The PS4 Is Beating the Xbox One; Will This Continue?

Tim Green of Motley Fool: With both the PS4 from Sony (NYSE: SNE ) and the Xbox One from Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT ) available for purchase, the next generation of console gaming has finally arrived. In a previous article I gave a few reasons why I thought the PlayStation 4 would ultimately prove victorious, with Sony besting Microsoft in the battle for the living room. While it's only been a few weeks, my initial impression is that Sony is on track to do just that.

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jaredhart1778d ago

I can't see a reason why it won't. The PS4 will always beat the Xbox one in Europe and Japan. So far, the PS4 is leading in North America too.

Lalanana1778d ago

Will it matter!? NOPE!

Xbox fans will continue enjoying their exclusives and console!

MasterCornholio1778d ago

Will sales matter?

Well ask 3rd parties that question.

noctis_lumia1778d ago

same happened last gen...ps3 has no does...

look both consoles now..who have the most exclusives games ? ps3

same will happen this gen buddy...enjoy skype..oups i mean xbone

Magicite1778d ago

confirmed by xbox fan Lalanana.

KratosSaveUs1778d ago

What exclusives all y'all have next year is Titanfall and Quantum Break next year. While PS4 has InFamous Second Son,Drive club,The Order 1886,and Uncharted 4. Plus Santa Monica,Media Molecule,Quantic Dream,and Guerrilla Games didn't even reveal their new IP's. You Xbots think y'all have exclusives but y'all don't. MS paid to have DR3 and Titanfall exclusive, and they took a game that was supposed to be a kinect Xbox 360 game and made it into a triple A.

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gamesR4fun1778d ago

ya it looks like sony will hold the lead lets just hope ms does well enough to stay in the game nintendo too a world with only one console would suck

JW10801778d ago

I can only only speak for myself but if Microsoft stopped making videogames I wouldn't be that upset. Playstaion on the other hand I would be majorly upset.

BullyMangler1778d ago

regardless of saLes the wiiU is hammering both the ps4 and x1; Will this continue?

Hicken1778d ago

How does that work, when the other two consoles have done half the Wii U's lifetime sales in a matter of weeks?

joab7771778d ago

I love my ps4 but how can we even ask this question? Gotta give it a yr b4 we even begin to talk about it. Titanfall, Infamous, Halo, etc. So much changes every yr.

noctis_lumia1778d ago

kk halos came for the 360 and the ps3 still outsold it worldwide

noctis_lumia1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

double post

fendernow1778d ago

Exactly. Wait till the smoke clears and then we will see what console people want.

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pyramidshead1778d ago this point who really cares? lol

SegaGamer1778d ago

Exactly, one day i will own both, enjoy both and they will both be successful.

Majin-vegeta1778d ago

Yes,thats why the new stocks of PS4 get sold out quickly when they go up.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Its better for gaming that the gaming console does better, screw gimmicks and casual devices like kinect we want games full stop.

Before people disagree i didnt call the xbone a non gaming console i stated the ps4 was more designed for gaming than xbone.

Morgue1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

If you can look beyond the TV, Fantasy football, Kinect, Snapping, Smart Glass, the cloud and whatever garbage MS is going on about. In between all that I'm sure there will be some good games but I just want too play games. That's why I stay with Sony and bought a PS4.

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