Oblivion Add-on, On Sale For Only $9.99

Everyone knew that Bethesda was working on an add-on for Oblivion, dubbed "Knights of the Nine", but nobody knew its price. Speculation is now officially over, as the company unveiled the price: $ 9.99 or 800 Microsoft points on Xbox Live.

The price does not suit a regular add-on, but, then again, this is not a regular add-on. In fact, Bethesda considers it to fall into the "downloadable content" category, as it only brings "another 10-20 hours of gameplay", according to Bethesda's Pete Hines.

The Knights of the Nine PC version will be out on November 21 and rumor has it that the Xbox Live Marketplace will offer the console version at the same time.

PlayStation 3 owners will be happy to hear that the add-on will be part of the Oblivion PS3 pack.

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THWIP4458d ago

I'll say it again....F*CK YOU, BETHESDA! :{

pbo2m34457d ago

Isn't the PS3 version geting this for $60. Why should we have to pay more if the PS3 is getting it already included? So the 360 owners get the shaft.

The Snake4457d ago (Edited 4457d ago )

I'm content with this. I bought this game over half a year ago. I didn't have to wait until November to get it. The way I see it, that alone makes up for the extra price.
If they come out with an expansion pack or Game of the Year Edition in a year like they did with Morrowind, I'm not going to complain that everyone who bought that version got stuff I didn't get even though I paid the same price for less game a year ago.
Both of these examples and the reasoning behind them are basically the same as far as I'm concerned.

THWIP4457d ago

This should be a free download, for 360/PC.

darktangent4457d ago

And I hear that there wont be a retail version for the 360 so if you do have an internet connection your SOL. In a previous article I read here it said that Bethesda wanted a retail version for the 360 but was not allowed to do it. I dont understand why that would be the case. M$ released some of the live arcade titles for offline gamers, so whats up with that?

Aflac4457d ago

must be a [email protected]$$ addon, the price of the ps3 version will probly be $70-$80