Sony's Kaz Hirai cannot even give his begging son a PS3

On Sunday at the 2007 Sony Expo in Honolulu, Kaz Hirai - chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment America - said about 400,000 PS3 units will be available in the U.S. in the initial launch, an additional 600,000 by the end 2006, followed by 1 million more by end March, 2007. That's down from 2 million in 2006.

Hirai said he doesn 't even have a PS3 at home yet, even though his 12-year-old son has been begging for one. 'He talks a good game about PlayStation 3 when he's at school, but he hasn't touched one and he hasn't seen one,' Hirai said. 'That's only fair for everybody.'

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OutLaw4455d ago

For one I don't believe that his son doesn't have one or never touched the PS3 and if that is the case then he just made his son look like a liar to all his friends at school.

Marriot VP4455d ago

whaaa, I thought this was a joke. Perhaps it's not, this sounds like something Kaz would say about not having a PS3. I'm sure he's busy as a bee trying to launch this console.

THAMMER14455d ago

Said the same durring the 360's launch too.

USMChardcharger4455d ago

i remember that...though i thought it was Bill and Peter...either way though, I remember that.

DEIx15x84454d ago

Bill's reason was because of US laws that prevent CEOS from just taking a product that should be going to a consumer. It basically says that any person that is not directly related (development team or department) to the product must buy (not free) it at a retail store with everyone else so he was forced to wait until they were more easily available.

joemutt4454d ago

But it is not against the law to take home a dev-kit, or a beta version. What a suprise if he opened his presents at christmas and got a dev-kit!!

candystop4455d ago

1st they show the little boy holding a sixaxxis controller just like when MS showed the boy in the house alone with a 360 before launch, and now Kaz says the exact same thing Steve Ballamer said about his kids not even being able to play a 360! Is it just me or does it sound like the 360 launch all over again?

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The story is too old to be commented.