Exclusive: Sony's Karakker On PS3 Buzz Renewal

Sony's new PR boss Dave Karraker has been talking exclusively to Gamasutra on job shepherding the PlayStation 3's launch through, and he's surprisingly frank on both the problems and the positives of the media giant's upcoming challenges.

Though the full interview includes plenty more detail on Karraker's background and PS3 and PSP specifics, but Karraker explains why he believes negative buzz has been focused on the PS3 of recent:

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Bhai4460d ago

...I guess what difference did the PS2 made in copeting with Xbox while it never had a proper online service, PS3 is going to continue on that even with an online service. Over 80% of people who enjoyed Xbox-Live were from America alone(as out of 22 million sold...14 million were in America), and it wasn't established in Japan, Europe and the rst of the world. So even when PS2 never had anything like that, they did it on the base of single-player experiences alone. Only PC folks really picked up the online capability of Xbox because thy were used to it and Xbox provided on that. For example, Halo series was nothing but the Quake3Arena and UnrealTournament experience done with vehicles. That was the only area where MicroSoft could attract gamers on the basis of their experience of Windows gaming. And that was also their downfall for they never provided anything revolutionary in the other experiences especially the single-player ones that pretty much own the day today. As with all that online fuss allthe current-gen, it never did Xbox any good, and PS2 still won by a big, big margin !!!
By this:

"Frankly, how I view it is I don’t care if you’re great at Madden if I’m playing you in Resistance. Because that doesn’t tell me you’re that much better in Resistance. An overall score doesn’t really tell me much, it tells me you’ve spent a lot of time online, it tells me you spend a lot of time playing games, but it doesn’t tell me how good you are at a particular game. I’d much rather have Resistance set up a leaderboard so I know who I’m going up against, rather than somebody who’s great at Madden."

...Sony is making the smart move again. A Tekken player always get the screen saying who had the best beat time, also in DMC series and several others. Now they were never online franchises but the player was clearly only concerned about the rankings achieved inside that particular game only. Now again that non-online way of ranking collected with the complete online functionality pretty much clears up how single-player experience-exclusivity and online-multiplayer fun both will be integrated in the next-gen experience. Great thinking there again Sony !

USMChardcharger4460d ago

He tries to take a dig at the over all achievement points on the 360,saying that doesn't show me what games you are good at...just shows your online alot...

i guess he doesn't know that all you have to do is click on "view games" and see exactly what games your over all achievements come from and why.

THAMMER14460d ago

But he should learn more about what makes the 360 achivments work because he was way off. But he seems to be the right person for Sony I like how up front he is right or wrong.

andy capps4460d ago

Yeah, I actually enjoyed the interview a lot. Didn't seem like all marketing speak like a lot of executives seem to spew out. Seemed like an actual gamer and was very forthcoming. Good call on getting this guy for the job, Sony.