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Destructoid's Fronz writes:

"A little over a year ago, Grim and I assembled top ten lists for our most anticipated Xbox 360 games of the year. Looking back, we both laughed about a few of our picks. For starters, we both picked Huxley, which still isn't out and doesn't even interest us at all anymore. Then there was Grim picking the game which shall not be named. We also both underestimated BioShock quite a bit.

So when 2008 came around we decided to collaborate again to see how well we would predict the future, but we both noticed something funny: none of the games on either of our lists were coming out for months, and most of them weren't scheduled for release until late in the year. The result was us deciding to hold off on posting our opinions for a while to show that, even though the year is almost half way over, we both still think the best is yet to come for the Xbox 360 this year."

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sonarus5443d ago

WTF no gears. Thats a first.

For me at least as of right now, its NG2. I never played fable 1 so i don't really see myself getting swept into fable 2 so next 360 title i really want is gears. I hope there is 4p coop this time too.:D

littletad5443d ago

I always had you pegged as a ps3 owner only.

tgh machines5443d ago

This list is fail without gears 2.

hamburgerhill5443d ago

Dont let him fool you bro! He's very much a fanboy even though he tries to sound civil! Personally I wouldn't believe anything that comes out of his mouth after some of the rants this morning from him! I would Love to take him serious but he just shows to much bias and reminds me of old school Jin!

beans5443d ago

Well I think it's safe to say that at least he's trying and thats better then just praising one company like most on this site!

WIIIS15443d ago (Edited 5443d ago )

I disagree Beans. Everyone should find their true selves. He should just join Nasim in the closet pronto. Besides, these are the worst types, pretending to be neutral so they can throw a low blow with apparently more authority, and it is obvious from past posts that is what he's been doing.

Foliage5443d ago (Edited 5443d ago )

The fact that they didn't mention Gears kind of ruins the list. At least that is my top anticipated 360 title. Are they suggesting that the release date might be in 2009? I find that strange since I thought it was out for November.

...and what happened to Halo Wars? I haven't heard anything on it in a while.

CallOfWar225443d ago

1. Gears 2, 2. GTA4, 3. Alan Wake da rest you call can figure out amongst yourselves. I'll throw in a few more, Ninja Gaiden 2, 2 Human, Splinter Cell Conviction, Halo Wars, Fable 2, etc.... Who said 360 doesn't have good games in 2008????? I think GTA4 already made last years games look like crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this freakin game......!!!!!

Glad to be a gamer5442d ago

I honestly don't believe that Sonarus has a 360 and most of what he says. Although i also would like tpo take him seriously but i read s many of his comments in threads to no better.

Like you said he trys to use it as way to complain about the 360 from a supposedly informed perspective. You will ocassionally get comments like the one above that seem pretty normal but 9 times out of 10 its Sony fanboy fud. Guess hes got to make a few posts to make the sharad believable.

CASTLE CRASHERS looks like it could be amazing. anyone who has played alien homid on the gc or live will know what behmoth can do as a dev.

4plyr coop using 4 knights that have different weapons and magical powers. its 2d with great animations, fast paced and vry busy. have a look at some of the videos for it. Looks like it could be an immense live title.

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Boldy5443d ago (Edited 5443d ago )

Not a very good list; he missed quite a few games including the big power hitter Gears 2.

heyheyhey5442d ago

i hate it when people say that

you cant critisize someones list, its HIS opinion

im guilty of doing it myself at times, but still.. it shouldn't be done

if the guy doesn't give two sh!ts about Gears 2 then let him do so

Boldy5442d ago

I believe the article is titled "Top 10 most anticipated Xbox 360 games of 2008," not Destructoids Top 10 most anticipated Xbox 360 games of 2008; therefore they should have included Gears 2 being that the title they give it, shows that they are giving the top anticipated games on the 360 and I'm pretty sure Gears 2 is on a "nutso" anticipated level. Everyone is welcome to their opinions, but if they were going to list the most anticipated games on the 360, then they should have done it correctly. If they said Destructoid's most anticipated then I wouldn't critisize. Get it?

wass0075443d ago

If the top 10 was on exclusives i doubt that it would even be a top 10 more lyk a top 5 lol!!!!!

alexM5443d ago

most are multiplat games

LOL at xbox 360

now they rely on multiplat games to fool people

wass0075443d ago

And just to compete with ps3's 1st lineup of games (Uncharted, Ratchet And Clank) they had to release their big hitter (Halo 3) but now sony are releasing big hitters (GT5:P, Metal Gear 4) what do nazisoft have now NOTHING!!!! lol!!!!

Shaka2K65443d ago

No wonder the useless brick just sits there in all retailers around the world collecting dust.

OoOLeafsOoO5443d ago

wrong comment...didn't see the other one was hidden

Snukadaman5443d ago (Edited 5443d ago )

Hiding in pro-xbox news I see....roflmao. I love seeing people squirm when they cant defend themselves in the barrage of bad news...hey so if you guys ever own a can put your ps3 with its freezing problems and kill out that RROD problem.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5443d ago

That was funny as hell :) they been doing the whine and dance thing all day.

wass0075442d ago

ermmmmm freezing is a temporary problem least ma ps3 wouldnt die forever and blink a red circle XD

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FCOLitsjustagame5443d ago

I am looking forward to Mercenaries
I am up in the air on Conan
Banjo? Most wanted? Reeeaaallllyyyy. Well each their own.
I have never played an RE game but I know people love it.
I admit I am looking forward to Dead Space but I don’t know enough to put it on my MOST anticipated list.
Alan Wake...lost hope in
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed...yeah waiting for that.
Castle Crashers? Never heard of it, certainly not anticipating it, but I am sure it’s a fine game.
Fable2, yes very much looking forward to it.
GTA IV....dam I thought we had an article that got away from it. I may pick it up but it wasn’t on my most anticipated list.

Yeah I think GEARS2, Fallout3, Too Human, NG2, Quake Wars, Brothers in Arms, World in conflict\civilization, Tiberium, Last Remnant, H.A.W.X, and Endwar all may have made my list above some of theirs....wait that would be too many games... and I think I am missing a few other games. Anyway looking like another great year for games.

bootsielon5443d ago

With problems with DVD9, pop-in, framerate issues and no HDD from the get go, these games will be seen as last-gen, and will mean 360 is on its way out very soon. 2009 will see the launch of Xbox 720 with Blu-ray and built-in HDD so they can compete with PS3. The good thing about it is that there'll be no RROD, it'll have its own Home version (XBLUniverse), HDD and WiFi out of the box, it'll have a more innovative controller with a better D-pad, and better specs.

Defectiv3_Detectiv35443d ago

The earliest the Next Xbox will launch is late2011-early2012. Last gen consoles sold almost 300million between Nintendo, Sony, and MS. Current gen has barely hit 100million. Not to mention most games really don't use the consoles to their fullest potential yet.

One thing is for sure, b4 MS releases another system they have to figure out a solution to the lack of storage space currently plagueing their console. I don't think blu-ray will be the answer, although it is the most obvious choice. And those of you who say Digital Downloads are going to take over by the time 720 comes out are optimistic. You know how good of a connection you would have to have to download a game w/ hi-def graphics!? Less that 1/2 of the world even has broadband yet.

alexM5443d ago

there might not be a next xbox

GTA4 x360 version is in tatters

It is available all around the WORLD vs SOLD OUT PS3 version

in CANADA ---over 129 remains

In UK ---all x360 versions available --ps3 version sold out

MICROMANIA --largest store in France isnt even advertising the x360 version

it will get much worse when HAZE and MGS4 are launched in the upcomin months

OoOLeafsOoO5443d ago

you seem pretty pissed many times did your dad rape you as a child?

alexM5443d ago

even in bestbuy canada PS3 version is SOLD OUT

however all x360 versions are available including the SE version

in bestbuy USA the race looks tight

in ebgames too

race looks tight

InYourMom5443d ago (Edited 5443d ago )

What are you droids doing circle jerking about in a Top 10 most anticipated 360 games thread?

I know you are going to work your smear campaign extra hard by getting so owned by the whole GTA IV PS3 fiasco.

Don't look desperate or anything.

Expect for Tony @2.1 - I think this is the first time I agree with you. Nice post.

Snukadaman5443d ago

Lets all mark it as spam please...lets show this fanatic his rhetoric is not tolerated...this goes for you true ps3 fans.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5443d ago

I was going to say something to all the Droids but I keep freez................. every time I reboot it fre......... there it goes agai............ for the love of go.............. reboo......... sun of a bitc............... WT..................F......... ....

Oh well back to waiting on the waitstation.............. mother fu..............k............. freezing.......... again.........

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