VGX is Over... and Cranky Kong is the Only Announcement Trending on Twitter

The VGX awards have just finished and, at least according to Nintendo's core fan response, Nintendo's reveal was underwhelming.

But there's a twist.

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pwnsause_returns3463d ago

this was honestly, the worst show i've seen so far. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Not watching shit like this ever again.

ShinMaster3463d ago

With Reggie showing up, I thought they'd show something bigger, like SSB, X or Zelda, which were "previously announced" as well.

Didn't think it would be Scrooge McDuck.

mikeslemonade3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

.. Must not have been watching the same show as I was. No commercials, game developer interviews, video reveals with gameplay, new trailers etc. This was atleast better than previous VGAs.

Bad day for Nintendo fans. Reggie and the guy from Retro are just saying PR stuff. They know they're in trouble. Donkey Kong now, mario kart, and zelda aren't enough.

UltimateMaster3463d ago

Any publicity is good publicity?
Not in this case.

paulcek3462d ago


I'm glad SSB, X, or Zelda wasn't shown at VGX. Those series deserve SO MUCH BETTER.
Reggie didn't hype it up that much, it was the internet that did that.

Also, it's interesting that Nintendo is getting this much publicity over this. In the long run, i wonder if it's good or bad. I mean, this happened to the Xbox One with Microsoft's reveal, and it looks like X1 will do fine anyway.

If you listen closely to Reggie when the guy asks him if there's gonna be a Metroid in the future, Reggie says "Of C- who's to say whether we're gonna see more?" So Metroid Prime 4? Or maybe a completely new Metroid series. I'm probably hyping myself up too much though. That one comment > Cranky Kong.

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Enemy3463d ago

I'm actually glad Joel was there making things really awkward for Geoff. This was the worst overhyping he's ever done, and all (almost literally) for nothing.

-Foxtrot3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Did they suffer a budget cut or something. I mean don't get me wrong it wasn't just the show setup it was also the reveals but Jesus Christ the whole thing in general was bad

Maybe they knew not many brand new games were going to be revealed so they didn't both spending the cash.

Hopefully they will go back to the VGA's next year if there's enough backlash.

Really think Fallout 4 or at least Uncharted 4 should of bee shown off. Show didn't even go off with a bang

Nintendo blew their chance aswell, it made me more p***** off that Reggie went on like 2013 was a good year for Nintendo fans and then went on about great new games like the Wii U had much this year.

No Mario Kart info, no Smash Bros info, no Zelda info.....oh and the way he went on about Metroid, it's not even in development yet. They wasted Retro Studios time doing this stuff which looks like the same as the Wii version except with a HD makeover...just like New Super Mario Bros Wii to New Super Mario Bros U

DarkBlood3463d ago

its not exactly wasting retro studios time if making tropical freeze was exactly what they wanted since they felt they werent done with it yet beside taking on metriod should they want too but then again we are just the consumers and have no idea what is going on here

and this vgx was well, no comments on that lol

-Foxtrot3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

"making tropical freeze was exactly what they wanted since they felt they werent done with it yet"

But to the consumer we were finished with it, I mean there dosen't seem to be a lot added in Tropical Freeze which would seperate it completely from the first game.

Gamers are the ones buying their games at the end of the day and there has been a LOT of people saying how much they want Retro to create a Metroid game. I don't see why they didn't do that instead

It's not like Donkey Kong is a story driven game which they needed to "finish".

They should of came back to DK years later when they have some new, fresh ideas.

DarkBlood3463d ago

well i cant exactly comment on the consumer being finish with with it in its entirely, since i dont exactly have a problem with another donkey kong game i mean hey i would love to see another metriod game but theres nothing i can do about thier decisions they do the hard work and i cant exactly hold a gun to thier heads so to speak

however the convo about the metriod seem to be drawn out longer for a side convo before getting back on topic so that should speak for itself if any

AWBrawler3463d ago

wii u did have good games this year.
monster hunter
pikmin 3
wonderful 101
batman arkham origin
splinter cell
mario 3d world
assassin's creed.

herbs3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Donkey Kong is Retros HD practice and additional funding for the next 2.5D Metroid...

The only good things from that whole debacle were the Mecedes in the background and Tim Schaffer...

Loadedklip3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

@-foxtrot problem is the internet doesnt represent the paying consumers. No Metroid will ever come close to outselling a main Donkey Kong platformer. It's sad but Metroid just doesn't sell that well.

Thepcz3462d ago

it seems obvious to me the reason retro are making another dk game that nobody wanted instead of another metroid game that everyone wanted, is time. it would take considerably more time and effort to make a new metroid game.

the wiiu is up shxt creek without a paddle and needs as many games as it can get, so dk is the quick fix.

anyone who disagrees is in denial.

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AngelicIceDiamond3463d ago

@Returns yep.

Guess what? We were lied to. Didn't Geoff hint or say something regarding Sony being at the VGX.

They weren't there because Geoff is the worst announcer and hype man known in the gaming verse. Please everyone don't ever listen to Geoff's empty hype and false news.

Geoff was right about MS's games. (Titanfall and Quantum Break) but completely mislead us on Sony's presence at the show.

We need a new host everyone.

DOMination-3463d ago

I think he just said there were some cool stuff for playstation owners and there were a few announcements but I believe they were multiplats

Rockefellow3463d ago

He said Sony were being quiet, and they were, really. I don't blame them for not participating in this embarrassing train wreck of an awards show.

pwnsause_returns3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )


it was a bit better than the regular VGA, but it was just as terrible.

I guess I was expecting something that was equivilent to the oscars. Something serious, yet with humility. not something where a host was bullying and making fun of someones clothes they were wearing. that dude obviously did not care about gaming as a medium at all. Its like what someone in some other thread said, its sad that the only highlight point of this show was something that came out of a gif image from neogaf, a game that should of won GOTY. but no matter, im sure a lot of gaming sites will pick it as GOTY, and not the ladder from an existing IP.

also, its not Retro studios fault at all that this was hyped. its nice to see that we can use another unique charater in this new Donkey Kong game. But rather ninty's fault that this happened. they have a bunch of dormant Ips that are not in use here. you would think they would go deeper in their portfolio and exploit other old ips. or create a new one from scratch. but nooooooooo.

thats one of the reasons why they are in trouble with the wii u. this is their flagship console we are talking about here. not to mention 3rd party companies are shooing it off..

Muffins12233463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

regg seemed pissed,honestly this game is great and all but zelda and brawl "kick its ass"

Moonman3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

This was not the show to show something bigger than this game. I am 1000% excited for this game and will buy it. Also Retro Studios DID INDEED hint they are making another Metroid! I don't know why that has gotten zero press.

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ABeastNamedTariq3463d ago

I was very disappointed in the show. Bored the hell out of me. No Man's Sky was awesome though. I cringed so many times.

MightyNoX3463d ago

After the MGS reveal, I learned to stay away from Geoff. So sorry you had to learn the hard way.

Yep3463d ago

Looks like Nintendo wins again by doing absolutely nothing.

Snookies123463d ago

That's uh... Not exactly a victory, lol.

Yep3463d ago

It's something! (Lol don't worry about me, I knew this what Nintendo was going to show).

herbs3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Acesonnall and unknownbystander have it right lol.

Once again Nintendo is able to achieve more with less.
Lateral thinking from the ghost of Metroid creator Gunpei Yokio...

BluP3463d ago

Doesn't surprise me, that was a horrible show.

unknownbystander3463d ago

Very smart trolling from Nintendo. Notice how much spotlight was given to them? News is news whether good or bad, and that gives them attention. Think about it.

Reverie3463d ago

Yeah, gives them attention while the few people who still follow them get even more reasons to give up.
Meanwhile, trolls get more fuel.

seriously, just a small sneak peek on Bayonetta 2, X or Smash Bros wouldn't hurt whatever future announcements they are doing.

Ol_G3463d ago

you know what i find most annoying about this
all the people that think they know better what they should and shouldn't do
they should show metroid they should make a new starfox
not that i don't want those games but their release schedule is based on what sells most and mario and donkey kong are million/systemsellers metroid didn't do that well on wii and that's my favorite nintendo ip but that doesn't mean everybody likes it
i also think the so called core or hardcore gamers are a minority they are the most vocal but a minority nonetheless
or else wii u ps4 and x1 preorders would be a few million more but that isn't the case cause there are not that many hardcore gamers compared to casual or regular gamers

unknownbystander3462d ago

Well in most people's opinions, the show sucked. So I don't find it good to announce it there when Nintendo can announce it their way & without limits in a Nintendo Direct. I'm sure that you'll think that only Nintendo fans know about it. Then again, with word of mouth, this will spread rapidly amongst the gaming community. I've noticed that we gamers are curious creatures. So finding news is natural to us.

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