Is It Game Over For The Xbox One Thanks To Mandatory Kinect?

Forbes - "Paul Tassi argues, quite persuasively, that the reason Xbox One is behind the PlayStation 4 is the inclusion of the Kinect, a voice-and-motion censor that allows users to control the console via voice commands.

He quotes analyst Michael Pachter, who says that the “reason Sony beats Microsoft is solely the price. Microsoft loses the next generation unless they cut price. If Microsoft drops its price to $399, I expect the sales to be equal to the PS4.”

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MrSwankSinatra2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

honestly there should be two models to satisfy all types of consumers

1.) Entertainment Package (including Kinect & HDMI in) - $499

2.) Gaming Package (Without Kinect & HDMI in) - $350 to $399

one thing they really need to rectify when they eventually come out with a new model is the ability to change out the hard drive.

ThatCanadianGuy5142786d ago

No kinect? No HDMI? Then it's just a weaker, ugly PS4.

They made their bed and now they have to deal with their choices.All they can do is bite the loss and drop the price.Getting rid of the only thing that separates it from the competition and completely dividing up the kinect / No kinect install base is exactly the type of stupid move i expect from Microsoft at this point.

MrSwankSinatra2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

well to be fair no gamer really cares about kinect. there is no game that has come out "kinect only" that gives us a reason to own it in the first place. that's why microsoft has chose to use it really for other purposes such as skype, voice commands, etc. dropping the kinect isn't really that big of loss if all you care about is the games.

@JokesOnYou honestly i don't care about what the author is in favor of, i'm just saying microsoft should satisfy a broader demographic.

JokesOnYou2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Sensational headline but the author is actually in favor of Kinect.

Wrong, MrSwank alot of gamers really like Kinect. In fact all the comments from known xbox fans on this site seem to really be positive about the inclusion of kinect. All my friends who own an X1 so far have been impressed with kinect. It's only n4g, and a few hit seeking sites that talk of Kinect being removed. Fortunately that is not going to happen, micro has went all in with Kinect fully integrated into the X1 experience...only allowing it to be turned off for the extremely paranoid privacy folks, which frankly I think we're mostly loud mouth fanboys who weren't buying a X1 anyway, but I digress. Given Kinect is the main differentiator from ps4 besides exclusive games it would be silly to fracture the fanbase in a effort for more sales which would just make X1 a similar ps4 I that would not really help sales at all unless micro sold it much cheaper than ps4 and that makes no sense to dilute their vision/brand with no real indication that they would outsell ps4 even then. NO, the strength of X1 this gen will be because it's a hardcore gaming system with a uniquely different approach/features from its main competitor.

Also it's way to early to make hard claims about how these consoles will sell longterm, X1 is already pick up steam do to micros efforts to re-stock Amazon:

X1 #1 on the Bestseller list, currently sold out

X1 #12 On Bestsellers of 2013 quickly sold out yesterday, ps4 #75 due to lack of stock, still this shows X1 demand is high and its overtaken ps4 even before Christmas on the largest online retailers list of 2013 bestsellers:

Bigpappy2786d ago

@ThatCanadianGuy: I agree with everything you said, except the weaker and ugly part. It would just be the M$ version of the PS4.

Read what Jokes had to say. He goes in to more detail and shows why the headline is really to get some hits.


What bubble do u live in?? I am a gamer and I own an xb1 and had a ps4, and I care about the kinect, I also understand it's usefulness. The kinect and it's features are what set it apart from anything else.

You guys have bought into this idea that the ps4 is for "real gamers" and the xb1 isn't. But in all honesty as a gamer, I have been have more fun gaming on the xb1 and it's exclusives than the ps4, and that's putting all "gimmicks and apps" on both consoles to the side.

mikeslemonade2786d ago

HDMI In doesn't cost that much. At most they can drop down to $399.99.

*waves goodbye* when you go into hiding on the next time the world wide sales reports come in.

Deadpoolio2786d ago

They aren't dropping Kinect not sure when people are going to grasp that concept....They spent too much time and money designing their OS and features of the OS around it. There is too much emphasis on Xbox snap this, Xbox go to this....Kinect is not coming out of the package

xxLuckyStrike2786d ago

I just temporarily pawned my X1 Kinect sensor. It's a paper weight and is not necessary. The Xbox one works fine witout it hooked up. I forsee a Kinect-less cheaper Xbox One on the market in 2014. Only problem with my Xbox one now is no bluetooth, 3d bluray movies, or mp3 support via usb. And the dashboard is a giant lame clusterfuk. I'm not impressed so far with xb1 when compared in contrast to what last gen consoles offered.

Ashby_JC2786d ago

Ok...that headline doesn't match in the slightest what I just read!!!!!

I think I may avoid this site. It was actually a good article...very good.

But the headline is very very misleading!!

mikeslemonade2785d ago

Once you comment on this site you're hooked. It's like this insane addiction to participate in debates, look at controversy, and see breaking news for video games

EVILDEAD3602785d ago

Here's the funny part. Kinect is actually the difference maker for next gen.

MS got it right 150% right including it in the box. It's oddly the one tech in both systems that actually felt next gen.

As predicted the price point proved absolutely nothing. Both Sony and MS are going to sell out of what they ship this holiday.

MS doesn't have to beat Sony hardware console for hardware console to win. They are selling at the premium price.

Next year the price will go down 20 and the bundles will kick in (read Halo 5).

The best part of K2 this gen is that ANY developer to include indie can bring lots of content that the 360 could never bring (other than Labs)

In the meantime if MS keeps promoting the snap features, Skype etc. ala the NFL and latest ads the momentum going into next holiday has huge potential.

Bring on K. Sports and drop a new D. Central on em' and I'm good. Let the hater hate, the Xbox On/OFF stuff rules (when it 'cough' works-lol)


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mithril2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

The writer wrote : "When I first tried out the PS4 and Xbox One, there was no doubt in my mind that the Xbox One was the more interesting system, with a more “next-gen” feel to it in ways that went beyond video games. I still enjoy using voice commands to pause my game and go to the home screen, or simply shut the thing off."

i'm doing the same thing with my PS4. I think the difference between Xbox One And PS4 is in other functions

1 - Kinect movement detection is more accurate than PS4

2- Ability to input TV and manage tv channel on console.

The question is : Is this feature is for me. My answer is not for me, i don't pay 100$ more for features i don't use. but i understand other point of view.

I don't watch TV. i'm watching series on the net. And i can do this with other console. and i don't play games with movement detection.

Xbox one is not for me. Who win the war ? i don't want to know. I only play games. I don't want to know if Toyota sold more car than Ford. I only drive a car to move my a...

have a good day :)

hazardman2786d ago

You make seem as though all games need Kinect to play or watching TV is all it does. I happened to try it out at my uncles today and let me tell you, the Xbox One is a must buy for me! Its awesome!! Im loving my PS4 but i wish i hadnt canceled the pre order for Xbox One. Will be picking one up in Spring hopefully by the time it should be performing alot better.

DEEBO2786d ago

MS are fine with all of there games but a price drop is needed sooner then later.

dark-kyon2786d ago

agree,sony with his $400 price tag simply put down microsoft and nintendo strategy of a blow.

parentsbasement2786d ago

Its amazing to me how many people here that are smarter than all should contact them for employment as im sure you would rise quickly and straighten them out......

Agent-862786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

No one bats 1,000. Not every invention of Edison was a success nor every theory of Einstein. Microsoft is no different...may I remind you of Vista and Zune. They may have smart people working for them, but they make mistakes as well. Even with the Xbox One, they made plenty of mistakes with the unveiling: DRM, the always on requirement, used games restrictions, etc.

KiLLUMiNATi_892786d ago

I've been saying "people act like MS are rookies and Sony are then geniuses"... All companies have there pros and cons, I don't understand people's logic at time...

I see nothing wrong with the Xbox1 nor the ps4, simply comes down to preference that's all...

Ashby_JC2786d ago

Very intelligent comment. Almost did a double take...not to many people feel that way on the interwebs. Its all about..mine is better then yours.

BitbyDeath2786d ago

They're getting a new CEO soon to straighten them out, no need for someone from N4G to apply.

GameSpawn2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

That's the thing though. A new CEO is almost MORE of a wild card. Don't get me wrong, I think it is still needed.

Even Steve Jobs was bad for Apple is some ways; Cook has made the company in my opinion more open and humanitarian -- Jobs' rule was more draconian (don't believe me, look at his biography and see how he treated employees -- he was a jerk).

With Microsoft, Bill bowed out and now it is Balmer's turn. Hopefully the new choice of CEO (has it been announced?) will bring a fresh, clear vision and direction to Microsoft to get them back on track, but like I said this is the wild card. The new CEO pick could end up on the opposite end and be more of a wild canon.

MasterCornholio2786d ago

I dont think any Xbox fans wants Elop as the CEO of Microsoft.

jessupj2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I have 4 words for you. Draconian DRM.

Only a company as arrogant and stupid as microsoft could try to enforce such anti consumer restrictions on gamers and think they could actually get away with it.

They learnt the hard way and are still learning it.

Chevalier2785d ago


So the fans are stupid and microsoft who did 180's on DRM and their whole game plan are smart? Yeah makes sense completely.

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Sm00thNinja2786d ago

How are these submissions being approved

Nujabes_2786d ago

Because it makes Microsoft look bad, and N4G loves that.

Majin-vegeta2786d ago

Same way all PS3 doomed articles were approved last gen.Stop acting likr an innocent victim.

Sm00thNinja2786d ago

Since when have 2 wrongs made a right?

Ashby_JC2786d ago

The problem is that it's actually a positive article about Kinect. The headline is the problem.

I just read it and was like ...uh this headline doesn't match the article content.

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