GTA IV Multiplayer Down For Some PS3 Players

Kotaku reports:

"Even if your particular copy of Grand Theft Auto IV doesn't lock up your PlayStation 3, you may still find it a challenge to experience the online component of the game".

We've heard from a number of tipsters that they've been unable to connect to the Gamespy hosted servers, with a quick peek at popular online forums reflecting similar complaints.

poos35513d ago

the ps3 is garabgePM
1.4 -
the ps3 version has worse frame rates
the ps3 version cant not even acheive 2x aa with a resolution of 640p
the ps3 version has a mandotry install
the ps3 verdion cost more in certain retauilers
the ps3 version looks lieka totally defferent game and the 360 version that i have on my hd looks sharp and brillaint any other look will mqake it a joke
360 version only has a slight pop in defference which ive not noticed but maybe after 50 hrs of play i might notice 1 haha i love how things have change how can a multyplatgame of such scle run on the ps3 at 640p with no aa while the 360 version runs at 72o with 2 x aa this is a megaton defference and dont worry guys the bad news have not begun when gears of war 2 gameplay is shown 8 may the major crys will begin p.s i always new 360 gta 4 was superior

PirateThom5513d ago

1 bubble... is it possible to reduce it to zero?

Let's try.

leeger5513d ago

Will I even take you seriously? You don't even know correct grammar and doesn't even know how to spell "knew" correctly.

InMyOpinion5513d ago

Are you the 360 version of sammy mantra/shadow hearts?

Sir Ken Kutaragi 15513d ago (Edited 5513d ago )

Try and Try xBot Lemmings...YOU WON'T STOP PS3 DESTROYING YOU!!!...
These Lies are FUNNY!!! ;-D

'PLAY&WATCH-BEYOND...xBox 360's LIMITS!!!' ;-D

p.s Thats your one good game out now, nothing left till Gears 2!!!
;-D (For the rest of the year!!!)

frank jaeger5513d ago

dont worry m8 ,the ps3 is doing fine destroying itself =p the xbox cant beat the ps3 at grilling

grill b3yond ur backyard , ps3

nuff saidz

Qbanboi5513d ago

When you say "destroying itself" you mean like getting RROD of something?

Sir Ken Kutaragi 15513d ago (Edited 5513d ago )

I think it's the xBox 360 that BURNS things!!! ;-D

'PLAY-BEYOND...xBox 360's LIMITS!!!' ;)

ravinshield5512d ago

god nothing works on the ps3 version.Im glad i got the superior version

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thereapersson5513d ago

Please do us all a favor and off yourself!

This isn't the fault of the PSN so much as it's the fault of Gamespy's buggy network. If I were to have problems in GTA IV online, it wouldn't be the first game to be affected by Gamespy's bugginess.

KS19855513d ago (Edited 5513d ago )

I am having the same problem myself.

Each time I try to connect to the multiplayer part of GTA IV it keeps on saying having connection problems.

whoever is working the servers for GTA has to get this problem fixed.

legendkilla5513d ago

i could not play online ! and when i was playing the sigle player game it froze a couple of times.. i hope they patch this soon!

sabbath4205512d ago

The smart ones play on live!

kewlkat0075513d ago

it's one of the reasons I dislike Sony's PSN architecture. They are passing the Buck unto the Devs and some devs have to host server time from other companies,(Gamespy hosted servers,) I mean the opportunity for a mess is always there. Well this is just 1 game, plenty 3rd-party online games to follow.

games4fun5513d ago

it was down for a day and people complain lol

pp5513d ago

so much for psn.i'm glad i have xbox live oh well back to gta4 multiplayer

NO_PUDding5513d ago

Hasn't Live been down AGAIN recently?

So glad that i could get free internet if I wanted to.

guitarfanboy5513d ago

so much for pp.i'm glad i have psn oh well back to gta4 multiplayer
btw i think masterchief is a pretty cool guy eh kills aliens and doesnt afraid of anything

Sbot on, pp. Sbot on.

BLUR1115513d ago

Hasn't Live been down again recently? ..umm no pudding

xtreampro5513d ago

the PSN is working fine how do u think the MGO betas working then IDIOT, nno ones having problems with the beta so shut the hell up, PS3 future 1080p 120fps realistic games, xbox360 future ummmmmm it dosent exist in the future

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Dorian_D5513d ago

for the short time I was able to play the game on the PSN however, my game froze within seconds and has constantly done so. I really hope that Rockstar has a chance or Sony to bring us a patch or Firmware update to bring stability back.

therealwillie5513d ago

ya its workin now, couldnt play it for a long time yesterday
although i have a feeling it will be down again tonight

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