Wii U Bundle Sold Out at Best Buy Website, Top Seller at ShopTo

The Mario & Luigi Wii U bundle seems to be one of the most popular bundles from Nintendo, as the set is sold out on Best and is one of the top sellers on ShopTo. This follows multiple reports of other retailers selling out of the bundle as well.

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MEGANE3462d ago

Is this a true sold out or a Microsoft's sold out(when one store sells the last one out of five X1 they got, then the whole world is sold out)

auragenz3462d ago

It's a Canada Best Buy website sold out.

spektical3462d ago

its microsofts sold out. Best Buy had a ton of them still in union city,ca

Chrischi19883462d ago

What you described could also be said about the PS4, everyone knows there werent enough of them in store.

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Neonridr3462d ago

looks like Best Buy got more stock as all the Wii U bundles are available minus the Skylanders one.

LOL_WUT3462d ago

Only the regular deluxe got sold out in my area they still have plenty of luigi u bundles. Either way this is good news for Nintendo ;)

Dgander3462d ago

Why do you always put a ;) at the end of every sentence? Who are you winking at?

Agheil3462d ago

Honestly, why do you wink at the end though? Lool

Concertoine3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

@Dgander @arabiensoldier
he's winking at the trolling divine for giving him such powers.
it's funny because if you look at his old comments he wasn't such a condescending d***, and he didn't wink either. its fun to see the evolution of LOL_WUT from innocent commenter to invincible-bubbled troll.

chente00253462d ago

well i live in puerto rico and yesterday i was at my local walmart and they were all out of wii u's...... apparently it's becoming a trend.

AKR3462d ago


And the approvals are just trickling in...Seriously; does this website have a hatred for GOOD news relating to anything except PS4?

Kaiou3462d ago

I agree , they probably forgot to eat their vegetables .

Chrischi19883462d ago

This is the bitter truth, I said basically the same thing as you. It is not about what you like, if you are not a PS4 fanboy, you are doomed^^

Hilarious, but we wont let ourselves be pushed down, because of hype fanboyism.

Ac7iVe3462d ago

Was at target and the Wii u was sold out to

wonderfulmonkeyman3462d ago

Heeeey......wasn't there an article a while back posting negative news regarding Shopto and Wii U?

My how fortunes change...

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