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Think back to the days of old, when Final Fantasy was the most ambitious and well crafted RPG of the generation. Those games were incredible. Well Bravely Default has appeared to take us back to that time and show us just why RPG’s are so magical.

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Tewi-Inaba2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )


MoneyMeng2682d ago

Where's the innovation, japanese developers are stuck in the past and need to catch up to the time.

Last_Boss2682d ago

You can ask that about a lot of games, but at least this game has character. Someone needs to tell these developers no-more rainbow lollipop kid crew, with big breasts, to sit down for good. Those games in fact are tearing the RPG genre apart, turning it mediocre.

Inception2682d ago

Innovation? Tell that to Activision, EA, or any western dev that stuck with FPS / shooter for every f*kin year!

MoneyMeng2682d ago

Theres only a very few number of western companies who do this and also if you dont like the copy and paste formula FPS games have began to adapt, then you can choose not to buy them because their are a variety of different games to choose from in the west (fallout, borderlands, bulletstorm, etc). The same cant be said for the JRPG though. JRPGS have been the same for the last 2 decades and even if you wanted to try something new or different, you wouldnt have the option because the majority these games play very similar to one another if they dont have close to identical stories as well.

TheDivine2682d ago

So your saying The World Ends With You, SMT4, Persona 4 Golden, Etrian Odyssey, Xenoblade, The Last Story, Lost Odyssey, Strange Journey, Devil Survivor, Resonance of Fate, Radiant Historia, Rune Factory, Ni No Kuni, Tales of Xillia, and Mario and Luigi Dream Team are all the same?

That's like saying Fallout 3 and COD are the same because they're both first person and use guns.

Its like saying Skyrim, Fable, Jade Empire, Kotor, Mass Effect, and The Witcher are all the same because they're wrpgs.

Go play Xenoblade, The Last Story, Ni No Kuni, Tales of Vesperia, Lost Odyssey, and The World Ends With You. Those are the best jrpgs of the last gen and all play totally different. Different battle systems, art styles, stories, tones, and might as well be different genres.

One is a 2d/3d sprite based game using two screens that controls with a stylus and has you changing clothes and styles to get stronger.

One is a real time pokemon-esk wizard game about a boy dealing with the death of his mother sporting Ghibli art.

One is a massive open world with huge monsters about the two races living on two slumbering Gods. It has real time combat, huge mechs, beautiful vistas, fast travel, and no game overs.

One is a real time tactical rpg that is mainly about the characters. A lot of the game is spent drinking in a bar and making adult jokes. Its an amazing love story and truly beautiful.

Another is a traditional turn based jrpg in the vein of FFX. It deals with immortals and how living forever is more of a curse than a blessing. Its realistic and runs on Unreal Engine 3.

Another has real time fighting like a 3d tekken or soul caliber. You fight with your dog who smokes a pimp ass pipe and you adventure, sweep a princess off her feet, and save the world. Its cell shaded.

Inception2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )


The same could be said to you. If you don't like JRPG with tons of variation (Valkyria Chronicles, Ni no Kuni, Demon's Souls, Persona, Ressonance of Fate, Disgaea 4, etc) than by all means: DON'T BUY THEM.

And yes, it's been a long long time that i don't buy FPS. But i gave it a chance to this genre again when i bought Bioshock Infinite. Too bad it became repetitive linear FPS compared to the original Bioshock.

FYI, Fallout is a WRPG, not FPS. Don't know and don't care about other titles.

tiffac0082682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

This is a common misconception. JRPGs have actually been the ones that are trying so hard to differentiate and innovate that they ended up affecting their systems that worked so well for them. You can just look on how many changes one type of series has when it comes to their battle system.

What WRPG is doing is add to what is already a working system. Why fix what isn't broken strategy has done well for western developers. Its not innovation, its evolution that is what the Japanese devs are lacking. Only Tales of series and to an extent Shin Megami Tensei have had success in evolving their systems since inception.

@Parapraxis (below)

They need to money hat Square Enix for that.

Inception2682d ago

Agreed with you tiffac. There's a lot of misconception, not just from some western media but from western gamer themself about JPRG never change.

It's weird because this past years japanese devs always tried to do some experiment to their franchise. Some succeed but some other failed.

But the funny thing is...when JRPG such as FF XIII got changed a lot because SE wants to keep up with western trends (FPS brofist: CoD) and the demands from western gamers to innovate, the result is western gamers wants FF to go back to their old / classic roots. Now MoneyMeng said JRPG never change for the last 2 decades. Lol, isn't that funny?

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Parapraxis2682d ago

WiiU version would be a good move by Nintendo.

BlackWolf2680d ago

Well, the Bravely Second has been anounced... maybe the third could be on Wii U? Damn, I'm daydreaming now.