steam offered a Refund program or a 24 hour exchange then yes I could not agree more, this is the utopia of gaming.

For now I think I'll sit on the money, and hope for the best, or wait till sales.

I am A HUGE fan of indies, but I don't want them to become what we see in big gaming companies now.

Money changes ppl, and so does success. It quickly becomes less about the games, and more about doing less for more.

A lot of you disagree with me because u think I'm bashing but I'm just speaking an opinion that can be a problem:)


Also if you take to the game discussion boards, you'll see how opinions vary and how many flame wars are started. Threads named "refund" while others are "best game ever"'s very overwhelming, much more than regular games:)

allgamespc20123394d ago

how many games are incomplete? seriously...this claim is overblown. there has been a few but nothing to be alarmed about, some of the games are even more complete than triple A games that are so broken they are unplayable.

aliengmr3394d ago

Sorry, but why are "Indie" developers restricted to charging 15$ max?

Ohh right, because you can't charge more unless you waste millions on crap.

Also, I suppose that with all the "quality control" the consoles have had, there has NEVER been a single bad game. Yea, I thought not. Moving on.

Daavpuke3394d ago

I just wanted to chime in to say that I rarely see such a complete argument, as the one you did for your second response. I may not agree with it fully, but it is still commendable you put that type of effort into it. Kudos.

kB03394d ago

Some of you are missing my point.

It's not a matter of indie vs big budget games.

I'll leave it at that.

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