Epic hints of Gears of War 2

"I wouldn't rule anything out!" Mr. CliffyB tells CVG

Epic Games has hinted further at plans to develop a sequel to Gears of War, in a pair of interviews with CVG.

"We've spent time developing a rich universe for Gears, and the story is absolutely larger than the one told in the game," says company president Mike Capps. "One could even argue that the ending cinematic leaves room for a sequel".

However, Mr. Capps goes on to state that the company has "no plans as of yet" for a sequel, and that the dev team "have a fair amount of rest and relaxation to worry about first ;)"

Lead designer Cliffy B is also cautious over Gears 2 in our interview, saying he'll "wait for the gamers out there to play through the game before coming to any conclusions about future products."

However, a bit more optimistically he adds: "I love the universe and everything involved in it and if the game does amazingly well I wouldn't rule anything out!"

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PSN Starfleets4457d ago

We might aswell have an entire website for Gears of War news.

DC RID3R4457d ago

shut the fuk up!


suck it ALL in

Grown Folks Talk4457d ago

did you look at his avatar? i don't think he was talking sh*t. just stating that there is a lot of gears posts is all. i'm kinda glad they pushed r6:v back a little. let's me get another paycheck in since i'm getting gears and cod3. 2 days.

Silver Bull3t4457d ago

What a curveball!!! Didn't see this one coming... who woulda thought, a SEQUAL! What'll they think of next!

unleash bass4457d ago

They're bound to make a sequal at some point, it would be crazy not to.

Only trouble will be making it better somehow from the first, which, supposedly pushes the 360 to the max. Maybe it will be title for the XBOX720?

PSN Starfleets4457d ago

DC Rider, I was not insulting your finding (you got this article), but there are so many GoW postings being released every few minutes, i just think the Editors are going over-board with it.

I'm hyped about this game, but you dont see my telling others who are also hyped, "shut the fuk up", do you?

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The story is too old to be commented.