PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Gets New Information and Artwork, Shows Awesome and Realistic Medieval Armor

Capcom shared some more information on Deep Down‘s armor, also releasing a quite great piece of concept artwork showcasing suits inspired by realistic 15th century armor.

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iGAM3R-VIII3351d ago

The fact that this is going to be a free to play game makes me so much more happy, the gameplay and graphics look amazing, now just waiting on the dark sorcerer :D

Nodoze3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

Let's see if that enthusiasm holds up when you are prompted over and over to 'insert coin' to continue. This is Capcom.

If this title were a standard 60 dollar game I would be in line to buy it. As a FTP I am wary of it.

Btw all of those armor sets cost 2.99

Dodododuo3351d ago

To be honest I am rather confident in the ability of f2p games standing on their own this new gen, I mean yes the armor will cost what 3 bucks? In most games with armor like this I tend to stick with one set that I really like anyway so it seems like a steal to me. On the other hand it is Capcom we're talking about here and other than hearing good things about DR3 I won't vouch for their current strength one bit but I WILL remain hopeful that they can make a comeback!

NewMonday3351d ago


at least it's free from the start unlike Forza5 where you have to pay $120 for the game+complete content.

Inception3351d ago

"all of those armor sets cost 2.99"

Is that the official prize from capcom or just you making up some 'prediction'? Because i don't see it in the article.

Prime1573351d ago

I agree with Dodododuo...

F2P has grown a lot... It's not about trapping hardcore players (or wannabes) into $50+ a month, it's about ENTICING people to spend a few bucks a month.

It's like going into a restaurant... You go because you either like the food or the service or both.

However, $60 AAA games are trying to adapt this without being F2P, and THAT IS WHAT GAMERS SHOULD BE WEARY ABOUT!

SirBradders3351d ago

I am no stranger to the evils of F2P but you have to atleast give it a chance. Also if the game is enjoyable then why not spend a few quid on it to support something good.

Game-ur3351d ago

As long as it has a story with a beginning, middle and an end and not just a perpetual dungeon crawler then I'm interested.

Captain Qwark 93351d ago

i have no beef with free to play as long as its priced right. free to play with micro trans or the option to drop 60 for everything. if i cant get everything for the price of a full game instead then i think its dumb

frostypants3351d ago

Yep. People saying "only $3!" are being naive. The money will add up fast. Capcom didn't go to this model to make LESS money.

MestreRothN4G3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )



People want to close their eyes with strength to the fact that F2P game progression stinks.

I'd gladly pay 60 bucks for a full, good game too.

Now, what you can buy with 60 dollars is a small piece of the game.


The problem with F2P is not the price of content (we call 'em microtransactions for a reason), but rather the progression of content.

Sure, you may just stick with whatever 3 bucks armor you like at first, but do you think all armors (or weapons, or whatever other content) will be available day one? Of course not, the good content will come some time later, and they will keep making the content better (stat wise if nothing else) just so people hooked to the game keep buying new stuff.

Even more so if paying hard money is the only way to obtain stuff... Although I may just be a bit paranoid about this as it's too soon to assume much, but I had not seen any info about grinding in this game.

I would love this game if they gave us the option to pay 60 and have all the content, but otherwise I'll wait a little after launch to see how Capcom wants to play it out.

UltimateMaster3351d ago

Definitely looking forward to this game.
Either way, Capcom is in need of money, whatever they need to survive so long as they stay true to their franchises.

frostypants3351d ago

Whatever. I'll just wait for Dark Souls 2.

redwin3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

Let's hope this is a better game than Dragon's Layer. I still think the game should have been called Dragon Slayer. Ha!

combatcash3351d ago

Will we have to pay for everything in this game?

I think the best recent f2p game out there right now is Path Of exile. You don't have to pay for anything to excel in it.

PLAYWATCH3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

Capcom treats their fans horribly by nickel and diming them. They may be worse than EA and Activision. I don't trust their motives behind this model at all. Let's see where this goes once it's out.

Pintheshadows3351d ago

F2P isn't always bad. Path of Exile is a truly fantastic F2P game. If you get it right they can be a wonderful experience.

FamilyGuy3351d ago

I'm a bit annoyed that there seems to be no character faces in the game. No human skin showing whatsoever and the initial feb video had some cool looking characters. Ever since then it's been fully armor-clad knights and the only skin texture is on the enemies.

Obviously not a big deal but it sort of bugs me more than anything else about this game. I'm definitely gonna put it through its paces once it's out but beyond the F2P announcement that is the only other negative about it for me. F2P is actually okay with me anyway.

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caseh3351d ago

Has anyone actually taken the time to look into when this will be released outside of Japan?

Do a quick search, in other regions it's release is 'under consideration' unless anyone can source an article that says otherwise.

stavrami-mk23351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

Lol you say that like they work harder on f2p. If this was AAA this would look a lot better. War thunder looked good on videos playing the other day it was graphically the same as birds of steel. F2p suck

redwin3351d ago

I don't know, the game play on this seems like "dragon's layer " I wasn't particularly happy with that style of play.

DomceM3351d ago

warthunder looks good what are u talking about/

AndrewLB3351d ago

WTF happened to the amazing detail in this game? They went from this...

and this...

to this???

specialguest3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

I don't understand the enthusiasm for a potentially amazing game downgraded to f2p. how much do you have to pay in order to get everything that would've been on a full priced retail game? With this f2p structure, devs can price everything more than what would've been on a full price version beyond $60 and we would never realize it.

Lets take for example dark souls. If dark souls was f2p, I guarantee you if all of dark souls content was broken down into specific prices for each weapons, secret weapons, stages, etc, it would exceed $60. Thats one of the advantages devs have with the f2p structure. This is Capcom folks, the company that do microtransaction the bad way.

Such a turn off to me that Deep Down became f2p.

SpinalRemains1383351d ago

All the Dark Souls weapons and armor would have added up well over 300 bucks. That game has so much.

Lets not forget that ppl would pay for materials too, in order to upgrade.

A game like Dark Souls would have been disgusting as a f2p game.

This game frightens me. They didn't decide to make it f2p for no reason. They're going for money.

Jubez1873351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

To be honest, I was thinking about it last night..and I would be a much happier gamer if all games were subscription based (online). I would sub to one FPS, one MMORPG, and maybe another different kind of PvP game (such as Fat princess or Might and Magic Clash of Heroes). That way I could just get PREMIUM service and experience on a few games. In the long run, this would save me money than popping in CoD:Ghosts, realize it's garb and there's too many hackers, going and spending another 60 dollars on BF4, realize that game doesn't work well, then going and spending 60 dollars on KZ:SF. People fail to realize that with games with subs..some of the sub money gets reinvested back into the game.

Point of this post is nothing is as good as it seems when it's free. I don't know how DOTA 2 and LoL did it, but I can't see how F2P could ever be the new standard. This game looks good, but I need to see their gameplay and income infrastructure before I get super hyped up.

Baka-akaB3351d ago

You forget the part about most sub based still needing the initial purchase of the disc or digital version .

It would evolve , but find it counter effective with non mmo titles personally .

And for mmos granted i prefer subs over f2p. There isnt a single f2p in existence with the same qualities as sub based mmos , unless the game used to be sub based then went f2p later on . Even there there are "downgrades" .

For other genre of games , especially action ones ? F2p seem to work fine , and they seem to have decent enough models

PurpHerbison3351d ago

Free to play is the biggest reason I'm not hyped.

theDivision3351d ago

I would love to see a light class system here. I also play as a mage/scorcerer so hopefully it will be a little deeper than just "Everyone is a knight with mage abilities" The initial trailer in feb. hinted at this but since then no reassurance

AndrewLB3351d ago

Looks like a blurry mess to me.

Ps4Console3351d ago

I'am very disappointed by the fact that it's free to play these free games will kill gaming as we know it if we are not careful & you end up playing a lot more in microtransactions or the game will be made for advitisments do we really need it no .

cannon88003351d ago

A nice gif from the website.

I hope this game is as awesome to play as its looks.

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chrissx3351d ago

Pretty amazing for a F2P game!

Volkama3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

Free to play games can have production values as high as any retail game.

The only thing that makes it 'free' is that the publisher believes it will make them more money than traditional pricing.

F2P isn't necessarily evil or scary, and there is fun to be had. There will probably be some hugely successful F2P breakaways on this gen of consoles. But it's always worth remembering that the intention of it isn't kindness, it's about making money.

JackISbacK3351d ago

hey saing it as it is the most beutifull looking f2p game will be more better for it.
i personally was not impreesed by it when i first saw the gameplay ,but it was no bad for a f2p game and if it is an aaa title ,then its more amazing,but still we havent played it, who knows it realy sucks and is not desrving even spending an hour but till now gameplay looks ok,it looks like worth giving a chance.

MestreRothN4G3351d ago

Capcom marketing.

And you still believe it?


Prime1573351d ago

If the F2P aspect is similar to Warframe and Planetside 2's cash shop, count me in!

F2P done right... Especially not like $60 with MT.

Pascalini3351d ago

Ah it's just a free to play game - usually they have a very short appeal

When are we getting some good games on the ps4?

MasterCornholio3351d ago

There already are good games on the PS4.


stavrami-mk23351d ago

You call him a troll because his opinion of the games ain't great at the moment? I love ac4 but unless your into knack or killzone there's nothing you can get that u can't on the ps3 .imo the launch games for day 1 are the worst I've ever seen 7 of 12 retail titles either sports or fps . Don't get me wrong the next 6 months are awesome but a negative opinion does not automatically make some one a troll

georgenancy3351d ago

@MasterCornholio why do you even bother replying to this guy,he trolls 24/7Just add him to your ignore list

MasterCornholio3351d ago

I'm loving DCU but thats probably because it used to be a subscription MMO.

WeAreLegion3351d ago

I highly recommend downloading War Thunder, as well. (Make a UK account, if you can't access it where you are.)