Sony 'overreached' including Blu-ray in PS3 - Harrison

Sony's Phil Harrison has admitted that the company "overreached" with its decision to include a Blu-ray drive in PlayStation 3.

Referring to the shortages of blue diodes that forced Sony to postpone the console's European launch until March, Harrison told Eurogamer's Rob Fahey, "we have overreached in production of the Blu-Ray component - I can't deny that".

"But that's the price you pay for adopting brand new, leading-edge technologies that will be future proof. We will resolve those issues - we are already catching up."
"We will continue to catch up on the production, and as you know, we haven't changed our full-year forecast of six million units [by March 2007], so we're only talking about a ramp-up issue. We're not talking about the fundamental design of the product itself," he added.

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PSN Starfleets4457d ago

Confident, indeed, Mr Harrison.

He's basically saying, regardless of all the negatives about the PS3 delays, it will all be worth it in the future.

USMChardcharger4457d ago

i know i know it wouldn't be the same...but, they could have made the blue ray player as an add on and got the PS3 out a long time ago.

one...the ps3 would not cost near as much
two...could have been out a year ago or at least could have been one delay less

Grown Folks Talk4457d ago

was in europe. they were never launching in spring, so it wasn't delayed. if the system would have came out in spring there would have been no finished games. but as ken says, people would have still bought it.

pbo2m34457d ago

I have to disagree with you here. At E3 they said that they were launching in Spring of 2006. You and I know that was never going to happen but they said it was so it makes it a delay no matter how you slice it. I'm sure they said to keep investers happy but nonetheless they said it. Other than that I agree with the rest of your post.

scriptkiddie4457d ago

The problem is that Sony is too focused on Blue-Ray. Instead of getting a console out faster and which cost less. They are spending the majority of their budget on losses of the PS3 due to blue-Ray instead of great exclusive games; And maintaining the ones they had.

Microsoft knows it's all about the games, that's why they continue to get great exclusives, and take away one time sony exclusives. And focus on great Online gameplay.

At the same time Sony says they will Sell their console even if there was no games for it. They know their fanboys well enough so thyey don't focus on games or online only making Blue-ray a standard.

Arkham4457d ago

My god, some gamers have trouble with reading comprehension. He did not say the decision to include BR in the PS3 was "overreaching", he was referring the the manufacturing/production numbers.

Some people need to put their controller down and pick up a book once in a while.

Marty83704457d ago

Blu-ray is PS3 media for both games and movies,so had to be included.A Neg Gen format for a Nex Gen Console.Game devs are already start to use the space Blu-ray has to offer,this will make all the difference between PS3 and X360.While PS3 owners will have one Blu-ray disc games,X360 owners will be getting multi DVD9 disc's.Having to swap disc's half way thru a game is not my idea of fun,it's to last gen.

Silver Bull3t4457d ago

"Game devs are already start to use the space Blu-ray has to offer..."

Name one.

jedicurt4457d ago

Oblivion is a good example of a game that is going to be using the space of Blu-Ray

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