Video games reach next level

Sony officials like to say the next generation of video gaming doesn't start until they say so.
After some fits and starts and mounting expectations, the world will finally be able to see how the No. 1 video game company intends to transform gaming with the Nov. 17 introduction of its PlayStation 3. The highly anticipated platform is packed with a supercomputer, 40 times more powerful than the PlayStation 2, and is supposed to remain state of the art for the next 10 years.

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MissAubrey4460d ago

shut the hell up already! its because of Sony all the fanboy sh!t is happening!

MissAubrey4460d ago

how will this thing be state of the art for ten years when next year computers will whoop its ass and the 360s

UrbanJabroni4460d ago

I couldn't agree more.

EVERY F*****G generation Sony has claimed that their system is so powerful that it won't need to be replaced for ten years. ANYONE that believes this is a MORON, plain and simple.

Let's all remember that, even following Moore's law, the change in technology over a decade is beyond belief.

How does your 2600 stack up against the NES? How does your NES stack up against the PS2?