1ST Official World Release Screenshot of H-HOUR"

The spiritual successor of the original SOCOM; H-Hour has released its first screenshot of the game (pre-alpha). The Developer; SOFStudios is headed by some of the original S1/S2 team with David Sears at the helm. Looks at lot like SII.

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FullMetalTech3473d ago

Looks great so far and thats its in Alpha a year off still.

PoSTedUP3472d ago

:,D looks like everything i hoped it would be. im nothing without socom. props/kudos/respect/Thank You to david and his crew.

SynGamer3472d ago

It's not flashy like newer shooters, and that's what I love about this screenshot! Still early days, but it's nice to see a shooter that is stripped down to the basics, for now. Can't wait to see what the team has in store for us next year :D

Abash3472d ago

Sony should just publish the game and call it SOCOM: H-Hour

telekineticmantis3472d ago

People can get mad at me all they want, I really liked confrontation, but I came in after a couple patches though.



Now the gen is almost over we can say Confrontation ended up being the best multiplayer experience for Socom fans on PS3, so I don't think many will disagree with you... It was not perfect, not even when patched to exhaustion, many couldn't get past the point it wasn't Socom II, but it was definetelly good enough afterall (it even was the most played multiplayer on PS3 at some point).

mikeslemonade3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Ehhhh.. every iteration after Socom 2 is dissapointing. Honestly just take the PS2 version update the graphics, update matchmaking, enhance the gameplay but don't alter it, add new modes, update stat tracking, and add new maps.

Sony has made HD remakes of PS2 games. Why can't they make SOCOM II HD??

Current shooters have messed up rankings. SOCOM had it right where your rank goes up based on skill instead of the amount you play.

To my fellow SOCOMnites Foxhunt>Crossroads. I spent like 400 hours playing that map.

static52453472d ago

Ah the good old days of "IDUB SCRUBS" and the "NOOB TUBES"

InMyOpinion3472d ago

"It's not flashy like newer shooters, and that's what I love about this screenshot! Still early days, but it's nice to see a shooter that is stripped down to the basics, for now."

Not criticizing the game, but how can you tell all that from just one screenshot? We know nothing about it yet. It might be flashy and full of options as far as we know.

JBaby3433472d ago

I'm with you Mikeslemonade. I loved Socom II and played it to death. Just put the same game with PS4 graphics and trophies. I played the Brazil missions to death and would love to do it again as well as eat the MP up. It makes me happy that a lot of the Socom I & II team is present for this game.

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SilentNegotiator3472d ago

Wow, how deceptive could a title be?

This game is NOT "SOCOM II HD"

yellowgerbil3472d ago

The title isn't deceptive. It is saying that you like socom 1 and 2, this is the game for you. Unlike confrontations and that awful socom 4 this is back to the old style by the old team.
Personally never liked socom, wish they would do the same for mag which in my oppinion was the greatest game ever made (had 2000hrs into it before the servers went to crap)

DinoNYC3472d ago

David Sears, the creative director of socom 1 and 2 is making this game. It is made to be a spiritual successor to socom 2, so it's Socom 2 Next Gen/HD.

harbie3472d ago

It is SII HD, look at it! lol... That said, sure it'll expand beyond the horizon of the old SOCOMs. However, it's is indeed the spiritual successor to SOCOM and shares a lot of the same devs & artists- now free from their Sony over-lord and free from Sony trying to chase COD...

SilentNegotiator3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

"The title isn't deceptive. It is saying that you like socom 1 and 2, this is the game for you"

Title invented by submitter: "First SOCOM II HD Aka: H-Hour Screenshot Released"

Please, do tell how the title says that.

BattleAxe3472d ago

If you're a fan of the early Socom games, and you're in the loop at all, then the title makes perfect sense.

Tapewurm3472d ago

@silentnegotiator I do agree that the title is deceptive and could have been written better, but this game IS the spiritual successor to Socom 1 & 2. I am hoping Sony will be the ones to publish it. SoF's vision is to basically make this game a next gen version of Socom 1 & 2. Can't wait myself :)

SilentNegotiator3472d ago

"If you're a fan of the early Socom games, and you're in the loop at all, then the title makes perfect sense"

Why should fans of the good SOCOM games be expected to be "in the loop" all of these years later of a "spiritual successor" created by some company not even associated with Sony at all, and has only released a single screenshot??

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dcj05243472d ago

For those of you unaware checkout the now closed Kick starter page. It has a EXTERMLY in-depyh clan system. Over the top data recording (think battle log but way better and in game) and assymetric map design. It behaves a little LiKe Unit 13. Third person for situation awareness. First person for perscise shooting. No cover system and right now for PS4 and PC.

gigoran3471d ago

So... a kickstarter page for people that made a game that wasn't their original idea, was already made, was already popular and had a decent group of fans, and all they had to do was update the graphics and add a few new features? Yeah, totally not taking money for hard work that other people did before them.

Tapewurm3472d ago

This is going to be awesome when it launches. Can't wait. H-Hour will hopefully be what us Socom fans have been longing for. They need to hurry though lol. If they come through with their vision, this will be huge.

Ps4Console3472d ago

It was great on the Ps2 one of my favs let's hope it can be the same game it was then fantastic .

deecee333472d ago

Never owned a PS2 oddly enough- my friends all got really hooked on the SOCOM games though. One even joked that it was like crack in video game form. This might be one to experience for the first time- will definitely be keeping an eye on this.

harbie3472d ago

Hence "SOCRACK." Only video-game in history to be considered crack :)


FunkMacNasty3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Looks cool, now my mouth is watering for classic SOCOM action!!

Please don't let H-Hour become a casual-friendly run-and-gun explosion fest like Socom 4 was!

Aww.. man, I can remember spending HOURS on the each mission in the old SOCOM games 1, 2, and 3 on ps2. I would meticulously crawl around the maps, ordering my team into tactical posiotions for recon and stealth ambushes. Remember how cool it was to wear the ps2 headset and issue squad commands through it!? Miss those days!

MrCrimson3472d ago

I loved Socom and Socom 2 and even Socom 3; but that was because it provided something that wasn't existing in the market at the time. Online-competitive gaming.

Fast-forward to 2013: This type of gameplay is clumsy, latency is also seemingly an issue. Would it change if we get a locked in at 60FPS high performance oriented version of Socom...maybe. But I still think there is a lot to say about the clumsiness of the "Third-Person Tactical Shooter" when stacked up to other games in the same niche.

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Majin-vegeta3472d ago

Can not wait for this game.This will separate men from the boys.

USMC_POLICE3472d ago

Cannot wait this game was my teenage years! I won't buy another shooter except kill zone once this is out.

cell9893472d ago

looks a little outdated but still lots of development to go. Now we now its more real than ever, looking FRWD to this

Commodore3472d ago

That's why SOCOM was great. We don't care about how good the game looks because the gameplay spoke for itself. I would take a SOCOM HD on the PS4 over CoD, BF, or Killzone.

cell9893472d ago

I see your point of view, I played SOCOM on PS2 and it was fun as hell, but in order to stay on top it needs to meet today's standards (which Im sure it will) theres really nothing out there like SOCOM but I still love BF and Killzone.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3472d ago

Been waiting forever for this. Glad the kick starter brought this further along. Anybody got their stuff from SOF yet for contributing? I'm still waiting.

Omegasyde3472d ago

Yea I got the SOF badge from the kick starter a few weeks ago.