Houser: GTA IV DLC "Another Full-on Adventure" Talks "Mission Packs" and "Episodes"

Kombo writes: We know the DLC exists and that it's coming, but what exactly is it going to be? Here's what Rockstar co-founder Sam Houser had to say about the DLC recently:

"I think the mission packs with the episodes are going to be pretty deep, offering another full-on adventure in this world."

Peter Moore, when he made the announcement of the DLC exclusivity, said they'd consist of "epic episode packs." Now Houser is talking about "mission packs" that come "with" the episodes? What exactly does that mean - how are mission packs separate from the episodes?

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Breakfast4961d ago

How can extra missions be really like to know.

Now a city...that would be epic.

sonarus4961d ago

My guess would be a themed mission pack or possibly approach the story from a different perspective maybe with another character.

ThaGeNeCySt4961d ago (Edited 4961d ago )

extra missions being epic = No

a new episode + mission packs that expands on the story further = epic

IMO of course

I know it won't be a new city... and I'm not expecting it.. but if the episodes + mission packs resemble anything along the lines of what Shivering Isles offered... then i'll be STOKED and will gladly drop 20-30 bucks on it

mikeslemonade4961d ago

I would prefer Take-2 to be working on the next game instead of releasing extra content for GTA4 that looks the same game play wise and same graphics.

sonarus4961d ago

i agree with you mikeslemondae but 50 million doesn't grow on trees especially not for take two. They are going to have to give msoft what they paid for

chaosatom3334961d ago

haha, where are mart, pog, jason 360, and pp, I want to laugh at their face for saying that dlc would be a whole another city.

jollygoodchap84961d ago (Edited 4961d ago )

How the hell did people get the whole idea that "The is DLC is gonna be a whole new island bigger than San Andreas!!" out of the two words "episodic content"?...It boggles the mind.

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keanerie4961d ago

At this point I don't think it's going to be a city, regardless of what CVG might say to stroke the fires of fanboy speculation. I'm just wondering what he means by "mission packs" as opposed to "episodes"...

At least they'll be hours long, though, even if they aren't epic as an entire city.

Real gamer 4 life4961d ago

I dont see myself playing gta in autumn when the dlc comes out. Too many games that interest me, to name a few gears of war, resistance 2, little big planet, and soccom navy.Shoot i don't see myself playing gta in 2 and half month with metal gear solid being the way, Didn't square confirm that ff13 was being release at the end of this year?

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Game13a13y4961d ago

will there be even enough HDD space for the 20GB 360 owners? well, just a thought.

Breakfast4961d ago

its 13

And they are obviously thinking of them...New maps for the Elites, new themes and gamerpics for the everyone happy :)