GTA 4: Xbox 360 vs. PS3 - 360 Wins (video included)

VideoGamer.com has put together a comprehensive comparison of GTA 4 on Xbox 360 and PS3, presenting video and image evidence.

The conclusion is that GTA 4 on Xbox 360 features superior visuals to the PS3, with other areas (gameplay, multiplayer and sound) deemed to be too similar to decide a clear winner. VideoGamer.com's verdict to gamers who own both consoles is to buy the Xbox 360 version.

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JokesOnYou5624d ago

"Much has been made of the pop-in seen in the Xbox 360 game, but it's a minor problem that most gamers won't even notice. What is more significant is the roughness of the PS3 game, which came as quite a surprise after spending an awful lot of time with the 360 game. You won't be disappointed with either, but if you're only interested in the visuals we'd definitely recommend you buy the 360 game."

hmmm, well everybody's got an opinion, but shadow hearts and his friends aren't going to like this.


sonarus5624d ago

Well to each his own looking at the comparison vids, i would still select the ps3 version over 360 based off the colors and the pop ups. In my own eyes and in the eyes of others ps3 version looks better in the eyes of others not so much.

Really don't care been playing the game for about 2hrs and i can't say i am impressed. I think i am outgrowing GTA

Time Lord5624d ago (Edited 5624d ago )

Why can't people just enjoy their game in their receptive consoles. Both versions are almost identical, just bloody enjoy it.

Fat Bastard5624d ago Show
Silellak5624d ago

In a shocking, unprescedented turn of events, dozens of comparison videos for a game with very similar looking PS3 and 360 versions are being released, and some favor one version while others favor another.

Other breaking news - the sky is blue, grass is green.

gaffyh5624d ago

It's quite strange that every other site gives the edge to PS3, and for some reason people keep saying the colours are more vibrant on the 360 but they look a bit better on the PS3 to me.

I've got the 360 version and the texture pop in is VERY noticable, I don't know what it's like on the PS3 version.

chaosatom3335624d ago (Edited 5624d ago )

they are trying to bang the ps3 version so hard, it's not even funny.

the people who wrote the article are lovers of xbox and hater of ps3.

simple as that.

jwatt5624d ago

I was messing around with the brightness and contrast on the ps3 version and I sarted to think anybody can fool around with this stuff in the comparison videos.

I think I will go with A more reliable site like IGN or Gamespy.

Prototype5624d ago

This is really getting old, who cares what version is better if it matters THAT much the people who are that judgmental shouldn't play the game.

NO_PUDding5624d ago

The comapirosn are so vague.

The helicopter looks much better on the PS3 version, and the gas station looks much better on the 360.

I personally put both down to time of day. Especially if you can't do exact comparions.

The exact comapriosn (Perestorika Bar) show the PS3 looking a LOT nicer.

Fat Bastard5624d ago

Who's the artard who reported my comment as offensive. It wasn't offensive, geez

hades075624d ago

Ive been playing GTA4 now on the 360 for nearly 10 hours and I've yet to see any real pop-ups occur. Guess Saints Row was so bad for it, a little bit of it in GTA4 seems like nothing in comparison.

callahan095624d ago

I just watched the videos, and I honestly don't see where they came up with their conclusion. PS3 version seems better. The colors were nicer and brighter, the textures contained the same amount of detail, I noticed no more aliasing, the shadows were the same, the framerate looked to be the same, and the load times were faster. Slight, but still better. I bought the 360 version for multiplayer, which I now regret because the PS3 version looks better to me and I tried some of the multiplayer and it didn't click with me. Didn't get it. It's impressive how the whole world is your playground even during team based multiplayer, but I just didn't find it all that fun. I'll stick with other multiplayer games and just use GTA IV for some single-player mayhem-filled fun. I'll stick with the 360 version, though, because of the future DLC.

SlyGuy5624d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Not to mention messing around with sharpness, and also advanced settings.

I think by fiddling with these settings I can make the 360 version look like the PS3 one and vice versa.

dan-boy5624d ago

he even had a thread last nite. him of all people a contributor, and as i wrote in that thread, proof that n4g has gone to the dogs!

i would just like to say, now that things haven't quite turned out how the sony fanboys were expecting, i like how it's an unreliable site, full of xbot fanboys, does it matter any way and in my eyes and others the ps3 version looks better...ps3 only owners probably.

i've got the 360 version, and in all honesty i dont really care which version is best. it's just funny watching the fanboys squirm after the weekend. i got the version where all my friends were simple as! if they had all had ps3s....then thats were i would've gone, regardless of 640p, no AA and any thing else.

fusionboxer5624d ago

I don't want to take one side, but those comparison videos are straight whack. I most definitely call bullshit on it because I work at gamestop and we had the pleasure of playing both side by side and the Ps3 version DOES NOT look like that. Hell it doesn't even look like that on my own TV.

RudeSole Devil5624d ago

Ps3 looks better, my neighbor and I compared both side by side, and the PS3 version is better. By default the Xbox 360 did seem a little crisper, and the PS3 color was more vibrant, but adjusting your TV sharpness and settings fix that. You really can’t expect to turn on you consoles and have the same picture quality with out adjusting some settings.

My Source:

42” Sony Brovia full 1080p.
Xbox Hdmi:
PS3 Hdmi:

1. In this video look at the scene in the park where people are doing Yoga or what ever, the PS3 version has more objects on the grass (weeds etc).

2. Loading times are about 3 seconds faster on PS3.

3. http://www.n4g.com/News-140... Pop ups on the Xbox 360 are not that bad when driving but when flying defiantly noticeable.

4. http://kotaku.com/385085/gt... Pay close attention to the part in this video when by the water, the 360 version is missing a water effect. I tried the same thing and as much as I multiplied the camera on the 360 version I could not get that sun glair effect off the water to show.

godofthunder105624d ago

this is stupid.i have a 360 and i love it but the truth is that ps3 fans think it looks better on the ps3 and 360 fans thinks it looks better on the 360.who cares they are to damn close to even argue about.i think that every one should just enjoy the damn game on the system they have and don't even worry about how the game look on the other system because it doesn't even concern them.

Seraphim5623d ago

Crap!! The Sky is BLUE!? *shakes head* and all these years. Maybe I should go to an Opthamologist.

Clearly? As in a clear opinion? Who's opinion isn't clear? Rubbish. Like many before has me said. To each his own. I personally liked how the PS3 version with it's vibrant colors... Have the PS3 version sitting here but haven't had time to play it yet. But at the end of the day I'll probably end up playing both versions and enjoying them equally despite their subtle differences in appearance...

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Kaz Hirai5624d ago (Edited 5624d ago )

King Kaz shall fire the Blu-Ray of Death on these INBRED SLUGS!

44 days until Judgment Day, Nazisoft!


Pain5623d ago

so they will belive anything Anti-Sony its just the way xbot kids are.

GiantEnemyCrab5624d ago (Edited 5624d ago )

Stop with the damage control #1 fishhead!

Finally some truth is being revealed now we can actually have the game in our claws.

EDIT: I see the story was approved. Thank you and I am editing my comment to remove the "censor" accusation.

Exorgasm5624d ago

"Finally some more biased opinions to give the idiots on both sides of the endless bickering about whose console has the biggest **** are being revealed now we can actually have the game in our claws"


Play the game and just stfu everyone. Everyone is always looking at minor flaws in the opposite teams version and ignoring minor flaws in theirs so they can claim "superiority". Pro-Tip: You didn't make the game so you have nothing at stake here. You also didn't have a hand in designing or building the consoles and probably don't own stock in the company. Trying to run damage control and fighting people with consoles you don't like for absolutely no reason other than it isn't the one you've purchased is pathetic.

You suck at life and seem to spend more time defending your console than you do playing it.

GiantEnemyCrab5624d ago (Edited 5624d ago )

You know you could just ignore these stories and not click on them right?

So go play games instead of personally insulting me.

Exorgasm5624d ago

I would happily ignore these topics if they weren't the only thing on the site for the past week except a few random articles about games I couldn't care less about.
Everywhere else on the web right now is filled with ***holes trying to spoil the plot for other people. So I come here hoping for interesting news while taking a gta break and almost every article is this sort of back and forth mudslinging no-u sort of bs. it's nearly impossible not to comment on it and I only replied to your comment because it was a shining example of fanboys using other peoples bias and personal opinion as scientific fact that proves you made the right decision when buying a console.

I would have picked on a ps3 fanboy too but right now the only replies I see from them are links to articles in which people favor their version.

Vip3r5624d ago (Edited 5624d ago )

So IGN, gamespy, 1UP and all the other site shadow harts spams are all lying and this is the only true one?

I've got to admit they did seem a little too pro-360 in that comparison to me but the 360 version in their pics do look clearer even though other sites say the PS3 plays smoother and has sharper textures.

JokesOnYou5624d ago (Edited 5624d ago )

No, I never said IGN, or any other site is "lying", I simply called this an opinion, and its just one point of view from this site....just like those other sites have their point of view. Nothing more nothing less. IGN is alot more well known and I think its a good site, still if you have 10 people viewing 2 different vids of the same game, that look nearly identical, don't you think its possible that 5 of them could prefer 1 version while 5 of them could prefer the other, or is that not possible on planet N4G?

I tried making this point a few days ago, after the Houser comment, but then because his comment "slightly" favored the ps3, sony loyalists took that and the other opinions stating a "slight edge" as being written in stone and it always bites them in the butt.

vvvvv your welcome!


Vip3r5624d ago

Erm...I don't remember directly replying to you but thanks for your opinion anyway.