Wii U Number One Seller at Play.com

Wii U is now outselling PS4 & Xbox One on Play.com

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Welshy3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Not to put the Wii U down, but surely it can't be the most difficult thing in the wolrd to outsell a product that's out of stock?

Especially near xmas where parents will be going nuts trying to get their kids a new console and it's cheaper than PS4/Xbone and in stock.

RPG_Lover3578d ago

Its not out of stock thats the funny thing, the systems never sold out

Parapraxis3578d ago

Are you talking about WiiU or XboxOne & PS4?

-Foxtrot3578d ago

Your joking right....I can't even find a PS4 up here


wonderfulmonkeyman3578d ago

True, but the point remains that lack of stock is a mistake that Sony and Micro could have, and should have, learned a lesson about during their previous generation.
They had quite an ample amount of time to make additional stock, and after their E3 performances and the changes made to their systems and stuff, you'd think they'd have made extra just in case...

Ol_G3578d ago

you actually think that parents buy their kids a random alternative if the product is not in stock ?
you must not have kids to think that
try to do that with a kid that kept begging and whining for the past months see how your christmas turns out

Apex133578d ago

In London I can walk into any store right now and get ps or xbone. Nothing is out of stock. All parties need to do well for the sake of our industry.

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josephayal3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

It's the only 'next gen' platform available to buy at the moment

hatzwontfit3578d ago

Why is there a negative response every time the wiiu is said to be picking up steam? Is it such a horrible thing for nintendo to find success?

Ol_G3578d ago

yes it is that way these fanboy dreams of Nintendo going third party keeps getting further away

just-joe3578d ago

It's saddening to see people (ever "professionals" in the industry) wanting a company to fail that is perhaps the most genuine of the 3.

hduce3576d ago

I really don't understand the hatred directed at Nintendo. I think the fanboy hate comes from the fact that the Wii smoked the competition in generation 7. I think most of the fanboys on this site are only old enough that the PS1 or PS2 was their first console and Nintendo is seen as the enemy.

MsmackyM3578d ago

The PS4 had a very successful launch, I'm not so sure about the Xbox One. What was hurting the Wii U was a lack of software, which seems to be getting corrected at the moment. There are tons of doom articles regarding the WiiU, as if it's some kind of weird fetish hoping the Wii U fails. Now that the Wii U is getting a steady stream of software and sales are trending upwards, those who wish to see the Wii U fail try to dismiss any bit of positive news for the Wii U as if acknowledging the good news is a blight on their soul. To be honest, it's just sad to see.

Movieworld3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

That is not a picture of the top sellers. Click on the link in the article that says play.com. Next to where it says source. You will then see the actual top sellers list. Wii u is not in the top 10

Klad3577d ago

Wii U was top seller yesterday, the charts change on play.com every few days


Why Don't You Own a Wii U?

Admittedly the title is presumptious, so if you do own a Wii U already, then that’s great to hear; this article will probably just reinforce what you already know.

If you don’t because of financial reasons, then obviously that’s a perfectly good reason.

But if you don’t just… because, or if you’re sitting on the fence, then GamersFTW give you a few reasons why the Wii U should sit alongside your PS4 or Xbox One as your treasured second console

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MNGamer-N3185d ago

If you don't own one yet, and you don;t buy one in 2015, then you will never buy one. 2015 Zelda. X.

Yukes3185d ago

Yep I'd agree with that. Getting a Wii U now means you can enjoy the wealth of Big N first-party titles out now, and look forward to future giants like Zelda Wii U later in the year!

Yi-Long3185d ago

My MAIN reason for not owning a WiiU right now, is very simple. Pricing.

Nintendo rarely drops the price on their best games, so even after 2 years orso, games like Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 are still around 45-50 euro here in Holland.

I'm not saying those games aren't worth 50 euro. I'm sure they are. However, for 50 euro I can also choose to pick up 3-5 must-have games from the bargain-bin for the consoles I do already have.

So that's an easy choice for now.

There are also other reasons why I don't own a WiiU (yet), like the region-locked software and hardware, the very small HDD, the extra expenses you will need for the peripherals, the online experience/environment, the outdated hardware, the lack of proper 3rd party support and mainstream-games, etc etc, but main reason for now is simply the price for the games.

Nintendo has simply priced itself out of my comfort-zone.

I'm am REALLY excited about some of the games already out for the WiiU, and even more excited about some of the upcoming games, and I'm sure I'll play them all SOME day, but if those prices don't go down in the near future, then I won't be playing them anytime soon.

TomShoe3185d ago

I just got a PS4, my wallet needs a break.

Even with the 3DS having a sparse lineup this year, buying games for 4 different platforms gets expensive.

LOL_WUT3185d ago

See thats the problem if it isn't the price its either because people are waiting on a certain game to come out (Zelda, X, Star Fox) had Nintendo priced the console right and had some of their big franchises from the get go we would've had a whole different scenario. ;)

kreate3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

I dont like big N first party titles except Mario kart.

When Wii-u $300 model drops to $200. Whenever that is. I'll buy one.

games I'm interested in is the N version of dynasty warrior game and bayo 2 for now

CloudRap3185d ago

I'll buy one when it drops to 200$

Concertoine3185d ago


Unfortunately i doubt that'll change... New Super Mario Bros on DS (a 10 year old game) still sells for nearly full price.

It doesnt apply to me since i buy anything i want at launch, but thats definitely a barrier that negates the cheapness of the system.

JimmyDM903185d ago


My only concern is that since Nintendo is being so slow with the price drops that by the time it hits 200$ their next console will almost be out and if it's backwards compatible then there'll be little reason to buy the Wii U.

pompombrum3185d ago

The sad problem is that being a fan of Japanese games, there is probably a longer list of games I want to enjoy playing that I will never get the chance to than ones actually available to buy in the UK. Region locked software plus no plans to localize games like the latest Fatal Frame have almost made me want to avoid the Wii U on principle.

ShinMaster3185d ago

"Why don't you own a Wii U?"

Some people already owned PS3 and 360s and did not grow up with either Mario or Zelda and it's just not enough.

These people gotta stop assuming that everyone grew up playing these games and share the same nostalgia.

Concertoine3185d ago


Who says you have to be nostalgic? Good games are good games.

kreate3185d ago


that's a good point.
I blame Nintendo on that though.

if im gonna buy $300 wii-u, I rather pick up a xbone for $329 plus whatever its bundled with on a black Friday.

the pricing is not competitive enough.
im a cheap gamer.

we'll see what happens though.