"The best A.I in a racer ever?" - Race Driver: GRiD

This in-depth hands-on look at Race Driver: GRiD goes into a lot of detail about the impressive new A.I that Codemasters has developed for the game.

"While racing muscle cars around a San Francisco circuit we spun after going around a corner too fast. An A.I opponent rounded the corner immediately after and veered sharply to avoid a collision, but over-corrected, flew into the wall and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. As the A.I reversed out of the wall, another car came flying around the corner and through the expanding cloud of smoke: it collided with the hidden car, sending the newcomer spiralling into the air to land upside down and half over the concrete wall while the other spun like a top. Both their races look decidedly over - awesome stuff."

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power of Green 4969d ago

Truely next-gen title one of my most wanted.

How did you get 4 bubbles?, bubbles!....

Gam714969d ago

You can say that in the gamerzone.

Oh you got a disagree. What for?

And timmyrulz summed up my next comment.

power0919994969d ago (Edited 4969d ago )

If the AI is this intellegent I may have to keep a closer eye on this game.

May be better than I am giving it credit for.

Edit: I can't finish the article. Can anyone else get past page 1?

jwatt4969d ago

That sounds like something from Motorstorm, I think this is where we should be heading this generation with very smart AI.

timmyrulz4969d ago

you cant go around saying things like this its not gran turismo 15

snakeater34969d ago

that sounds like A.L.I (artificial lack of intelligence)

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