Bill Gates shows up again in final South Park Xbox One-PS4 episode

For the South Park kids, all they care about is getting their hands on their next generation game console. But will the Xbox One or the PS4 win the final battle for the living room?

GamerXD3467d ago

Your name is PS4isKing_82 and your picture is a PS4.

Now you sayin' MS will win? Nice try dude, keep trolling.

jackanderson19853467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

actually it's in the episode... gates beats the sony head and kills him so they declare MS the winner

then again he could be trolling but hey it's christmas time faith in humanity and all that jazz

jukins3467d ago

Obviously just trying to get reactions of out ppl like you and they have been very effective at that lol.

malokevi3467d ago

Lol. Settle down bud. Sounded like a joke/sarcasm/nothing to be taken seriously. Did you watch the episode? Because that was the outcome.

Everyone is so tense on this website, maybe they should watch the whole trilogy long and hard. These are videogame consoles! Not some epic battle for a kingdom.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are laughing at you, as they laugh at everyone else who genuinely deserves it. Food for thought.

P0werVR3466d ago


I believe the creators really believe this. It's funny how they made up the Sony side full of the weirdos.

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LordDhampire3467d ago

This is why the bubble system is so broken, he gets downbubbled and disagrees when all he did was state a opinion, you can't prove its trolling just because a name

sonic9893466d ago

what happened in the episode is the biggest troll ever it has nothing to do with reality where PS4 is more successful than X1
but then again it was funny i laughed

Crossbones3467d ago

We all know Kaz in real life would have kicked Bill Gates ass with one roundhouse kick.

True_Samurai3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

And than Kaz finds out that Bill Gates had given himself cybernetic implants and blasts Kaz away with his Cyber cannon

duli143467d ago

would have been funnier if they used a gif for kaz's face instead of a random japanese guy lol

Mystogan3467d ago

Except he wouldn't according to south park.

Fishy Fingers3467d ago

Loved the end with cartman holding up the stick and that being the cover for the game. Stick of Truth is probably my most anticipated game of next year ha!

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