Witcher 3 No Longer Coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 — Good or Bad Idea?

The team at CD Project Red is working hard to deliver the greatest chapter of Witcher yet—but only for the new, current-gen systems. The company recently explained why they have decided to leave Xbox 360 and PS3 behind for this development journey.

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zeal0us2786d ago

Good idea imho. Even making a downgraded version cost money and time. No telling how many 360 disc it would've took to put the whole game up there. Disc swapping was one of things I hated about last generation. It was pain especially when playing games like Star Ocean or ME2&3 and having switch disc just to go back to a previous area.

mikeslemonade2786d ago


This decision was made for the gamers. It would have been strictly a business decision if they made it for the last-gen systems.

decrypt2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Well even from a business perspective they are developing the game for X86 only i would guess making it for last gen systems would cost them time and money.

Though its a good decision leaving out the last gen systems. Specially with PC being lead platform i would think all platforms will be maxed out.

BattleAxe2785d ago

Yeah, real smart decision not to sell a game on 160 million combined systems between the 360 and PS3. You guys are complete idiots...

EVILDEAD3602785d ago

Great idea. CD red as a small team deserves to shine with the best versions of the game they can make on consoles. W2 was amazing on the 360, can't wait to play this on X1.


CapsLocke2785d ago

If it'd be made for a gamers it would come only for PC. Because PC gamers are an elite gamers.

Eyeco2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )


7th gen isn't going to last for ever, 2015 is most likely going to be the last year we see a big multi-platform cross-gen game, It's an inevitable procedure, to slowly phase out the older systems, 2014 is probably the last year I'm going to spend with the 7th gen consoles, before I move on to 8th gen.

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AngelicIceDiamond2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

The titles making it sound like the game was already announced to be on current gen, but not anymore. From my understanding this game was never coming to current gen.


Blurry textures, downsized world, sub HD, uglier character models, cutbacks and compressed textures, strenuous and hard optimizations jaggies everywhere and overall poorer version on current gen. Plus If the game was on current gen, the next gen would suffer. The current gen would hold back next gen.

alexkoepp2785d ago

Cross gen stuff just sucks for the most part thus far, they hold back their potential in favor of higher profits... and watch dogs will be no different

DigitalAnalog2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I don't think this game would be possible on the 360/PS3. Witcher 2 was very linear compared to the first and even that had to downgrade the resolution on the 360 in order for it to work.

This game now has the landmass bigger than Skyrim and with this kind of visual fidelity? Nah uh, don't think it would be possible unless they really, REALLY toned down the effects and resolution that it would look like a PSP game in comparison.

Xer0_SiN2785d ago

its whats best for business.

starchild2785d ago

Uh, as far as I know it was never coming for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Even going back to when it was announced it was only stated to be coming for PC, XB1 and PS4.

showtimefolks2785d ago

Kojima needs to do the same for MGS5
Bungie needs to do the same for Destiny

CD Red Project once again prove they are all for gamers, we don't need last gen copies of games only meant to be played on next gen consoles. Put those resources to better use and for more polished game

Great idea

maybe its asking too much, but here is hoping both xbox one and ps4 will get witcehr 1-2 combo collection with all the dlc etc,(i know very slim chances but one can hope)

jessupj2785d ago

This decision makes me very happy. The scope of the game won't be limited.

I've played the first 2 on my PC, but I wonder if CD Project Red would have an ultimate bundle that included all 3 games for the ps owners that missed out.

Would be nice to revisit with my DS4 on my couch while getting a few extra trophies.

JsonHenry2785d ago

Great idea. The other platforms won't be held back and they won't have to split up the dev team between so many platforms.

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MrSwankSinatra2786d ago

i don't even remember CD projekt red announcing this game for PS3 & 360.

GamersHeaven2786d ago

Same thought it was only for next gen platforms.

Lon3wolf2785d ago

Same as, there was never a ps3/360 version planned from reports ages ago, they said they would rather put the resources into the new consoles/PC only. Shame for people that are not buying a new console or don't have a PC that can play the game.

Murad2785d ago

But then again, you have to think about it. There's still plenty of PS3 titles to play or Xbox 360 and hell the indie market for PC is just spurring with new games and even some that make a mockery out of triple A titles.

cloud 2792785d ago

@Murad, CDPR is PC only game developer, just recently they have ventured in the console space. With the game releasing on XB1 and PS4 this allows them to release the game simultaneously(due to similarity of architecture), instead of releasing the PC first and then console versions. Also CDPR hasn't developed a PS3 game, so will they spend time & money to develop the game for PS3? The console has 80 Mil sales, but how much will that be in sales for witcher 3? I think this is the best decision by them to have a simultaneous release & move on to future projects instead of spending time on the other versions

yewles12785d ago

When was it ever thought to be on PS360?

Subby2785d ago

It was never coming to PS3 and 360 and development began for the PC/PS4/X1 only. Misinformed title..

RedSoakedSponge2785d ago

brilliant idea! making last gen versions can only hinder current gen versions imo. concentrate on the new tech!

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