XBox HD-DVD comes at a heavy price

An interesting post appeared on the official Xbox Team blog as the week fizzled out, concerning the amount of development the team endured to ensure HD-DVD drive compatibility with the Xbox 360.

The add-on drive has apparently meant a staggering 4.7 million lines of code have been added to the 360's OS in an attempt to bring the Microsoft backed HD-DVD standard to the Xbox. This software-update driving the Xbox's HD-DVD implementation apparently utitlises the full 'six hardware threads' of the triple core CPU, and is claimed to push the system harder than any game currently available, ensuring for some considerable fan noise one would imagine.

It's also cost Microsoft 'millions of dollars' to add. Lets hope it's all worth it and Xbox fans don't end up with the runner-up in the re-run of the VHS/Betamax war...

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Silver Bull3t4461d ago

Boy, good thing I use my 360 AS A GAME CONSOLE!!!!! Guess I could always use the HD drive to stress-test the Xenon :)

dantesparda4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

"to stress-test" the Xenon, I like that, that's good. But seriously people. A noisy HD-DVD player? That's sucks! and we all know just how loud the 360 can get (and remember MS said that it was quieter than than the Xbox? yeah right!). But then again, it is $200. But then again cant you get that Toshiba one for like $300-something? Oh well, either way I dont care, cuz I dont care for this yet

Capt CHAOS4461d ago

I'm sure they make very little on this and have little interest in it coming out as it doesn't effect gaming on the 360 (where they make their dough).

I think the fact that the PS3 had BD was the driving factor.. Still, nice, BUT, glad I too only use my 360 for gaming.

When time comes, I expect to buy a dedicated, hi-quality and totally silent HDDVD player.

TheMART4461d ago

So how can so much effort of MS to program the thing to take full use of the 360 hardware be put so negative...

And foremost:

" Xbox fans don't end up with the runner-up in the re-run of the VHS/Betamax war..."

Let's not forget Sony is the company that made Betamax, as they made the other failed formats Minidisc and UMD. As they made BluRay also...

I think THIS part of the article is much more negative and impact on were consoles are made for in the 1st place: GAMING

"More negative exposure came from a feature over at which has stoked fears of problems with Sony's online designs for the PS3. Insomniac revealed in an interview that one of the launch titles for the console, 'Resistance', is set to use its own basic online gaming features, instead of any Sony provided services. The columnist writes "The ball, in other words, has not so much been dropped; it has been hurled at the ground with alarming force" - sentiments we can only agree with.

It was noted that the API libraries weren't supplied earlier enough and therefore Insomniac had to go it alone. For a console thats been delayed time and time again, this can only be worrying. Sony's previous networking implementations have been poor and the company simply must get them right if the console is to compete with the successful offering from Microsoft's Xbox 360 team (and the previous implementation on the original Xbox)."

Now that would worry me

Funky Town_TX4461d ago

please stop bringing up PS3 in just about every post.

dantesparda4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

Wow! Mart, you never stop with the nonsense. you are obsessed. You need to get out more and get off Sony's d!ck, cuz youre on it. Bottom line, what was the point of the HD-DVD for the 360? There was no point to it. They stupidly got bated into it by Sony and was pointless. What's next? the motion sensitive controller? cuz you's know that what all these companies do, is bite each other

peksi4461d ago

Agreed, please keep away your fanboy rants and stick with the topic.

DJ4461d ago

No matter how many times the evidence is shoved into his face, theMart doesn't realize that Sony didn't invent Blu-ray. There's 15 companies in charge of the Blu-ray Association, with another hundred helping out. I know he wants to make Blu-ray look like a failure when it's really neck and neck with HD-DVD, but this is just ridiculous.

MiniDisc was actually a success since it beat out a rival disc format, but that war was taken over by the advent of MP3 players, which offered flash and hard drive storage. UMD is different in that every PSP title is pressed onto that format, which equals around 80~100 million UMD discs in consumers hands. That alone makes it a success. I guess he's referring to UMD Movies, which Sony gave full reign to movie studios. The studios overpriced their UMDs, and thus couldn't keep up the high sales figures once great titles started coming out. UMD was actually invented for games, and what theMart is suggesting is that he would rather that PSP games suffer from a lack of storage capacity. 1.4 GB is a lot of space compared to the measly 128Mb of DS cartridges.

Betamax is the only format that Sony's actually failed at, and we all know why that happened. Blu-ray on the other hand has the support of most of the tech industry and 90% of movie studios. And with Blu-ray movie functionality built into every PS3, there's no doubt that it'll win the Hi-def war.

Ravenator5294461d ago

I would rather spend the $200 on games.

Not to mention the fact that I am not dropping a dime on next-gen DVD formats until one of them is the clear winner.

There won't be room for two! One of them will have to eventually come out on top!

I'll wait!

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