Wii U Mario & Luigi Bundle Sold Out at Best Buy Website

The Mario & Luigi Wii U bundle seems to be one of the most popular bundles from Nintendo, as the set is sold out on Best and is one of the top sellers on ShopTo. This follows multiple reports of other retailers selling out of the bundle as well.

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ZeekQuattro3467d ago

Old news but hey at least its good especially compared to the usual Nintendo is doomed they just don't know it yet hit piece.

mrbojingles3467d ago

This isn't old news. It actually happened in the first week of November, now its happening again. I can't imagine they're getting huge stock of the system to sell out but its a nice sign of progress. Its going to be interesting when NPD data hits to see if Wii U does Vita holiday 2012 numbers like 225k last year in November or if it can get close to 500k. Nintendo stuff usually sells better during holidays

vegetassj513467d ago

It seems to be back in stock now

KonsoruMasuta3467d ago

This is for best buy Canada. I just checked and it's still sold out.

WiIIiam3467d ago

Good to hear. It was sold out at a few places near me too. Even though I get frustrated with Nintendo for some of their business decisions, they make great games and interesting consoles so I really want them to do well (I'm even posting this with my Wii U GamePad). An industry where everyone does well will only encourage stronger competition between the big three and benefit gamers in the long run.

_QQ_3467d ago

Sold out in my large area too.

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