Import A Playstation 3 For $899

In a surprising move Play-Asia.Com has started offering import Playstation 3's up for pre-order for the low low price of $899. And while you may be thinking that's still way above retail, it's significantly lower than what eBay has to offer. Not only that but the second option of YesAsia.Com is nearly double the price at $1499. This may be a perfect way for those US citizens wanting a way to secure a PS3 as the region coding of Blue Ray Discs for Japan and the US is the same. This means that all US and Japan games as well as movies will play on the machine!

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ChickeyCantor4458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )

those who want a PS3 and cant get one should w8 for the second wave, i mean after the first wave you can see whats going on.

forget ebay or the 899 one......its not worth to spend more on a machine then its origenal price