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GA - "If nothing else, The Amazing Spider-Man is the most puzzling addition to the PS Vita's library we've ever had. Don't get me wrong, I'm always happy to see more games on the Vita, but seeing as a) the movie it's based on came out back in June 2012, b) the game it's a port of came out at the same time, and c) the sequel game and movie will be here in just a few months, the timing of it all seems a little odd."

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GuruStarr781875d ago

I own this game, and while I do enjoy it, that's a "generous" review score.

0ut1awed1874d ago

Thanks and +bubble.

I kind of figured it was a okay game but I was seriously contemplating purchasing it after I read through this review. Glad you put it into perspective.

GuruStarr781874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Yeah, it's ok, but the graphics are terrible, even by Vita standards. And the funny thing is, is that the character model for spiderman himself is well-done. The other characters and the environment look like they're from a psp game.

The gameplay itself is fun, and is the same as the console title. The limitations of the vitas smaller screen sometimes causes some annoyances as well.

If you really want to form an opinion on this game, watch Greg Miller's IGN review on the console version and then just imagine the game with sub-par graphics, or check out thevitalounge for their review, which scores this game as a 3/5, which is closer to where I think this game sits.

Visiblemarc1874d ago

Yeah, I'll also add that I appreciate that input. Though, my first reaction was like "who wrote this review, the game dev's mom?" LOL

MizTv1874d ago

I was looking at this game last night
Still think I'll wait till it's like $20 or something like that

jspillen1869d ago

I gave it a 3.5 for the same reason... Good game with reduced graphics... but the play is still solid.