Titanfall Won’t Support Kinect Despite Being One of Xbox One’s Most Important Games

CraveOnline: "The Kinect is an integral feature for the Xbox One, enough for Microsoft to take a risk by making it a mandatory inclusion that inflates the price of its next-gen console by $100. So why is it that its biggest game of 2014 won't support it?"

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dbjj120882792d ago

Titanfall just got *that* much better for not having Kinect.

TomShoe2792d ago

Curse you Db, just beat me to it.

But the camera sucks, and Titanfall will be better without it.

M-M2792d ago

This is actually very interesting, Microsoft made sure to include the Kinect with every single Xbox One so that more developers would utilize it.

mikeslemonade2792d ago

Cause it's not exclusive to X1. If they required camera then what would the PC and 360 owners do??

pyramidshead2792d ago

Kinect will never ever be good for gaming. It's a device you've paid for that's shoe horned in to justify you using voice commands for the UI. Nothing more.

Prime1572792d ago

Camera support is few and far between. I still don't see it as practical. Unfortunately many x1 owners think that the Kinect is for voice commands. Well it is, but why not ANY Mic?

I'm glad to hear that titanfall will be free of voice and gesture control, and look forward to playing it.

VforVideogames2792d ago

Camera doesn't suck, me and my family like it, I just saw the new trailer of titanfal and I just wanted now.

BattleAxe2792d ago

Kinect is an information gathering tool for Microsoft and whoever they choose to share the information with, nothing more.

GiggMan2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

You guys read my mind. I was just getting ready to say good for Titan Fall. Save it for the UI.

Unless you can make the mech break into a dancing mini game between rounds...

Cueil2792d ago

this is an online only game... in what way do you think Kinect would be useful? You don't just tack on kinect without a reason to use it like BF4 Medic command being really useful... Titanfall obviously seems to have no need for a secondary input

nukeitall2791d ago

Titanfalls devs didn't plan having on Kinect, so why shoe horn it in. As a Kinect user I don't want shoehorn support for the sake of it.

Kinect One is fantastic, and proper support in games and apps is what I want like Xbox Fitness, Mass Effect squad voice control, Kinect Sports, Dance Central and so on.

EVILDEAD3602791d ago

Titanfall doesn't need Kinect. Kinect doesn't need Titanfall. X1 gamers will be fine.


malol2791d ago

that's because its not an Xbox One exclusive.

it wont last that way.

hakeem09962790d ago

Not every game needs to have Kinect .Kinect implementation needs to make sense .

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GarrusVakarian2792d ago

Yep. I'll take my games with a controller only please. As the guy making the game said "it doesn't fit into our game". Good that they didn't include Kinect features just for the sake of having them.

dbjj120882792d ago

Yeah they're outside of Microsoft enough that they can't have it forced on them. Good for EA not forcing them to include voice-controlled Titan calldowns.

JonnyBigBoss2792d ago


I love my Xbox One but man, the Kinect is just not worth it.

wolfsaviorzx2792d ago

It's not for you lol. It's for Non-Gamers, trying to get them into gaming. Shame about Kinect Sports Rivals given how good it looks, it controls like shit.

Cueil2792d ago

I'm a gamer and I love my kinect... I use it constantly especially on NBA2K14

Stsonic2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Am I the only one who does not give two herp derps about this game?

@dbjj - I think it looks extremely dated for a next gen game. Not excited at all for this one.

@Infected - Yes we all know gameplay over graphics but come on. Why do we pay £500 for new consoles if they don't look any better than the last? Everytime I see this game it is jaggy's everywhere.

dbjj120882792d ago

Possibly, I know it's another shooter but it looks cool and the whole Mech-vs-Man thing seems awesome.

2792d ago
Deadpoolio2792d ago

No your not the only one....It doesn't look like all that.....on top of the fact that it has NO SP campaign, and it's online MP only means it's not going to sell all that well either. The 1 thing that might bump it's sales is it's not exclusive to any one thing so with 360/720p and PC sales it will push it a bit higher....

Chances are it has no Kinect because it was originally a Timed 720p exclusive that was going to get ported until MS saw all the people saying they would wait for the PS4 version then cut EA a check. Obviously they felt no need to tell infinity ward, since even they didn't know that a deal had been worked out

Ducky2792d ago

It's a good thing you showed up in an article about a game you don't care about and told us all about it.

DigitalRaptor2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Agreed to a certain extent. It looks good, but there are indie games that look better and more interesting, conceptually. And they won't cost $60, like I believe this multiplayer-only game will.

I may or may not check it out on PC, but it's not a priority as far as I'm concerned.

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dale_denton2792d ago

lol all you bots spent that extra 100 for what?

HammadTheBeast2792d ago

Awww.... but Steel Battalion worked so well!


Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2792d ago

Yep and the pc version wont have kinect either :)

christocolus2792d ago

I really dont care of kinect isnt supported cos with or without it this game will be amazing. Itw funny how those hating on kinect are mostly those who never planned to get the xbx one in the first place. Try it out before hating

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TomShoe2792d ago

For the last time, no one cares about the stupid camera.

Starbucks_Fan2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Interesting. I was hoping a lot of top games like this would use Kinect in some way to make the system worth the $500.

Perhaps I'll just wait for a cheaper Kinect-less version.

dbjj120882792d ago

Might be coming if Xbox One fails to sell what they expect this Fall.

Kayant2792d ago

At this point i think Kinect is clearly not there for games...... It's for the UX/UI and for that reason i dont see it getting dropped...

Outside_ofthe_Box2792d ago

Well it's not like Titanfall is a 1st party game to begin with. And it's better that they don't tack on something just for the hell of it anyway.

Also Titanfall is a multiplayer game. Voice commands wouldn't work because you'll most likey be using your mic to communicate with your teammates. Gestures would take away a lot of focus which is very crucial to FPS when playing online where meeting a foe can happen at any moment. So it's not that big of surprise that Titanfall doesn't support Kinect.

stuna12792d ago

Seems to me like every reason for Microsoft's inclusion of Kinects and the extra $100 price are slowly being chipped away! So really Microsoft; why do people need the camera again!?

DigitalRaptor2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

You don't need it. but they make sure you need to spend an extra $100 if you want to play games on the bone.

It was a requirement initially. You can only speculate why. perhaps maybe they thought that requiring Kinect to actually use the console was a retarded decision. It's also pretty alarming how quickly their focus on Kinect has fundamentally changed from gaming (you are the controller) to strongly on media and interface.

I still can't believe they designed their interface around Kinect, rather than a device most gamers will be using to play games (the gamepad). Maybe that's why people are complaining about it as one of the backwards design implementations compared to their positive experiences on the 360.