Quantum Break: VGX 2013: World Premiere Featurette

Everyone's been wondering what the gameplay actually looks like. Well, here it is -- see for yourself.

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GarrusVakarian2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Just watched it live, looks absolutely amazing.

Remedy never disappoint me. I wish they showed more of QD, those gameplay snippets were so good.

Lalanana2843d ago

I was expecting more but looking good!

P0werVR2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Looking great indeed.

This is only the beginning...

lets_go_gunners2843d ago

I was also expecting more but Loved what I saw.

Hatsune-Miku2843d ago

Lol. I saw like a fraction of a second of game play. Hopefully it's good. I like the concept

GarrusVakarian2843d ago

Yeah, i thought we might get a gameplay demo but i was still really impressed with the little gameplay clips.

JokesOnYou2843d ago

oooh-la-la, Remedy looks ready to set the bar high for next gen gaming. Awesome stuff.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32843d ago

Dang, looks like XB1 is the console for now if you want AAA blockbuster gaming--I'm sure it's competitor's will step it up eventually with some games for their new hardware.

badz1492843d ago

looks good but I don't think we'll get to play the game next year. early 2015 release date most probably.

Autodidactdystopia2843d ago

Anybody notice the time glitches happening in the background of the sam lake talking.

nice touch.


NewMonday2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

love how they use art direction to enhance visuals. this is becoming one of my most wanted games, if Remedy fix the pacing problem they had with Alan Wake they could have an all around great game on their hands.

sinjonezp2843d ago

Hate to be the douche, but is this on a high end pc. I question microsoft track record at this point. Just sayin.

tuglu_pati2843d ago

That looks great! Hype for this game: High

EVILDEAD3602843d ago

Thank you Remedy!

Huge fan of these guys. AW was one of last gen's gems. Hope this game delivers on all levels. Curious how the TV show/ Game interaction will translate in real time.


malol2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

looks good, too bad it'll sell like shit and remedy will most likely make 0 to no money off of it and well be forced to make a PC (like alan wake) maybe even a PS4 version this time around to make some money out of it.

and to add insult to injury those piss poor xboxone sales which we'll make this even WORSE for them.

remedy is a good studio and they make good games but they are stupid when it comes to making money off of that talent they have.

keep this up and they'll close down and that a sad thing to happen but truth be told.

Computersaysno2843d ago

We hardly saw any gameplay, what I saw of it was hardly 'fantastic' because there wasn't remotely enough to judge on! Probably would have learnt more about the gameplay had they just released a couple dozen screenshots.

I'm not getting too hyped because I did for Alan Wake and it turned out really disappointing.

It ended up looking nothing like as good as the first reveal at the Intel developer conference, stuck in development hell for years, and when it released relied on rinse/repeating a single game mechanic the whole game.

Lets hope this one actually comes out in a reasonable time frame instead of the 3 and a half years it took Alan Wake from its first footage

G20WLY2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

It does look good, here's hoping they can make it play right too, we don't need another 'Ryse'.

These guys have a good track record, so keeping the faith that this will be well worth playing. :)

Only thing I didn't like - and I get that she's screaming the first time - we see the woman twice and both times she looks boss-eyed/retarded. Is she scripted as handicapped or is this Remedy tying to be clever with facial tech and getting weird results? :/

DOMination-2843d ago

Absolutely incredible. This demo has been shaking the world to it's foundations - without doubt the best graphics in a game ever seen and it might only be one second of gameplay but it was truly remarkable. Remedy are masters of their trade. ONLY ON XBOX ONE

Reibooi2843d ago

It looks really good but for me it might be something I never play because of the whole TV show thing.

I want to play a game not be forced to watch a TV show to be able to understand what is going on in the story. If the TV show part of it isn't needed to understand the story in the game then I will certainly buy it as the game itself looks great but I don't have time to play a game and watch a show for said game to understand it. My time is better spent just playing it instead of having to watch it.

This is just my personal opinion and I'm sure plenty of people out there love the fact that it's gonna have a TV show to accompany it.

pete0072843d ago

more?? you better wait till true games arrive on your favourite platform that can deliver a true audio-visual revolutionary experience. wich i believe will never come due to hw limitations.
to me is a day one purchase along with other true masterpieces

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TomShoe2843d ago

It looks very nice.

I wish it was multiplat...I can't afford an Xbone :(

KiRBY30002843d ago

if i could pick one exclusive on the xbox 1 and put it on PS4, that would be this game. no brainer.

filipakos2843d ago

it will eventually come on pc :P

UncleGermrod2843d ago

ha, yea that is what sucks, if you can only afford one console, your gonna miss out. i am grateful to be able to own both. quantum looks really promising. glad to see xbox start to push some more big exclusives with new and different concepts. now that we have started to see some big things from ms, im really amped for 2014 and beyond. maybe off topic, but i get a partial everytime i think about a next-gen uncharted, too bad they missed the show, but at least there's always e3.

Just glad to see that some of these much-touted but little shown games are really starting to piece together nicely.

Also, you should sell your body and just get an xbone...

Blaze9292843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

that looked AMAZING! Definitely can't wait for that one. Loved Alan Wake. Xbox One all day baby

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Blaze929 + 37m ago
that looked AMAZING! Definitely can't wait for that one. Loved Alan Wake. Xbox One all day baby

Its a pity no one bought alan wake on 360 then eh? Hope it doesnt happen to this game too if its good.

Alan wake came to PC so this game might too and save me 500$.

beerzombie2843d ago

yes this is the one reason I bought x-one and titanfall and halo 5

DOMination-2843d ago

It sold 1.2m on 360 which isn't completely terrible. Obviously the sales and the first class co-operation with Microsoft Game Studios was enough for Remedy to make another NPG (non-playstation game)

OrangePowerz2843d ago

To be fair we didnt really see anything besides a few short seconds of gameplay.

GarrusVakarian2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Which, if representable of final build gameplay, looks amazing.

OrangePowerz2843d ago

I have trust in Remedy to make a very good game, but the gameplay was so short that I cantw judge it.

Sitdown2843d ago

I missed it, what were you being fair about? Or what were people being unfair about?

imt5582843d ago

Looks great. But i think it will be another 900p game for XO. And graphically can't compete against The Division or The Order : 1886.

GarrusVakarian2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Cmon dude, lets just praise the game and keep it at that yeah?

Sitdown2843d ago

Okay we get it, now move along. How did we ever enjoy games before 1080p?

Robochobo2843d ago

Because The Order 1886 isn't running at 800p right?...

ambientFLIER2843d ago

So? Ryse looks fantastic in 900P...although I guess I can see how that could be a problem for someone that gets off on pixel counts...

bumnut2843d ago


Why even bring that up? If you want to play the resolution game you won't win, I game at 1440p.

Game looks interesting

imt5582843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

@Robochobo :

The Order is game with LETTERBOX, just like movies. And is still a 1080p game.

starchild2843d ago

If it's not rendering 1920 x 1080 unique pixels it is simply not rendering those pixels. It's a cop out to make fun of games on the XB1 that don't render at 1080p resolution then turn around and make excuses for games on the PS4 that don't do it.

If you really want high resolutions you shouldn't be gaming on the PS4 either. There are going to be plenty of games that are less than 1080p. The PC is the only platform that will consistently give you 1080p, 2k, or even 4k resolutions. It's all a matter of which hardware you choose.

Anyway, give credit where credit is due. This game looks really good.

BallsEye2843d ago

The Order is old generation technology. All it does is have high res textures and few standard effects. Quantum Break uses DMM. You can't even compare it to quantum break. Same tech used for CGI in blockbuster hollywood productions.

"DMM is a deformation-based fracture system that simulates the physical properties of any material using finite element analysis. If a structure exists - big or small, dense or thin, floppy or rigid - DMM causes it to react in the same way as dictated by reality. For example, wood doesn't simply break along a predetermined seam every time - rather, it bends and splinters into pieces from the point of impact. The same rules apply to any substance imaginable: rubber bends and snaps back into place. Glass shatters. Steel dents and bends. Plastic deforms. DMM can even simulate plants and organic objects through the adjustment of 14 different material physics settings ranging from toughness to volume preservation."

imt5582843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )


Yes, it is inactive pixels, but is still 1080p because those inactive pixels are part of the 1080p image.


Yes, sure you know which technology is used in The Order. The infos about The Order are scarce.

from GameInformer :

beerzombie2843d ago

you clearly don't know shit about Remedy they are bad ass and set the bar high. just like your so called best developer I will not name.

mkis0072843d ago


DMM is technically old tech as well. so that point kinda fizzles out. The force unleashed 1 and 2 both use DMM...hopefully this game uses it better.

Also, where does it say what tech The Order is using? MY GI says they are using their own proprietary engine to produce the same effect as DMM.

BallsEye2843d ago


Sure I don't know tech behind The Order but it's enough it just look like a HD quality game, not anything new. YOu can see how QB even renders in a different way than most games today.

jakehammer2843d ago

Lol when did The Division become a PS4 exclusive and Sony fanboys become douches?

andibandit2843d ago

Yeah, too bad games can still suck in 1080p, like kzsf

Gamer6662843d ago

Glad you mentioned The Order...

Where was it last night?

Right. No where to be found... Just like Killzone 2 was for the first few years of the PS3. Lot's of trailers, no ship date... And then by the time Killzone 2 shipped CoD, Halo, Gears, and most other AAA shooters had caught up graphically.

Sony is notorious at this... I file The Order with Last Guardian right now... When they have a specific ship date narrowed down to a two month period I will get excited for it.

towelie12882843d ago

get off your high chair you tool.....

hankmoody2843d ago

You sound pretty miserable.

spicelicka2843d ago

Oh isn't forza 5 1080p 60fps? So that means it already beat The Order and Division by your dumb standards.

JokesOnYou2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

The epitome of fanboyism, brought to you by imt558:

"But i think it will be another 900p game for XO."

starchild: "It's a cop out to make fun of games on the XB1 that don't render at 1080p resolution then turn around and make excuses for games on the PS4 that don't do it." 

imt558: "because those inactive pixels are part of the 1080p image."

-wow so he's aware that the game is actually rendering less pixels as they are "inactive"= blacked out but now only rendering what translates to 800p doesn't matter because it's like "movies". lmfao, what a f-ing hypocrite.

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Max-Zorin2843d ago

Lack of trolling originality confirmed.

2843d ago
andibandit2843d ago

Wow most overused joke ever, you should change your name to

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JustPlay42843d ago

I Wasn't very impressed visual looks nice but the gamplay, the little that they showed wasn't very mind blowing or very interesting at all, hope they show more soon so we know how it going to be and play like

trancefreak2843d ago

I like the video edit @1:49 where he says; "There are a number time powers at the players finger tips"

At this point; The audio makes a beep. The people in the background look or appear like time has been forwarded; all while he remains still and static while conversing. That was cool.

UnholyLight2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Side note, Really liked how when they jumped back to Sam Lake between gameplay that in the background it was randomly skipping as well.

Neat little way to present the product at hand!

QuickdrawMcgraw2843d ago

Game looks very interesting,but I thought Xbox owners did not like interactive games.At least that what it seemed like here on N4Xbox when interactive games were show for the PS3.

memots2843d ago

beyond two soul got bashed by critic, hopefully this game has more action or more control over your character.

2843d ago
starchild2843d ago

If you've played Alan Wake or Remedy's other games you would know that they are action games. Very different than something like Beyond Two Souls.

beerzombie2843d ago

a lot of Xbox gamers just love Remedy and play allot of indie games and arcade games. We are a diverse of gamers.

Gamer6662843d ago

I agree the Xbox demographic is more action oriented, but, they have stressed this is action game first integrated with interactive.

Heavy Rain and Beyond are fully interactive games, but they are more "interactive" then "action"...

Yes, I have played both Heavy Rain and Beyond...

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downwardspiral2843d ago

hey that guy sam lake whose doing the interview was the face of the first max payne. I knew i recognized that face.

JackISbacK2843d ago

damn those graphics ,i cant hod my breath to watch the demo of this game ,when the fuck is e3.
great remeady great

deecee332843d ago

This looks fantastic- the type of thing that could sell systems on it's own