Finishing Gears of War - Mike Capps

CVG speaks to Epic president Mike Capps as he sighs relief at getting his seminal shooter out the door

The Gears of War are finally churning into the shops, and as part of our duo of launch interviews, we've managed to get a word in with Epic president Mike Capps, who shares his disbelief at finally finishing the seminal shooter - as well as spilling some interesting development anicdotes and juicy hints at a sequel...

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DC RID3R4462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )

"DC Rider, I was not insulting your finding (you got this article), but there are so many GoW postings being released every few minutes, i just think the Editors are going over-board with it.

I'm hyped about this game, but you dont see my telling others who are also hyped, "shut the fuk up", do you?"

i apologize bro!!!
didnt mean anything personal shorty.


PS360PCROCKS4461d ago

Lol I love all the GOW news, gets me hyped for TOMORROW! Haha yeah! Anyways I loved hearing from Cliffy B that the powerpoint presentation was almost exactly what they accomplished, that's a good thing

Grown Folks Talk4461d ago

here in nebraska, it ships tomorrow. will actually be in stores on the 8th. they always give the ship date, not the release date.