Let’s be Honest guys, The VGX Awards Sucked

Nintendo could have saved the craptastic show with a new look at a game we hadn’t already seen a week or two ago, but they trolled us all with DKC Tropical Freeze.

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Majin-vegeta2792d ago

Everyone knows this was the main attraction at the event.

AngelicIceDiamond2792d ago

Lol lets be honest.

Yeah it sucked. And it wasn't so much the host for me anyway he was about 50 50. It was the fact that most of those reveals were freakin indies. I don't have a problem with indies but they went indie crazy.

This is the thing. Indies are becoming so big that they need there own show/event or convention. Whatever as long as it doesn't get in the way of the AAA showcases. Those are the type of games I wanna see at the end of the day.

I said this twice already but Sony was a no show. And they even said Sony would be there or heavily speculated that they would (Geoff Keighly -_-)

So Geoff lied to all of us.

It was a terrible show overall.

cyguration2791d ago

What's wrong with indies? Dude, please... enough with this anti-hippy BS.

No Man's Sky looked a heck of a lot more interesting than Quantum Break, which was promoted as yet ANOTHER generic Hollywood action-shooter with slow-motion abilities, because oh right, we didn't get enough of that in that FPS time game, Max Payne, BioShock, Syndicate and a bunch of other titles out there.

I don't mind that indies get mainstream attention, but that was actually one of the highlights of the show.

The downside was the fact that it looked pretty cheap and terrible, it was produced like a last-minute Saturday night awards special -- oh wait, it was! -- and Keighley looked like he was about keel over.

McHale's misanthropic/nihilistic approach helped bring enough cringe to make it entertaining.

Godmars2902791d ago

Keighly's just doing his job, which is to get people to watch.

Sadly however, how he tries to get people to watch by teasing overhyping rather than just plain hyping, and misdirection.

Or in other words, yeah, lying.

AngelicIceDiamond2791d ago


There's nothing wrong with indies. No man's Sky is easily my most anticipated indie game and that's the first I've been super pumped for any indie game. In fact I think No Man's Sky is the most anticipated since Minecraft.

Geoff easily mislead all of us when he said huge announcements and Sony was was gonna be there. The misleading is what I'm upset about. Yeah there were some great announcements.

I'm not saying just throw the indie community in some downscale event but simply separate the two. Indies on this side and Blockbuster AAA's on the other.

Can we just the agree the show as a whole sucked?

mikeslemonade2791d ago

So most of you guys are complaining about Nintendo? It wasn't the shows' fault. It was Nintendo's fault.

TheKayle12791d ago


wtf mans sky looked a check of a lots more intereting of whta?!...i think u hard drunk

EVILDEAD3602791d ago

The show was horrible. If this show is the result of listening to the internet gaming fans then they should STOP listening to internet gaming fans.

Award shows have clichés and that
s cool, but mainstreaming gaming was NOT a bad thing. Bring the crowds, the stars etc.

Loved a few of the World Premieres though.


slimeybrainboy2791d ago

@mikeslemonade Nintendo were crap, but at least they showed up. In some ways that's worse, they showed up in person and didnt even have anything.

MS demo'd QB and TF, kinda lame that there was no reveal, but again, they showed up.

I'm most dissapointed in Sony, more so because I have a PS4. They didnt even raise their head. There was no reveal, no announcemnt, not even one of thse shitty "60 mins of eclusive content" announcement. There was nothing.

The show really wasnt all that bad, it's just the presenter put everyone in a negative 'let's find faults' mode. No Man's Sky and the Schafer game looked really good, and I actually liked how disorganised the black guys were, Joel's jokes ripping on Geoff were pretty funny. Also Divison and Witcher looks were cool. The rest was a complete waste of time.

rainslacker2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Nothing wrong with showing indies. Everything was just too spread out. I think the show should have been more focused by showing the indies and AAA or A games in more succession instead of show an award, show a trailer, then talk about it for 10 minutes. Most of the show was padding and was painfully boring.

Most of the "world premieres" were for games that we already knew about, except for the indies.

Indies also have plenty of their own shows/conventions throughout the year. They just don't typically get national TV/Streaming coverage. Indies are becoming mainstream though, and if the big devs don't want to show their work at VGX, it's only natural they'd go to the developers that are willing to, and I can't imagine any indie is going to pass up the chance to be shown on VGX.

On a side note, I hated it when they were about to show a trailer, and then they would say what it was for. Trailers should surprise you when you watch them. It takes away a little bit of the surprise and interest when they tell you what it's for, and then show it.

SilentNegotiator2791d ago

"What's wrong with indies?"

Certain fanboys have a problem with them now that Xbox doesn't own a near monopoly on them.

Vegetarianshark2791d ago

@AngelicIceDiamond The problem is not too much indies, the problem is not enough AAA games! Stop blaming indie developers for showing off their games and start requesting for AAA studios to pump out more ip's!

Godmars2902791d ago

Actually, MS's issue was that they tried to own all of the indies while trying not to own them. Telling them how they were going to do business with them as if they were the only game in town.

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animegamingnerd2791d ago

you know your event sucks when a overuse meme is the highlight of it

Jughead34162791d ago

It was bad. I didn't expect a mini version of E3 or anything, but I did expect a much better presentation. I don't think they should even air this on Monday. I appreciate some of the reveals like the next gen Tomb Raider, and more The Division footage, but a lot of it was forgettable to me. And the host was just awful. And that concert....(puke)

kneon2791d ago

It sounds like I made the right choice, I ignored VGX and played games all night instead.

Destrania2791d ago

Haha, I LOVED that Naughty Dog did that! Awesome.

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GamersHeaven2792d ago

You sound a bit cranky but yes I agree it was god awful.

Theyellowflash302792d ago

LOL, the best game there was Donkey Kong! LOL

LOL_WUT2791d ago

No, The Division, No Mans Sky, Thief and The Witcher all say hi ;)

By the way damn Geoff really put Reggie on the spot asking him about the competition and for wanting them to reveal more.

Theyellowflash302791d ago

The Division just showed their engine....and No Mans Sky looks cool...but there wasn't much. Thief and Witcher look...meh

I wasn't a huge fan of the first Witcher game, or the second.

And I think MGS 5 will wipe the floor with Thief.

And that's what good journalists do, push for more. But that showed sucked man.

We saw more on The Division weeks ago. Nothing special was shown at this show.

I didn't say the games were bad, the show was lackluster though.

GamersHeaven2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Actually that was one of the worst games shown at VGX graphically on par with DK Jungle beat LOL.

@Theyellowflash30-It will be a good game DK is great franchise but the best game shown at this years VGX? Hell no! not even close Nintendo had a golden opportunity to show something more appealing they did not they failed.

Theyellowflash302791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

The graphics are far better in person.

And do you really think the DKC is going to suck?

MasterCornholio2791d ago

Your a Nintendo fan so it's normal for you to ignore everything that isn't made by Nintendo.

pyramidshead2791d ago

the witcher, no man's sky, broken age. The rest were stuff we've either seen before or just generally meh.

Amigaengine2791d ago

The Division and Witcher 3 was the best looking games there.

H0RSE2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Thief isn't a new IP - the franchise has been around since 1998, and has many loyal fans. I'm assuming you didn't play the original games (were you even old enough?) but Thief 2 is one of my favorite games, and even for being dated, it features some of the best stealth mechanics ever in a game.

It provided your character with tools for the jobs, but didn't really rely on hokey gimmicks like leveling up your characters "sneak ability," or unlocking perks - you actually had to be sneaky... consistently.

The new game will offer a plethora of options for players to customize their experience/difficulty settings, like offering things like Iron Man Mode (if you die or fail a mission, you lose your game and must restart from the beginning.) In this regard, those oldschool gamers like myself who played and enjoyed the originals, in addition to those new to the game and simply see it as something interesting, are looking forward to this new title.

MGS is undoubtedly a popular franchise - I personally do not like it, since I tend not to like Japanese games, but when you say "wipe the floor with" what are you implying? Sales, gameplay, overall fun? Or are you implying that it's going to go for the flawless victory and beat it in all these categories?

After being pleased with the recent revival of another Eidos classic (Deus Ex) I am hopeful that the new Thief title will deliver. My personal outlook aside, I doubt MGS5 is gonna be a clear winner here, not that it matters anyway, since they are entirely different games.

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LOGICWINS2791d ago

Probably the worst VGA/VGX I've seen, but I still enjoyed it. The awkardness Joel brought to the atmosphere was cringeworthy...but in a good way. He made Reggie sweat a little lol.

Geoff did live up to one thing he promised though. This VGX was more developer/gamer focused than an other just wasn't very exciting.

All it did was re-confirm why I want a next-gen console.

Concertoine2792d ago

3 hours of padding and horribly quirky humor from the 2 hosts. I'm not watching this next year... i'll wait until the trailers are all up on youtube an hour after it airs.

Blackdeath_6632791d ago

i feel so happy i didn't waste my time watching it. i knew it. all the people who got excited by some announcements i really feel sorry for you guys. not watching anymore "gaming" shows especially from spike TV all the reveals will be covered afterwards anyways without having to put up all that nonsense

majiebeast2792d ago

What they had to do was the same format as last year without the B list celebs. Cause last year was a big step forward with the live orchestra and everything. and now we had a crap rap concert for the terrible soundtrack of GTA V.

AceBlazer132792d ago

How GTA won best soundtrack is beyond me, the songs mostly suck.

Joel had to tell the audience to applaud at some points.Then the awkward applauds he tried to get rolling himself.

Lackluster reveals.A cheap set, seriously Tosh.O has more work put into it -_-

The Loiter squad sucks ass, immature dicks.
Too much was wrong to fit in one bubble.

MrSwankSinatra2792d ago

this is like the worst the VGA's have ever been like mannn....