PlayStation Store update: Gran Turismo 6, Blacklight Retribution, more

Jawad Ashraf – PS Store Team:

I hope those of you who managed to secure a PS4 are enjoying it. Those who couldn’t quite get one, I hope you will soon. With that said, there’s plenty of content still to come for PS3 and PS Vita.

On the starting grid this week is Gran Turismo 6. Beautifully recreated automobiles and world race circuits are yours to explore in Polyphony’s latest of the franchise. Improve your driving skills in a robust single player experience and once ready, head online for some tense head to head action with other car enthusiasts from across the globe.

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Jepedillo2434d ago

Finally Vidzone on PS4 - nice!
...and flOw too! :D

Ripsta7th2434d ago

Why do germans have to pay for Blackright Retribution??

Jepedillo2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

They want to make sure that we are 18 years old - strict laws here ;)
...when we buy psn cards (in Germany 18+) or pay with credit cards (18+) we assure that we are 18.

Soldierone2434d ago

Since they have to pay for it, do they at least get trophies?

Since its free here, they are not allowed to include trophies.

telekineticmantis2434d ago

I really want GT 6, Sony, help me out man.... PS4 version, Gaiai stream? something...