Assassin’s Creed 4 PC Vs Playstation 4 Head to Head Graphical Analysis

Now that the next generation consoles are released, let’s kick off our first graphic comparison and analysis with the next gen vs a high end PC. And what better way than to start our head to head battle than Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed 4 for the PC and Playstation 4?

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PeaSFor3877d ago

UNLESS its against a 399$ budget rig, this isnt really fair.

Stsonic3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

It would be interesting to see what settings a $400 rig could keep 30fps. No way MSAAx2 and most probably not 1080P either.

decrypt3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

"UNLESS its against a 399$ budget rig, this isnt really fair."

First you could easily make a rig around 500usd that can outperform the PS4 in games.

However what surprises me is that, why are you considering only 400usd for the PS4? Why not consider the hidden costs:

Pay to play online,
Pay more per game,
Lack of BC,
No mod support,
Can only play games (hell it cant even play Mp3's).
Comes with a dino tech old 5400rpm HD which almost everyone wants to upgrade.
List goes on.

Add all of that up console costs alot more than 400usd.

You get what you pay for.

Even if the PC cost few hundred usd more, it more than makes up for it in other areas.

Last gen alone i bought about 170 games on Steam. If i were to calculate the savings on those games i could make a high end rig for free and end up with change compared to buying those games on Console.

Hell if i had bought those games on console, i wouldnt be able to play them on the latest box today, meaning i would have to keep my older console and keep rebuying it every time it failed just so i can keep my old library.

Too many hidden costs on console gaming, which is why its closed minded to say oh compare it to a 400usd PC.

decrypt3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Aside all of this you need to consider Pc is a long term investment. Once you invest in it the next time you upgrade you dont need to buy:

DvD drive, Mouse, Keyboard, Casing, Hardrives, OS, PSU. Those things tend to last a very long time. Hell most of those parts i am using are over 5 years old and i dont intend to upgrade them until they fail.

Hence it would actually be very cheap for a person to upgrade his PC every 4-5 years who is already invested on PC gaming.

johndoe112113876d ago


"First you could easily make a rig around 500usd that can outperform the PS4 in games.

However what surprises me is that, why are you considering only 400usd for the PS4? Why not consider the hidden costs:

Pay to play online,
Pay more per game,
Lack of BC,
No mod support,
Can only play games (hell it cant even play Mp3's).
Comes with a dino tech old 5400rpm HD which almost everyone wants to upgrade.
List goes on."

You totally and absolutely missed his point.

He said 400usd you said 500usd and he used the price reference to compare the power of the systems. Not a single one of those points you listed affects the performance of the system when playing games.

Jdoki3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )


Can I walk in to a store, buy a PS4, plug it in and play games? Yes, so most of those 'hidden' costs are moot.

Also, as a PC gamer myself I can safely say that graphically Killzone stands toe to toe or exceeds the games I have been playing recently. Crysis 2, Crysis 3 and Metro Last Light. I've been playing all these at 1080p on an i7 4770K with a Nvidia GTX 670 - max settings. The way some PC gamers talk it's as if the PS4 / XB1 are displaying 16-bit graphics - they are capable machines providing good looking games.

I could just as easily throw out reasons why consoles are better in some areas than PC's. For example, using PSN means I have a single online ID across every game from every publisher. This is not the same with PC as I have to have a UPlay account, Origin, Steam and so on. Each of those services requires separate maintaining of friends lists, separate billing etc.

Also, having a service that automatically backs up all my save data to the cloud is really useful, and something that you may want to pay for on the PC (I pay for a cloud based backup service to keep my data safe - oh no a 'hidden' cost on PC!).

For £39.99 a year I'd happily pay for those service on PC, yet PSN offers a lot more than that. The only part where I agree with you is that paying to play online is ridiculous unless the experience is superior - and in general that is not the case on consoles - but it is more convenient.

I have also saved money on Steam sales - a tonne of money. But, (and as PC gamers always trot out this tired argument I'm not sure they know this secret), console games get discounted too!!

The list goes on...

The only people who claim the PS4 / XB1 are not capable machines are those who are either elitist snobs, pixel counters, or people who I would barely consider gamers.

I could not care less that PC's can be upgraded over time to keep ahead of consoles; those PC's will never play Uncharted, God of War, The Last of Us or any of the other console exclusives that I would miss out on if all I cared about was PC gaming.

What I do know is that having a capable PC and a gaming console gives the best of both worlds and like for like costs are not a million miles apart, and both have their unique selling points.

thereapersson3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Very intelligent post Jdoki, and well said for dealing with the staunchest P.C. fanboy on N4G - Decrypt.

RVanner_3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

A Fine point.
I bought my first PC rig 3 years ago and its in need of an upgrade. Most core parts are staying. Just changing MOBO, RAM and CPU and maybe GPU.

Can't fault the ease of consoles though hence why I will more than likely get a PS4 too. Although more involved/time consuming I do agree PC is cheaper long term.

Holding out on upgrading/getting PS4 until March ish next year though. Want to see where things are at that point before splashing any cash.

Volkama3876d ago

The consoles are capable of outputting good looking games now. Killzone and Ryse (I know boo hiss whatever, it's ace) look great. Definitely comparable to PC gems like Crysis 3 and Witcher 2. They will continue to trade blows for a couple of years at least.

BUT that's at 1080p. Spend a little more on a PC and you can go above and beyond that. The visuals are no longer close if you add higher resolutions and/or stereoscopic 3D into the mix. PC pulls way ahead at the cutting edge.

Well worth considering a PC if you have a good display already, or the money to buy one.

Ohohoho3876d ago

Didn't a site like ExtremeTech or something once try to build a rig that matched the PS4 and the only way they could do it is by spending $700 and they even swapped out parts, or used inferior parts that they claimed were "just as good?"

I would guess then that no, you can't make a $500 PC that can outperform PS4.

Rainstorm813876d ago

I think PC elitists should be happy about the PS4...its going to push gaming foward which they will benefit from

All the super gaming computers have no one developing games for them....this is consoles biggest advantage

Developers try to max out consoles....PC setups are too varied for devs to do the same just for the top 10%

JasonKCK3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

@Jdoki "Can I walk in to a store, buy a PS4, plug it in and play games? Yes, so most of those 'hidden' costs are moot."

No it's not "moot" especially over the lifetime of the console. At the end of this generation of consoles those fees add up. Hidden fees, online fees, higher DLC, overpriced microtransactions, online passes, extra fee for backwards compatibility (if available) and $10 more for games. Looking ahead, PC is the cheaper option.

BTW you can plug any PC into that same TV just as easy. All you have to do is take an HDMI cable and plug into the back of your TV. Then, take the other end and plug it into your PC, all done. As a PC gamer you should know that. In case you didn't know, you can also use controllers and headsets on PC.

I will never understand why console gamers who pay $400-$500 for the console, $50-$60 a year (average 5 years) for subscription fees, $60 a game, $5-$10 more for DLC, overpriced HDD's and claim console is cheaper.

Over the consoles lifetime you are paying more to play on hardware that's already outdated. Anyone who plays more than 20+ games has already lost.

LightofDarkness3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Linus from TechTips on Youtube managed to build a $400 gaming PC (add $60 for Windows) that stood very comparably to the PS4 in the three launch games they compared (Ghosts, BF4, AC4). They also compared it to a $900 high end rig that obviously smoked all comers, but if you're looking to stay competitive for the next 2 years with the next gen consoles, it's not at all a bad option.

However, developers have gotten terribly lazy with PC optimization over the course of the last gen, so you may need to update sooner as console games start to push for higher details. Developers' philosophy with PC has degraded to a basic "throw more power at it" approach, leaving the onus of performance issues on the users to buy more graphics power if they can't keep up.

That said, the most important factor in a purchasing decision is the games. Go where the games you want to play will be. I knew I was going to be very much enamored with the PS4's exclusives, so I pre-ordered one the day after the reveal and I can say I'm quite happy with my purchase so far (Resogun is so damn good).

@Jdoki: I think that's a very bold statement to make. Killzone does not stand up to Last Light or Crysis 3 on the highest settings at all. The game is littered with low resolution textures (which is baffling considering the PS4's memory capacity) and the character models really lack the same level of detail. The environments have similar problems, the lack of well-defined and abundant vegetation is an obvious difference compared to Crysis 3. More to that, Crysis 3's shadow detail on ultra is in a league of its own. It's a good looking game, well beyond last gen capabilities, but it simply isn't up to something like Crysis 3 on a high-end PC, especially if you can get Crysis 3 to run at 60FPS. I would mostly put some of that down to a lack of time for polish (like the lack of detailed textures in many areas), and I'm sure future games will match or maybe exceed Crysis 3, but the differences are obvious if anyone cares to see them.

awi59513876d ago

ONtop of that you can get Oc versions of the 7850 2gb at 1000mhz for 150 and it would run circles around a ps4. If you got a decent cpu in you computer most have quads in them anyway just spend the 300 bucks on graphics cards and join the master race and run this game on ultra easy.

webeblazing3876d ago

LMAO killzone stands toe to toe with metro LL and crysis. I cant even say if it stands toe to toe with the witcher 2. I tell ps fanboys cant just except if something else is doing something better, and if they have no chance they bash or just spread BS around.

I hate post games and gif, but this is the last time. oh and acIV didn't even use all the gfx effects that were present in splinter cell and the new batman.

some gif of metro


here weather amazoning looking weather before someone put it and a game and yall say its new and innovating

Jdoki3876d ago


Where are these hidden MANDATORY fees that make console gaming so expensive?

PSN - optional
DLC - optional
Buying games full price - optional
Micro-transactions - optional
Upgrading hard drive - optional
And so on....

For the PC I could just as easily talk about...
1440+ resolution monitor (surely you snobs are not gaming at the lowly resolution of 1080!!).
Additional desktop speakers (because there's no way you'd have your PC in the same room as your dedicated home theatre setup?).
PC compatible controllers (because those flight sticks, force feedback wheels, and pads are essential to PC gaming experience).
High end gaming mice and keyboards (because the ability to fire off 20 macros at the same time gives you the edge to pwn!)

We can both slice and dice the figures to support our arguments and make ridiculous straw-men, but at no point did I say console gaming is cheaper - what I said was that the like for like costs were not a million miles apart.

I also said that both platforms have their unique selling points. If you feel console gaming is too expensive for you so you choose not to join in that's your prerogative, but you miss out on truly exceptional games that only consoles deliver.

And just to add my own anecdotal evidence... This year I upgraded the PC I built 5 years ago. I bought the best I could afford within budget, and with the intention of it lasting me another 5 years - I spent around £600. My PS4 cost me £349. So if I decided to buy PSN+ for the next 5 years I've still paid less than my PC upgrade. I buy very few Day 1 games, so will pick most stuff up when it's on budget. Chances are I'll buy more games than I should in Steam sales... So where are these mandatory hidden costs coming from again? I'm also intending to buy a G-Sync monitor (if they are any good), and I bought a dedicated set of Audioengine speakers for my PC recently. When Star Citizen launches I may buy a flight stick.. Hmm, seems it could be that PC gaming is MORE expensive for me!! Surely not!!

decrypt3876d ago


Its funny how desperately you are trying to defend consoles when it comes to cost.

PSN (optional)??- Maybe if it was back in the 1990's when online gaming was still in its infancy. Today Multiplayer is the heart of most games. Saying PSN is optional is blind hypocrisy at best. I would say paying for a cloud saving service is optional, hell Steam even provides that for most games.

DLC optional ill give you that, however Mods not supported is a hidden cost, Try looking up Skyrim on PC sometime. There are about 40,000 concurrent users still playing that game on PC on steam even today just because of mods. The game is probably dead on console. Hell a modded Skyrim looks as good as a next gen game.

Games at full price- its a hidden cost, PC games are on discount before even release. Check out GMG sometime AAA games prerelease can be had for 35-40usd on discounts. Nvm when they actually are on discount 3-4months after release when they can be had for 10-20usd. Console game prices dont go down fast, it takes a lot longer. Its obvious console makers make profits on higher priced games, thats their model since they are the middle men. PC has no middle men and no exorbitant costs to run a multinational corporation, those burdens are held by the console gamers, since they pay more for games and discounts arent as easily available. You are kidding yourself if you dont think so.

Lastly again console folks are kidding themselves if they think console gaming is cheaper. Again i bought 170 games this gen on PC. Cost difference alone would net be a high end PC plus change. Again anyone invested in PC gaming wont be buying a complete PC we just upgrade the parts needed mostly its only the GPU which again is cheaper than getting a console. Only difference is when we upgrade we get to keep all our games on our current machine. Console gamers well they need to maintain multiple machines from different gens to keep their library.

CrowbaitBob3876d ago

What does cost have to do with anything? Performance vs. performance pure and simple.

If I compare two identical PCs but one of them was purchased on Black Friday so it cost $500 less does it magically become superior?

How about you put together an R&D team and develop a console from the ground up and put it into mass market development selling at $400 a pop for less money than it would take for me to build a PC that outperforms that console.

PCs and consoles have different price points and different business models. Both are irrelevant when comparing performance.

3876d ago
frostypants3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

@decrypt: "First you could easily make a rig around 500usd that can outperform the PS4 in games."

No you can't. Try $700.

And no, the steam box can't keep up. The R270 is inferior to the PS4's GPU, and the PS4's system memory leaves the steam box's in the dust. The steam box has a better CPU...but that's not going to mean much these days.

Also...steam box can only play games coded for Linux. It can't play Windows games. So in the traditional gaming industry sense of the word, it's not really a "PC".

In a year or two though, yes, a similarly priced PC will likely be faster. Of course by then, the consoles...or at least the PS4...will have a nice library of stuff that the PC won't have.

So...get both I suppose.

decrypt3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )


Even if we were to take your 700usd figure, the difference is not bank breaking, the PC would still be way cheaper in the long run and as i mentioned due to games price difference, you could build a PC for free over time of a gen. So console gamers need to stop with the blatant price argument. PC always wins in that field, consoles are backed by corporates looking to make profit, PC is open platform hence is cheaper, too much nickle dimming on console.

I am a firm believer in hard numbers, R270 runs battlefield 4 in 1080p at ultra settings and still manages near 60fps:


PS4 only manages 900p. No way PS4 GPU is more powerful.

wsoutlaw873876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

you guys realise that this is a rushed launch game and your trying to compare it to a pc on the highest settings. The best looking console games have never looked great. http://kotaku.com/the-ps3-h... Take a look at that and see how stupid this is.

@decrypt way to through stuff like lack of bc and no mod support to act as a cost. Most people are fine with plus and for 50$ after one week I got 2 free games and my games cloud saved. The network and os are made for games and work across every game. There is a controller made for games. What about hidden cost of pc? yearly electrical costs and upgrades. You have to upgrade your pc after a couple of years if you only spend 500. The ps4 will not need to be upgraded for 7-9 years. Also I dont know what kind of pc gamer you are because you should have noticed games arent cheaper on pc anymore. When games are released they are all 60$ in the us. All games drop in price and if you know the right websites you can get games at great deals. Plus on pc youre going to have to deal with that drm and cant buy or borrow used games.

why do these same discussions have to be brought up over and over. we all know the facts and choose what we like. I like consoles better because of its fully integrated os, network, and controller, and its simpler. I also like total war, mount and blade, civ and mods but my laptop plays those for now.

awi59513871d ago


Your a total joke i actually have a Pc that runs Metro last light on ultra and killzone doesnt even come close to it. From lighting and enviromental weather effects Metro destroys it. And we all know killzone uses fake prerendered lighting anyways it always has.

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MadLad3876d ago

PS4 needs to be an open platform, have access to every game the PC does and do everything extra a PC does, or else that really isn't fair.

caseh3876d ago

That's already happening in the guise of the Steam Box thingy.

Corpser3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

And yeah just ignore PC's biggest advantage in that you can spend money at any time you want to make games look better, don't you wish you can spend more money on ps4 so you can play ac4 in more than 30 fps or BF4 in more than 900p? But that's not an option at all

MikEyG3876d ago

BF4 on PS4 display's in full 1080p, 60 fps. The 900p display is what the Xbox one is capable of.

Corpser3876d ago


You are wrong, bF4 is 900p on ps4

MikEyG3876d ago

I'm looking at the back of the BF4 box right now and it clearly says 1080p as it's hd video ouput

MikEyG3876d ago

I guess they lied and upscaled from 720p.