Gears of War Pre-Launch Screen Overload

Screenshots from the latest build of Gears of War from Epic games.

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Bhai4460d ago

Look at the 2nd shot, it looks like a kitchen. It caught my eye...

Bhai4460d ago

...its UTTER CRAP !!!

Capt CHAOS4460d ago

Anyone for grilled rat?
Glad to see a normal humanoid in the game.. (the cook)

Capt CHAOS4460d ago

I'm going to take the chainsaw to her.. lol!

Bhai4460d ago

This is what approaches 360 ? so much aliasing and exeggerated depth-of-field. Mostly looking like 'the Kingpin' game back in the days of the PC. As I said it before, the only thing great about this game is the animation system, end of story. There are no physics simulation, none special AI performances and I really don't expect anything 'procedural' or else Epic would have shown it in the face of MotorStorm, Lair, heavenly Sword or WarHawk by now.

MS has not given a single demo playout anywhere, only hidden little critics got to play it Hah ! be bold MS now how are you gonna deceive the players who haven't bought 360 yet. Also, MS changed the date of launch of the game to 17th Nov. WHY ?! Are they afraid that the only 8-players online experience and 12 hours of gameplay even after a whole year will be underwhelming for the critics. HaHaHa !!! running on a middleware(Unreal Engine 3.0) still isn't so mind blowing at all. And looking at the screens above(YUCK) I suddenly happen to consider Mass-Effect as a better work on 360 !!!

Silver Bull3t4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

...Nothing like the smell of douchebag in the morning.
btw: what the hell does "none special AI performances" mean? It's early and my retard translator doesn't work...

bbtw: the release date hasn't been changed to the 17th monkey, it's still the 7th of November...

Capt CHAOS4460d ago

Just take a chill pill.. I've seen plenty of actual ingame stuff to know that this game will be awesome.. However, having said that, more online would be good, but then I've been playing COD2 to death lately and that's only 8 players online..

Capt CHAOS4460d ago

You've obviously not seen any ingame footage.

UrbanJabroni4460d ago

I have contributed a number of articles and tried to be present positive points to the conversations here, and I've politely asked several times for an ignore system so this site could become enjoyable...

But basically I'm fed up. I officially believe that the fanboys have turned this into one of the worst gaming sites on the net. The conversations here ARE UTTERLY USELESS. The entirity of these threads consist of a bunch of morons bashing each others consoles out of insecurity.

Can someone please point me to where the over 18 crowd hangs out? DIGG?

I just want gaming news at this point. This site could have been great, but I've reached the point that I just don't care anymore. Judging by the number of positive contributors that left, I can't be alone on this.

death monk4460d ago

Do you have a Xbox Live gamertag? I completely know what you are talking about here. A lot of my comments are telling people to chill and that these games are meant to be fun and what-not, but people refuse to listen. It is quite frustrating but I ask that you continue to post what you find.

The Snake4460d ago

I can see how you might bash a company for using middleware if you're some kind of purist or something. But when you are the company who developed that middleware, it's basically a first party engine.
Many sites have better looking screens than this. It's like you went to the bottom of the barrel to get these. It's obvious that you're trying to make a perfectly good game look bad. Are you that insecure about your PS3?
The game does not release on the 17th, Emergence Day is still the 12th and the game is actually available by Thursday for just about anyone who wants it.
The lack of a demo was planned, 8 players is plenty for a tactical (not run and gun) shooter and allows for more detail on each character, and 12 hours is pretty much standard for non-RPG video games and has been for a while now.
Either you are seriously misinformed or you are trying to deceive people. Either way, your comments lack merit and deserve to be overlooked by everyone.

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Funky Town_TX4460d ago

It's good to see ppl with their own opinion. But to see thus games running in HD is great. These are low res shots from a crappy website. Try looking at 1ups preview. Also look at for Hd videos.

stangbum4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

For someone that has not even played the game yet, you sure throw a lot of big words out pretending you know all about GoW. You are just a Sony fanboy, and trying to compare it to the PS3 games you mention is really funny, I guess you have played then too huh?
When you can show a link to where you get all of this devine wisdom about GoW and how the PS3 games are so much better please let us know...what a dumb *ss

Bhai4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

...That's exactly my point, nobody has even had a chance to play the game, open your eyes you d*ck brain, that is what I'm saying too ! but there are some facts though that this game IS comig out after whole year of 360 launched and been in making on the final hardware for quite a long time too, but still the features are less than impressive(8-player online only and under 12 hours gameplay). If you had even tried to read my comments you big ape of a fanboy, you'd have seen that I've shown concern over MS not letting a general public hands-on of the game and I bet they are trying to sell as much as they can by keeping it a total secret !!!

In any case, the above screens simply SUC* for they are from the latest and maybe final build, and yup nothing physics-based, procedural or vehicular looking around. Only lots and lots of light blooms and normal-maps ! HaHaHa !!!

m234460d ago

what do you think the texas chainsaw masssacre event was?
or how about x06 in canada?

Grown Folks Talk4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

you can't show excitement for gears because you haven't played it. you can't say it's going to be great becuase you haven't played it. yet according to bhai, ALL the ps3 games are fantastic and innovative, and the greatest of all time. yet bhai hasn't played those yet. 8 players is the devs choice, not a limitation of the system, seeing as how there are other games with more than 8 online. the 360 has games without cel shading, but crackdown is cel shaded so i guess the 360 can't handle anything other than cel shading. so if every ps3 game doesn't have 40 online then they aren't next-gen right? and why is it every time someone says ps3 graphics look unimpressive, it's "those are just bad quality screens. it looks much better running on tv" then you turn around and talk sh*t about some crappy @ss screens that don't look as good as the running version. 1 more time,, HYPOCRITE. look it up bhai.

unleash bass4460d ago

Yes I have!

MS have been doing a tour showing it off in all the major cities of the UK and I played it at the weekend in the Birmingham Bullring shopping centre. Anyone who happened to be there can confirm.

I played like four/five multi-player matches 3 on 3 and all I can say is it was great it looked fantastic (best looking game I've played to date) even better than I expected, with the camera up close to the player you get a real nice look at the charcter, great animation and textures. the game play was also great moving from cover to cover quickly and easily. The chainsaw gun is just great, most of the people who were playing attempted to get the chainsaw kill!

From my experience (although it was fairly quick) about 15/20 mins. It's everything that they've said it is.

Maybe you should keep your comments, until you've played it and a PS3 so you can compare.

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