Nintendo Question Is Way Too Hard For Game Show Contestant

Let's be fair here: this woman is answering a question on a generalist quiz show. I bet there are plenty of you lot, even after reading stuff like this, who wouldn't have been 100% in answering this question.

So skipping was definitely the smart move. Come on, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. You might want to dial back the difficulty, just a little.

For the record, the answer was C: Baseball gloves. In the course of its 100-year history the company has indeed made instant rice, run taxis and even owned a love hotel.

Neonridr3465d ago

I thought it was baseball gloves, but to be honest, it was a bit of a guess. I knew they dabbled in hotels before and maybe could have made a guess at the instant rice. I had no clue they were involved in Taxi services.

I hope this was a high level question and not like the $1000 question.

NewMonday3465d ago

I went for Taxi services, this is one tricky question!

InactiveUser3464d ago

Nintendo owns or did own the Seattle Mariners, so I would have thought they made a baseball glove at some point.

Army_of_Darkness3464d ago

I said taxi service too because I could have sworn I seem a Mario baseball glove at the flee market!

SilentNegotiator3464d ago

I thought instant rice because thinking back on what I read about Nintendo's early history, I couldn't remember reading anything food-related.

RyuCloudStrife3464d ago

yeah that wasn't easy, I believe Nintendo was originally a trading card company (too lazy to check). That's all I know of Nintendo outside of gaming...

NukaCola3464d ago

Yup Nintendo started as a card company in 1890s I believe. You ought to read GAME OVER How Nintendo Conquered the World. Really awesome book.

admiralvic3464d ago

They were a hanafuda card company, which is a Japanese version of the playing card (you know, a deck of 52 cards).

Ashunderfire863464d ago

Yup and you actually learn this in game design classes when they show you the history. Did you know Sega was a US company first before it was Japanese? They called it Services Games, then took the SE and GA out which is now Sega. Look that one up. Its both America and Japan that created video games.

moparful993464d ago

@ashunderfire. Video games are a purely American born invention. Two engineers playing with a type of radar diplay and two knobs that controlled a signal frequency realized they could manipulate the sprite onscreen. With a little refinement a game was born that would be later refined by Nolan Bushnell and become Pong. Japan didn't get involved until after the video game collapse in the late 70's early 80's.. Nintendo launched the NES in 1989. Sega entered in the early 90's with the Genesis..

bohemian 233464d ago

@moparful the nes launched in 1985 for North America.

Rhaigun3463d ago

Also, Sega had the Master System in the 80's.

Retroman3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

you are correct RYU
from weikipedia Nintendo originally started out as trading card co.1890 never mention baseball glove production nor rice.

im sure taxis was not call NINTENDO CABS if they had the service might have been called HANAFUNA back then.

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Studio-YaMi3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Glad I did a research on Nintendo from Wikipedia long ago,I already knew it was Baseball gloves,since Nintendo got into that card game business they also got into making instant rice,having "LOVE" hotels AND having a taxi business.

Such a long way to go before landing into the gaming business.(so glad they did though!) :D

DeadMansHand3464d ago

Apparently, they randomize the dollar amounts to the questions so it could have been 100 or 25,000.

OT: I would have skipped as well. Taxis? Who knew?

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wonderfulmonkeyman3464d ago

Didn't know about Taxi's and Instant Rice, but that's pretty funny and cool to know nontheless.XD

EcoSos33464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Not just that they are the majority owner of the Seattle Mariners and they even tried love hotels but they drop it lol

Chrono3464d ago

Nintendo were operating love hotels where the guest sleeps with prostitutes, no kidding.

just-joe3464d ago

Not really, a lot of Japanese household live with their extended family (kids, grandparents and such). The hotels are for couples to have alone time... or business men to have affairs.

KonsoruMasuta3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

No, that's just a lie. The hotels were not for solely that reason, like everyone is claiming.

iceman063463d ago

Love hotels are not for prostitutes. Although I am sure that more than one has entered, much like any hotel. They are really for Japanese couples with larger families and smaller homes to get some quality time. When me and my family went to Japan (my mom was a teacher for the military kids) we accidentally stayed in one. They had themed rooms. Can't remember what our theme was because I was about 10 y/o and it was just for one night.

Jamaicangmr3464d ago

99.9910 of us would've gotten that one wrong without dumb luck.

Rayansaki3464d ago

not really. Even if you make a total guess you have at least 25% chance of getting it right...

SilentNegotiator3464d ago

That's why he said "without dumb luck"

He clearly meant that 99% wouldn't KNOW the answer.

Ohohoho3464d ago

Not really once again. I knew Nintendo dabbled in Taxi services and Love hotels, but I wasn't sure about baseball gloves or instant rice.

Omar913464d ago

which his why he said 99.9910 of the people wouldn't of gotten it right which mean there was still a percentage that would, you being one of them lol

Double_O_Revan3464d ago

Dude I would take Nintendo Taxi service!

"Driver, can you take me to the airport?"

"A-Here-we-Ggooooo!" ;

just-joe3464d ago

"And I need to get there fast."

*uses golden mushroom*

PawnSacrifice3463d ago

HA! 😆
You made my day.
But also, instant rice! Seriously (hell! I'd still buy it) but seriously!

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