"PS3 launch will not fail"

Sony has been on the backend of a lot of criticism surrounding the impending launch of the long-awaited PlayStation 3. From the less than impressive number of consoles going to retail on day one (only 400,000 in the USA on recent estimates) to the alleged 'Betamax 2.0' Blu-ray format, many are predicting that the PS3 will be the banana skin that will cause Sony to slip up after dominating the games industry for the last ten years.

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Boink4455d ago

especially in europe, the launch there will be the smoothest in years...oh wait a minute...

Monchichi0254455d ago

But, I'm gonna sell it on E-bay the following day!!!! LOL I don't want to keep that piece of junk. I rather rape($$$), I mean make happy a Sony fan this holiday season! Oh what a Xmas it will be!

OH YEAH, Gears of War TOMMORROW!!! Can't wait!!

BIadestarX4455d ago

Even if Sony launches 1,000 consoles wordwide. Wouldn't that be considered a launch?

PS360WII4455d ago

it's easy to say that launch won't fail. Plenty of people like me are going to buy it no questions. However, once all us crazies get it how many regular peeps are gonna be hunting this down? Selling out at launch is the easy part. Sales a year from now are the ones that count