Player vs. Player becomes Person vs. Person - Hyon-P fighting in Korea

Fight Club is Real, really, in Korea. According to the Korea Times, students have gone from using online chat services like "Buddy Buddy" for fun to using the Internet to set up real fights.

Hyon-P, a compound word derived from "hyonsil'' (reality) and an online game term ''Player Kill's P,'' is spreading among people more involved in their online lives than their real ones.

A group of 28 middle school students turned an online chat into a gang brawl after an escalating war of words online.

In another incident, the fight was recorded with images and videos posted online.

It is going to be increasingly difficult for the game and online community industries to avoid some responsibility and blow back from incidents like these. Hopefully, they will get out in front of the issue rather than waiting for their opponents to define the issues and the industries.

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