VGX 2013: Here Are All the Winners So Far, One Xbox One Exclusive Already in the List

The VGX 2013 has come and gone, and the dust has settled, leaving all the winners celebrating. If you missed the show, here’s a list of all the winners announced so far.

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Relientk772844d ago

Glad Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch won best RPG

Lalanana2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

Good for forza 5

I'm drunk posting!!

iGAM3R-VIII2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

lol what? that wasn't even nearly related to his comment.

majiebeast2844d ago

Lalanana your drunk posting go home.

mikeslemonade2844d ago

All that matters is GOTY. And GOTY goes to GTA5. Can careless about "best whatever".

vitullo312844d ago

Im drunk too this is awesome

EVILDEAD3602844d ago

GTA V deserved the win. It's a shame they didn't do it on the VGA stage with actual fans to cheer them on as Rockstar deserved.

Side note. Love Turn 10 got accolades for the best next gen launch game thus far.


irepbtown2844d ago

I'm sorry, The Last of Us deserved GOTY award. GTA V was great, visually stunning and I'm still playing it now. However TLoU has been the best game I've played in a while.

Quite disappointed as others on here that it didn't win anything.

Mr Lahey2844d ago

Being drunk is always relevant!

GrandTheftZamboni2844d ago

@Mr Lahey

You would know because you are The Liquor.

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majiebeast2844d ago

All of them deserved to win. There really wasnt a bad game on that list.

bujasem_892844d ago

I don't think tomb raider deserved to be on that list... I enjoyed it... but seriously seriously, not GOTY.

the rest were all contenders yes, but I still think GOTY went to an undeserving winner this year.

2844d ago
wolokowoh2844d ago

@xJumpManX that's because Tomb Raider was action and mystery while The Last of Us was gloom and doom. The Last of Us is supposed to be uncomfortable(grim outlook for everyone) while Tomb Raider is supposed to be inspirational(Lara and the survivors overcoming what seems like insurmountable odds). You're supposed to happy when The Last of Us is done because the uncomfortableness is gone.

The Last of Us is like Game of Thrones. When you're reading/watching the events play out the first time you don't know who is off limits as far as being killed.

Ned Stark and the Joel fake out

Tomb Raider is more like... I don't know ... The Hunger Games perhaps. You don't expect Lara to die ever and you know Katniss is off limits. It's unlikely tale of survival against the odds but its expected and predictable to an extent. You expect the main character to have near death experiences but to bounce back and kick ass. Hunger Games has a lot more "characters" die so it's more tragic but you get the point.

Gekko362843d ago

@Wolokowoh - I enjoyed your post but found the idea of comparing prose from talented authors like;

George R.R. Martin
J R.R Tolkein

To the excrement prose produced by the game industry wrong.

The story for the last of us was OK, that all, not great or even brilliant. It was just OK. However because it was aimed at gamers, it was made to become something it wasn't. Kind of like a golden turd, you know pretty but dull.

Now the game was very good, as a game but the story was just DULL, just quite average...

Yes it was the game equivalent of the Twiglet books, dumb, sh!te and very dull. Maybe they could turn TLOU into a film and get that crap actress to star in it. You know the one, she's the one with the emotional range of a cat turd.

OK rant over. As for the rest I'm rather happy with the results of the awards

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JackISbacK2844d ago

i also voted it ,and i also voted gta 5 for brst game and ac black flag for best action adventure and best shooter for bioshock infinite and best racing for forza ,i'am glad that i maked all right choises.

Abriael2844d ago

That was the best surprise of the show for me. I hoped for Final Fantasy XIV, because honestly Yoshida's team deserves all the credit of the world for turning that game around, but Ni No Kuni was awesome as well.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

I agree but In spirit FFXIV also won in my opinion. They both are excellent games. I seriously am incredibly proud of Yoshida for what him and his team accomplished to turn that game around. I am very much looking forward to see what other games he directs in the future because have absolute faith in his abilities.

SWayne2844d ago

Awesome point you made there. I was hoping the same for FFXIV and echo your thoughts on Yoshida.

joab7772844d ago

Hard to argue with any of the winners!

Jaces2844d ago

Congrats on SoTY ND! It's a tough battle for GoTY when you're an exclusive. Especially going up against GTAV, well fought.

showtimefolks2844d ago

Ni NU Kuni deserves that honor so much, rightfully won and well deserved

here is hoping for more RPG's like that

Back-to-Back2844d ago

How does GTA V win GOTY when Naughty Dog won studio of the year. If you win studio of the year it only makes sense that you also win GOTY. This is just more evidence that the VGX trying to be fair rather than do what's right. No wonder so many developers were tweeting out their disappointment with the show.

Soc52843d ago

Gta5 was technically great and a ton of fun but the TLOU was soo good and had a great story compared to the sillyness of gta
I would say most fun GTA5 and best story TLOU. If I could only have experienced one I'm not sure though. What would u guys pick if u could only play one? Gta does have a lot of replay value

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Outside_ofthe_Box2844d ago

Glad to see Ni no Kuni won best RPG. I really enjoyed playing that game. I really hope a spiritual successor is made for the PS4.

Relientk772844d ago

I hope its true, but a Ni no Kuni 2 is rumored for PS4

RedDevils2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

I would be so damn hype if there ni no kuni 2, I'm freaking bored with all these fps games

Rynocirator2844d ago

And we won't see it for 10 years, the first game took them 5 years to develop, then 3 years to localize in america. Personally I didn't think it was that good to wait that long for a sequel.

pivotplease2844d ago

Give me Dark Cloud 3. Ni No Kuni's good, but dark cloud had better gameplay and catered to a more mature audience. I would be happy with either game though honestly...

TheTowelBoy2844d ago

That would be tops bloobi man.

TXIDarkAvenger2843d ago

Hard to choose between Ni no Kuni, Fire Emblem and Pokemon. I put so many hours into all of them. Props to Ni no Kuni though.

Austin482844d ago

I agree it's bullshit that the last of us didint get shit screw you vgx you all suck


Yeah I feel your pain. At least naughty dog got studio of the year and that says a lot about a studio, because it shows that it's one of the best around, it even beat out rockstar in this category. And actor troy baker as joel and actress ashley Johnson as Ellie both won too.

mediate-this2844d ago

Honestly i dont think tlou is that good of a game, thats my opinion. I ayed and the story was meh, i did not even finish it. I got the game two months after release and i couldnt keep my mind on the story. Joels partner tough guy lady friend hate her.

Graphics are good, and i know millions love tlou, i think its alright. But thats my op. uncharted is my fave series.

princejb1342844d ago

I agree. I would have picked last of us over bio shock infinity
Having beat both games several times I enjoyed last of us a lot more

AndroidVageta2844d ago

How did you force your way through Infinite multiple times? I had to push my way through it just the first time around...that is if it didn't put me to sleep first!

princejb1342844d ago

@ android

Infinity wasn't a bad game. It was pretty decent
But last of us beat it hands down in my opinion

calis2844d ago

GTAV was always going to win. Even if it was the crappest game around.

Dewitt2844d ago

Injustice beating KI.. Just wow..

ShinMaster2844d ago

Serious comment?

Injustice was great.

ABizzel12844d ago

KI was good, Injustice was better. Story-wise, Presentation, gameplay is debatable.

SITH2844d ago

Totally agree. killer instinct is good and all and I enjoy it, but beyond the point of the game which is fighting, there is absolutely nothing there. It is not a whole package game at all. Injustice clearly is.

noctis_lumia2844d ago

ki is crap face it already
its not the good old hardcore fighting it was on nintendo

Sitdown2844d ago

So you saying you have not played it? Noted.

Prime1572844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

Interesting list for vgx. Little disappointed in the world premier segment, but I think I understand why certain games wouldn't premier at it....cough cough Bethesda.