Nintendo Will Show a Previously Announced Game at VGX

Game Informer has clarified that Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime will be showcasing a previously announced Wii U game at the VGX awards. There was a little confusion on Twitter regarding whether it was an unannounced game, or one that has been previously revealed by Nintendo. Most people bets appear to be on Reggie showing off Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Game Informer has partnered with Spike TV to host the live stream on their site.

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chrispseuphoria3466d ago

Surprising Smash Bros announcement, perhaps?

nosferatuzodd3466d ago

nah something completely new i hope

porkChop3466d ago

It's not completely new considering it's a "previously announced" game.

UltimateMaster3466d ago

New content from the game X? Metroid or the new Zelda HD? I'm just hoping.

guitarded773466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

@ UltimateMaster

I wouldn't hope too much, or you'll probably be let down. X isn't a big Western market title, and they haven't really "announced" the new Metroid or Zelda games.

They said they're working on the next iteration of Zelda, but haven't formally announced a title or anything. My guess is Smash Bros. It does well in the West, and it's a high action title, which is what they like to push at the VGA/X. Possible Mario Kart or DK Country. Highly doubt it's either though... even less likely is Yoshi Yarn. It just doesn't stand out among the big action games at the show.

But it's all speculation, so I could be wrong. I just wouldn't get my hopes up to see the games you listed... even though they are the games I would most want to see too :D

abzdine3466d ago

thinking of X as some of you in here.
it has been revealed at VGAs last year if i remember well.

Sono4213466d ago

It BETTER be the next smash bros because so little is known about it.. sure every once in a blue moon they update the roster on the official site but that's about it.. oh and they do the pic of the day but that's useless.. and unless i'm mistaken it's supposed to come out Q1 or Q2 of next year.. so were due for some real info.

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admiralvic3466d ago

I am expecting it to be X ( ) and THAT is the reason they changed it from VGA to VGX. Let me have my conspiracies!

solboogie3466d ago

That would just make my day!

LOL_WUT3466d ago

I hope it's Zelda in a way they kinda did show it off with that tech demo fingers crossed ;)

Deadpoolio3466d ago

PREVIOUSLY ANNOUNCED GAME....Not a game they said they were working on when the announced an HD remake...Hell all the said was that they were going to be working on one.....Meaning it's probably still just having ideas kicked around on what/how they want to do it....

You might as well count on a 99.9% probability that the game is DK Tropical Freeze

Kalebninja3466d ago

That's not all they said they were going to show it at e3 but they decided to wait this is definitely the time

Metallox3466d ago

The Zelda game for Wii U was announced, which is not the same to be revealed.

JackieCruise693466d ago

It makes sense that they'd show Zelda. They held it off at E3 AND Comic-con. This is the perfect opportunity to finally show the real game. Plus Aonuma has been talking about it a lot lately.

And now that I think about it, they did say "another look at a previously announced game" since you mention the tech demo... maybe that could count towards the whole 'another look' thing.

I'm hoping for it more than anything.

CrossingEden3466d ago

Realistic Zelda just doesn't resonate with me the way it resonates with the younger fans of the series. Sure it's pretty but the more realistic a game looks the worse it'll look overtime, compared to things that are highly stylized that Skyward Sword(the best one yet imo) and wind waker, (which even on the original gamecube, still looks amazing).

Thepcz3465d ago

the new zelda game for wiiu

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Reeze3466d ago

That makes sense; it would be kind of strange for them to show Donkey Kong.

1. We already know the fourth character.
2. It's VGX!

I'm actually really excited for X and I've never even been into that type of game. It looks amazing.

stuna13466d ago

Yeah it does! Plus I think it will definitely showcase what the WII U is capable of as a next gen console.

donman13466d ago

It would make perfect sense for it to be "X".

Shnazzyone3466d ago

Yeah, I agree and god damn.. I hope it is. I so wanna see more of that game.

Clippy3466d ago

It be better if it was an unannounced game. That's what I want to see

-Foxtrot3466d ago

If it's been announced fine...but at least at the end to make it worthwhile, your at the VGA's for god sake, announce the release dates for Mario Kart and Smash Bros

Reeze3466d ago

Yeah, I really hope they use this to their advantage.

Crossing my fingers that they make this announcement worthwhile. It could do so much good for them.