We Probably Won’t See the New Uncharted for PS4, Mass Effect 4 or Doom 4 at the VGX Today

Geoff Keighley is continuing to tease the content of the VGX Awards that will be aired today at 6 PM EST, and he just had a quite animated conversation with a fan criticizing the show because, according to him, there seem to be “no real exclusive reveals”.

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-Foxtrot3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Jesus Christ....first Fallout 4 and now all these

Whats the point watching the VGA's then

At this rate where going to be watching trailers to games which were announced ages ago

I was watching this for Uncharted 4 alone, why tease it but not use the VGA's to show the full trailer. They've always done this....teaser of a teaser then the full teaser at the VGA's

I love how Geoff makes it out like he dosen't hype crap up. I'm glad the guy has the balls to tell him that.

"More talk, more developers, more context"

Geoff we only watch it for ground breaking reveals...come on. Look how much the community flipped when Skyrim was example was teased, Mass Effect 3 or The Last of Us.

abzdine3883d ago

Uncharted for sure won't be there.
but The Order might be shown

Enemy3883d ago

@ abzdine: Didn't they say The Order isn't ready for the VGX either?

GTgamer3883d ago

The Darito King strikes again

abzdine3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

yes but i mean The Order has more chances to be shown than Uncharted does.
At the launch party ND president asked people to forget about Uncharted for a while cause they weren't ready to show it anytime soon. Probably E3 next year.

How about a new LBP by Sumo Digital or the Media Molecule game?

Retard3883d ago

Rather them make the game than talk about it.

RedSky3882d ago

Telltale Game of Thrones and Borderlands based games announced.

New Witcher 3, Destiny and Broken Age gameplay / trailers.

Screw AAA and their overhyped, endless sequel cash cows.

pyramidshead3882d ago

From just finishing watching the VGXs just now, Sony actually did themselves a favour in boycotting it because it was absolutely diabolical lol. I'm kinda glad they didn't associate much with it to be fair.

It was so bad it became a joke within itself, especially with Joel McHale not giving one single damn LOL.

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Abash3883d ago

No Uncharted 4 = No point in watching, for me at least.

I'll catch the trailers of whatever new is announced later, but Im not going to sit through the show if there's no Uncharted PS4 news

-Foxtrot3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Seems pointless to show off a tease of it only for them to announce it at the next event which is E3 and thats what...6-7 months away

Same goes for Fallout 4, since it won't be shown tonight it means E3 is the next place to reveal it. By the time it actually comes out where looking at a 2015 release :|

I love how they build hype up and when it comes to the actual day of it being shown developers end up coming out and start saying something like "Oh by the way guys "X Y Z" won't be shown off tonight"

What the hell is going to left at the event....games were already know are coming out and we've seen plenty of


The Division

infamous SS...maybe


The Crew....again maybe


Watch Dogs

Quantum Break

Witcher 3

Dragon Age 3

Some Indie stuff which is nice but not as exciting

What else...all of those things we knew was coming or we've seen

plaZeHD3883d ago

Naughty Dog did that with The Last Of US, uncharted 3 and Uncharted 2. And it seemed right.

-Foxtrot3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )


No what we saw in those past teaser trailer was a tease of a teaser.

Usually ND show off a tease for the teaser which would be shown off at the VGA's

Uncharted 3 for example had the camera panning over the table and Drake said "All men dream" and it cut - then the rest of the teaser was shown at the VGA's.

You would at least think they would show a full on teaser with the subtitle and show Nathan Drake on it.

plaZeHD3883d ago

But Uncharted ps4 teaser trailer goes also in the same direction.
Just as in Uncharted 3's teaser there is some guy narrating while the camera is panning over an object.
So my point is UC ps4 teaser might also be a teaser to a teaser.

fattyuk3883d ago


no need to be a debby downer, what else you gonna do instead of watching it, moan about it on n4g lol

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osamaq3883d ago

no uncharted , I'm disappeared :(

Rockefellow3883d ago

You really need to quit whining. There was never any indication that Uncharted 4 or Fallout were ever going to be shown, you're just going off of hype created by fans--not the developers themselves.

You don't have to go on a rant just to tell people you aren't watching. I, for one, look forward to any new footage of some anticipated games as well as any surprise announcements. Yes, it's disappointing that some smash hits probably won't be shown, but you can't blame anyone but yourself-- there are no guarantees or promised here.

I hope they reveal something that'll cheer you up, because you're miserable right now.

-Foxtrot3883d ago

So you tell me and possibly others that we don't have the right to rant about what we arn't watching then you go on a rant about something you WILL be watching

Double standards much...


DarkBlood3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )


come on man you usually do have alot to say sometimes in alot of the posts i seen that interest me, don't make this the only thing to remeber you as.

Rockefellow3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

I'm sorry, what? I never said you didn't have the right to rant, and I hardly contradicted myself; I simply tried to phrase something against your puerile crying. I can't fathom why you're so upset about this, so I guess I'll just let you wallow in misery while the rest of us hope to find something of value out of the show.

Jesus... N4G needs an age of entry, I think.

abc12333883d ago

Think Geoff is trolling. How can the guy's expectations be unrealistic when games like Skyrim, ME3 and TLOU were announced there. Maybe he meant it was unrealistic for all three of them to be shown.

colonel1793883d ago

OK, so he said they there were going to be more "world premiers" than ever before. So he need to define "world premiere" since his definition is clearly different from the rest of the world's.

If by 'world premieres" he means games already announced and shown before, then this is going to be a crappy show.

jb2273883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

I don't know where the notion that Uncharted would be shown again came from, especially for everyone to seem so solid in thinking it would be there. After the launch party reveal of the game, the devs themselves said we wouldn't be seeing more from it anytime soon, and devs don't outright lie usually, they would've said to "keep your eyes open" or "no comment" if there was a chance we'd be getting a gameplay trailer at vgx...while i'd love to see even a few frames of the game, i'm not getting my hopes up...that said, I do think we will see a full trailer for the Last of Us dlc and possibly a release date of January, just finished my third playthrough of the game so I am ready....gonna run through the comic book once more, anyone who hasn't read it should check it out, it's a really cool story that shows Ellie meeting Riley that will more than likely lead right into the dlc...wish more games would expand their stories into other mediums like that, especially when they are stories as good as TLOU

nerdman673883d ago

There is a black screen, slowly the sound of a plane builds until it sounds like it goes by and then an explosion sound.
The Naughty Dog logo fades in, and you hear the sound of an uncharted relic. You know the one I mean.
Suddenly a wave crashes over the screen, and the camera pans up a beach where you see Crash's house with a plane sticking out of it. The Crash Bandicoot theme starts, and Cortex runs by the screen, screaming. The Crash logo shoots on screen, and Crash runs by chasing Cortex as the music plays. The camera pans up to show Cortex's new space station, and then "He's Back" is shown on screen, with a subtitle that says 2014.

AngelicIceDiamond3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Very disappointing. usually Sony comes with the heavy hitters at the VGA's this isn't like them to skip or hold back on announcing big exclusive AAA's on a event like this. Considering this suppose to be the biggest VGA's yet.

I don't blame Sony as much I blame a guy named Geoff Keighly for giving a false sense of hype. He even said Sony would have lots to reveal at the VGX's and yet Uncharted and The Order are no show. WTF Geoff!? Does this guy no the definition of subtle? Or easing the hype?

Still looking for forward to VGX but I'm not expecting ton's and tons like Geoff was saying.

Debaitable3883d ago

I haven't see any indication that either Uncharted 4 or Fallout 4 was supposed to appear at the VGAs. Both were heavily fueled by fan speculation only. Now that's its confirmed not to be there it's the developers fault? They will show footage when it's ready. If they decide to show something now and the release date is much farther off, you guys will just complain about that shit too.

Deadpoolio3883d ago

WTF do you expect chances are it's nowhere near a state to actually show game play hence why the had an announcement trailer with none.....Can they actually get it to a state that they have things to show for it before people start crying like it's this huge travesty that they aren't showing game play

Gamer19823883d ago

The guy was pointing out more than 3 games they are unrealistic to expect he didnt say 1 of them wont be announced though.